The Choice of Champions #1 in Disc Golf, AKA Frisbee Golf, INNOVA patented the bevel edged disc that has driven Disc Golf forward. In 1983 Dave Dunipace created the World's first Disc Golf Disc designed specifically for the sport of Disc Golf. Our continuing design innovations and product improvements keep INNOVA number one in Disc Golf. INNOVA is the brand used exclusively by 12-Time World Champion Ken Climo. Sun, 14 Feb 2016 01:30:06 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Passing the Torch 01.08.16

Innova fans are now able to enjoy two new Signature Series discs from two of our most successful and influential team members. Avery Jenkins has been a member of the Innova family since 2001. During that time Avery has toured the world extensively, racking up more than 55 career wins as a professional. His most significant win was the 2009 Pro World Championships in Kansas City. Along with that win came Avery’s Signature Series Star Destroyer, which made its debut in the spring of 2010.

Since its release, the Destroyer has remained an extremely popular distance driver for top pros, as well as many advanced and amateur players. The Destroyer provides a consistent combination of speed, stability, glide, and accuracy. It is a dependable distance driver for any serious golfer looking to elevate their game. One player who holds the Destroyer in particularly high regard is current World Champion, Paul McBeth.

McBeth has been on a tear in recent years. In 2015 alone, Paul completed disc golf’s first ever, in-season Grand Slam. This historic accomplishment was achieved by Paul’s sweep of all five Major Championships as sanctioned by the Professional Disc Golf Association. Those events were the Aussie Open, Scandinavian Open, European Open, PDGA Pro World Championships, and the United States Disc Golf Championship. Over the course of the 2015 season Paul earned 19 wins in all, finished 2nd place four times, and finished in 3rd place twice.

Paul began throwing the Destroyer in 2007 as soon as they became available to Innova team members for testing. “They became a staple in my bag on day one, and I honestly don’t remember ever having fewer than three Destroyers in my bag at a time,” said McBeth. Fast forward to 2016, McBeth is preparing to build on his success and the Destroyer is as prominent in his bag as it ever was. “I love the Destroyer’s consistency. The distance and control is unmatched in my opinion. I typically carry 5-7 at a time on a regular basis,” said McBeth recently.

Discussions with Paul and Avery over the future of the Signature Series Destroyer began in the summer of 2015. There is no doubt that the model’s success was due, in part, to the massive fan base that Avery has established over the course of his career. The one player who could continue to propel the Destroyer’s legacy to the extent that Avery has, is Paul McBeth. So, the transition began.

“I only dreamed of having the Destroyer as my signature disc until after I won my third World Championship title. I had heard that Avery might start taking more of an Ambassador role in disc golf. When I heard there was a chance, I immediately began to do everything in my power to prove I had what it takes. If claiming a fourth title was what I needed to seal the deal, I was not going to let anything keep me from accomplishing that,” Paul said.

Avery agreed that only one player’s name should replace his on the Destroyer. “He (McBeth) personally asked me about the possibility of working something out for signature rights to the disc,” Jenkins said. “From my stance, I truly couldn’t think of another player that I would rather have representing the Star Destroyer. Paul is an incredible individual and a constant, worldwide ambassador for our sport,” said Jenkins. “I am very happy for the new addition to his current line of discs and I know that he will continue to make us all proud.”

The first Paul McBeth stamped Destroyers hit shelves in late September of 2015. Paul was on his march towards disc golf’s first ever Grand Slam. Also at that time, Jussi Meresmaa announced his plan for the inaugural Disc Golf World Tour. Shortly after the DGWT announcement, the news broke that Jenkins had agreed to become a co-commentator for the 2016 Disc Golf World Tour. In an official interview with All Things Disc Golf, Jenkins described the upcoming transition like this:

I have played disc golf for the past 30-years of my life and I’ve competed as an elite touring player for the past 16-years. It’s been a great run, but things will be slowing down a bit as I plan on dialing back the tournament schedule. I still plan on playing a few sentimental events and other extraordinary tournaments including the World Championships to keep my streak of 18 consecutive appearances. I will continue to be present at many of the Major Championships and the Disc Golf World Tour events as I want to see those become more professional.
- Avery Jenkins

We are excited to see Avery expanding his role this year to include even more promotional activity for the game. This should be one of the most exciting years in disc golf history and Avery is stepping up in an extremely visible and significant way. Part of Innova’s support for Avery in this new season will be a Signature Series Star TeeBird. Like the Destroyer, the TeeBird has been an influential disc for countless players of nearly all skill levels.

“I am honored to have the Star TeeBird as my new Signature Series disc, as it’s a model that I have been personally throwing for over a decade. I really look forward to seeing new players come to appreciate the need for accuracy over distance, which is crucial to scoring success,” said Jenkins.

Since the TeeBird made its debut in 2004, it has been a prominent disc in Avery’s bag. “I absolutely love the consistency of the Star TeeBird. I believe it is easiest to control and the most accurate driver in the game. It goes exactly where you throw it. For years the TeeBird has been my go-to fairway driver for accurate, shorter drives that must be center cut.” Both Signature Series models should be in full distribution by early spring. If you have not yet thrown one of these models be sure to test one out. We also encourage you to visit the Disc Golf World Tour website. The DGWT promises to be one of the brightest new additions to the landscape of professional disc golf. See you on tour!

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Barry Schultz Gets 20th Win of the Season 11.17.15

Barry Schultz and Brian Schweberger have been dominant forces throughout the season, particularly in the Carolinas. This weekend the two slugged it out once again at the Spike Hyzer Invitational Championship Series Finale in Rocky Mount, NC. Schultz grabbed the lead at the end of day one with solid rounds of 48 and 50. Schweberger found himself in second place on Saturday night, five shots back.

Schultz is one of the more accomplished, professional disc golfers. He is a 2-time PDGA World Champion, a 3-time United States Champion, and winner of nearly 200 PDGA events around the world. You do not reach that level of success without learning how to finish events strong. That is precisely what he did on Sunday. Barry closed with rounds of 51 and 47 to preserve his five shot lead and his 20th win of the season. The win also makes Schultz the Spike Hyzer Tour Champion for 2015.

We would like to acknowledge Innova Ambassador, Chuck Connelly. The Spike Hyzer Season Finale was Connelly’s 27th outing as a PDGA tournament director this year. That is more events than most people play in a season, much less run. Chuck received the Tournament Director of the Year award in 2014, when he directed a total of 40 sanctioned events. If you would like more information on the Spike Hyzer Tour Series be sure to visit

Other top performances this weekend include:

Sara Lamberson, The Open at Callaway Gardens - 1st Place Open Women
Madison Walker, 5th Annual Valdosta Open - 1st Place Open Women
Gregg Hosfeld, Kastaplast Coachman Classic - 1st Place Masters
Matt Peckham, Spike Hyzer Invitational Championship - 1st Place Masters
JD Ramirez, Piney Woods Open - 1st Place Masters
Jim Oates, Turkey Toss at Lizard Peak - 1st Place Masters

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Innova Holiday Design Contest 10.30.15

In 1984, Innova featured the first 'Christmas Golf Disc' on Patent Pending Aeros. Every December since then, Innova presents a new Christmas design to celebrate the Holidays. This season, we're extending our holiday cheer to Disc Golf fans. Become a part of Innova's Holiday tradition by designing our 2015 Christmas Disc Art. WINNERS PICKED

Submitted designs will be reviewed by our IHC (Innova Holiday Committee). Innova will select two designs to be the featured disc themes honoring our 2015 Holiday Season. Three additional runner-up designs will also be selected. All finalists will receive Innova prizes and hyzer holiday cheer!

Our grand prize winners will each receive 20 discs hot-stamped with their very own Holiday design. As an additional stocking-stuffer, our distinguished disc designers will also receive 150,000 Innova Factory Store points. Our three Runner-Up designs will each be awarded 50,000 points from the Innova Factory Store.
For a chance to become a part of Innova's Christmas Disc history, review the below steps to submit your designs. Good luck and Happy Holiday Disc Designing!

Congratulations to our Winners!

Charlie Mathews
Grant O'Dell

William Walters
Lia Soneson
Juan Luis Garcia

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Design submission window: 11/02 through 11/22, 11:00pm PST
  2. Winners will be announced on 11/25
  3. Holiday Designs will feature a one-color golf size design following our hotstamp guide regulations found here.
  4. All designs must be submitted through our official Innova Holiday Design Form and Dropbox. The IHC will only review designs that are submitted through the supported method. Facebook posts or other outlets will not be eligible.
  5. Innova reserves the right to use featured designs on products intended for sale.
  6. Points are not redeemable for cash value.
  7. By participating in this contest, you are confirming that your state and/or local laws do not prohibit such contests.

Black & White Innova Logo

Vector EPS [297KB] | Raster PNG [46KB]
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Team Innova, Making the Grade at A-Tiers 10.27.15

Team Innova was busy making the grade at a-tiers across the country this weekend. Congratulations to Drew Gibson on his weekend win at the 30th Shelly Sharpe Memorial in Scottsdale, Arizona. A hot, second round propelled him into a lead Drew refused to surrender down the stretch. Gibson is wrapping up an extensive touring season during which he played more than 30 events around the world.

The win in Arizona was especially sweet as it marked the first PDGA A-tier sanctioned victory of his career. “It feels great to grind all season and end it with a solid win! I plan to take this momentum into the offseason and come back better than ever”, Gibson said.

Two other players have racked up their first career A-tier wins lately as well. Sara Lamberson and Logan Bowers were victorious at the Kentucky State Championships earlier this month. Both player have continued to finish the season strong. This weekend Sara picked up her second A-tier win at the Harmon Hills Highland Fling in Tennessee. While she was busy there, Bowers was in Huntsville, AL where he added the Alabama State Championship title to his season’s resume as well.

Only two more PDGA A-tier events remain this season. The Veteran’s Park Open will take place in Arlington, TX for the 25th year. That action begins on November 7th. Then the Spike Hyzer Invitational Championship Season Finale will wrap things up in Rocky Mount, NC the very next weekend. Good luck to all, and we will see you on the course!

Other top performances this weekend include:

Jennifer Allen, Oklahoma Open - 1st Place Open Women
Hannah Leatherman, South Jersey Open - 1st Place Open Women
Matt LaCourte, South Jersey Open - 1st Place Grandmasters
Tom Carrillo, Pendaries Fall Classic - 1st Place Masters
Max Nichols, Shelly Sharpe Memorial - T-3rd Place Open

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Brinster Leads the Way in Warwick 10.19.15

Steve Brinster is a rock-solid PDGA Tour veteran whose pro career dates back to 1997. He now has 80 Open Division wins including the 2013 United States Disc Golf Championship, a PDGA Major. Brinster is fan-favorite for many, not just because of his success and demeanor on the course, but too because he holds down time a full-time job and is a dedicated family man.

In addition to his other responsibilities, Brinster found time to be the tournament director of this weekend’s Warwick Disc Golf Championships. It is not easy to organize and compete in an event simultaneously. However, Brinster managed to do both extremely well. Steve finished at -16 for the tournament which was enough to outlast teammates Bobby Cowperthwait and Andrew Fish who finished tied for second at -13. “Being the TD added to the challenge, so I am pretty psyched to come out on top” said Brinster.

Brinster quickly gave credit to a team of people who made the tournament a success. He pointed first and foremost to teammate and good friend, Craig Cutler. Cutler has run the fall tournament at Warwick since 2009 and was heavily involved again this year. “I wanted to relieve some of the responsibility from Craig this year so he could enjoy the experience even more as a competitor” Brinster said. “Craig has without a doubt been a primary influence for this tournament and for disc golf throughout the region” added Brinster. Cutler would wind up finishing in a tie for 10th in Men’s Open.

Team Innova found success in the Open Women and Masters Divisions as well. Hannah Leatherman was in attendance, still flying high from her recent win at the US Women’s Championship. Leatherman grabbed the lead in round one and cruised to her tenth win of the season. Joe Mela edged out Bobby Jones for a one throw victory in Masters. Glenn Patterson also played well in Masters, taking home the third spot.

Innova also notched wins in three separate divisions at the Norcal Series Championship in Lakeport, CA. Jessica Weese turned in a dominant performance to win Open Women, while Patrick Brown rallied in the final round to capture the Master’s crown. Jim Oates lead wire-to-wire in Grandmasters and went on to win by two.

In Lula, GA Sarah Cunningham picked up an impressive, late season win at the Zip Line Open Invitational. Sarah was able to hold off the top rated player in the world, Paige Pierce, as well as 5-time Women’s World Champion, Elaine King. Sarah had plenty of teammates to help encourage her along including Sara Lamberson, Debbie Scott, and Madison Walker who finished in the 4th, 7th, and 8th places respectively.

Other top performances this weekend include:

Lacey Brugler, Matt Lovasko “Homie” Fall Celebration - 1st Junior Girls U16
Colleen Thompson, Matt Lovasko “Homie” Fall Celebration - 2nd Open Women
Kyle Eckmann, Sun Valley Open - 1st Place Open
Dustin Keegan, Norcal Series Championships - 3rd Place Open
J.D. Ramirez, Fritz Park Open - 1st Place Masters
Patrick Todd, Fritz Park Open - 2nd Place Masters
George Smith, Jefferson City Open - 2nd Place Open
Jay Reading, Waterloo Disc Golf Classic - 1st Place Open
Des Reading, Waterloo Golf Classic - 1st Place Open Women

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2016 Calendar Contest Winners 10.19.15

Thank you to all the photographers that submitted photos to the 2016 INNOVA Calendar contest. This year we reviewed nearly 1000 photo submissions from around the world. The final photos have been selected. The winner of the drawing for the DISCatcher Sport Target is Lauren Lakeberg, who submitted a photo of O’Brien Disc Golf Course in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Congratulations to all the featured photographers in the 2016 INNOVA Calendar:
Avery Jenkins, Lauren Lakeberg, Craig Wrenn, Scott Markquart, Hemi Te Awhitu, John Apsey, Heather Brown, Tim Steward, Chris Thomas, Bobb Lockwood and Lina Cox.

The 2016 INNOVA Calendar will be available at retailers in November. As a reminder, calendar submissions are accepted year round. It’s never too early to submit your photos to for next year.

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McBeth Caps Off Incredible Season With First Win at USDGC 10.12.15

After winning the USDGC on Saturday and completing disc golf’s Grand Slam, it’s safe to say that 2015 was Paul McBeth’s best season ever. And maybe the best season ever by anyone. Looking at his tournament results for the year, it’s amazing, all you see in the ‘place’ column are a bunch of 1’s and only a few 2’s and 3’s.

Of his 22 events he played this year, he won 16 of them. The worst he did all year was third place, which happened only twice (The Aussie Open Warm Up and the Maple Hill Open). “Just to have third place as my worst event was a huge success for the year,” said McBeth after the USDGC.

And when it came to winning major events, no one does it like McBeth. This year McBeth took down one major tournament after the other and often having to come from behind to do it. Following McBeth during the Pro World Championships this year was mind blowing for many disc golf fans. Trailing Will Schusterick by eight strokes after Round 3, McBeth flipped the switch to beast mode and eventually left everyone in the dust to where the Final 9 was basically a victory lap. “The Worlds was just a never say never event,” said McBeth, later adding “…It was a never say never moment because you don’t know what can happen in one round.”

When it came time for the season’s final major, the USDGC, some wondered if McBeth could live up to all of the hype and capture the event that has remained elusive to him. However, McBeth definitely came through. He shot (-26) for the Championship and submitted eight birdies and only made two bogeys on a soggy final day that made the challenging Winthrop Gold Course even harder. McBeth and Ricky Wysocki, who had a similar battle at the European Open, gave the sizable USDGC crowd something to cheer about even in the rain.

The show that Ricky and I put on for the European Open as well as the USDGC was an experience in itself. The pressure that we had, the lead swings, just the entertainment value that we had in those two events was incredible. Those are moments that I will relive probably for the rest of my life.
-Paul McBeth

McBeth says his route to success has been fairly straight forward. “It’s all dedication and hard work ... And that’s mainly what I think I’ve done more than anyone else in the sport right now is that I’ve made it my life basically to get better as a player ...,” said McBeth, adding that there's still room for improvement for him.

So what’s next for McBeth as disc golf’s first Grand Slam Champion? We’ll see, he’s certainly proved he can fulfill even the toughest expectations.

Watch 2015 USDGC coverage provided by SpinTV
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Follow the 2015 USDGC 10.07.15

The 2015 USDGC has begun! Not everyone can make it out to Rock Hill, SC for the United States Disc Golf Championship, but it's easy to get in on the action. Check out the following viewer's guide for tips and links to satisfy your USDGC coverage cravings.

Broadcast Schedule

Video links will be added to as soon as they're available.

SpinTV USDGC Playlist

Live Broadcasts

We’re proud to bring you the Friday and Saturday open flight rounds live from Winthrop Gold.

Friday, Oct 9th
Open flight lead card live coverage
starts at: 2PM (ET), 11 AM (PT), 21:00 (GMT+3)

Saturday, Oct 10th
Open flight lead card live coverage
starts at: 2PM (ET), 11 AM (PT), 21:00 (GMT+3)

The Insider Show

The Insider Show is The SpinTV’s recap show, containing player interviews, analysis and footage from the field.

Wednesday, Oct 7th
The Insider Show – First Round Recap
starts at: 10PM (ET), 7 PM (PT), Oct 8th 05:00 (GMT+3)

Thursday, Oct 8th
The Insider Show – 2nd Round Recap
starts at: 10PM (ET), 7 PM (PT), Oct 8th 05:00 (GMT+3)

Friday, Oct 9th
The Insider Show – Moving Day Recap
starts at: 10PM (ET), 7 PM (PT), Oct 8th 05:00 (GMT+3)

Saturday, Oct 10th
The Insider Show – Final Round Recap
starts at: 10PM (ET), 7 PM (PT), Oct 8th 05:00 (GMT+3)

Round Coverage

The SpinTV crew has teamed up with Jomez Productions & The Disc Eye to bring every shot from every hole of the tournament by Grand Slam chaser Paul McBeth & the defending USDGC champion Will Schusterick, spiced up with data by Disc Golf Metrix.

First round coverage – Will Schusterick’s card
Video release: Thursday, Oct 8th

First round coverage – Paul McBeth’s card
Video release: Thursday, Oct 8th

2nd round coverage – Will Schusterick’s card
Video release: Friday, Oct 9th

2nd round coverage – Paul McBeth’s card
Video release: Friday, Oct 9th

3rd round coverage – Will Schusterick’s card
Video release: Saturday, Oct 10th

3rd round coverage – Paul McBeth’s card
Video release: Saturday, Oct 10th

Final round coverage – Will Schusterick’s card
Video release: Sunday, Oct 11th

Final round coverage – Paul McBeth’s card
Video release: Sunday, Oct 11th

The SpinTV in association with Hatchet Harry will also post some bonus videos in addition to the coverage posted above. Subscribe to SpinTV to get notified about new videos.


Follow the tournament live scoring at

See PDGA result pages: Open flight | Performance flight

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Use the official hashtag #USDGC2015 for your social media posts from and about the event.

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Daily Recaps & stories

Daily recaps and stories from the field are updated on the tournament website throughout the tournament week. See archives here.

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Hannah Leatherman Captures US Women’s Championship 09.28.15

Hannah Leatherman proved this weekend that persistence is vital to success. After a neck injury forced Leatherman to withdraw from the World Championships in August, Hannah was determined to go home, rehab the injury, and return quickly to the process of sharpening her game. Hannah did just that.

This weekend Hannah found herself in contention at the US Women’s Championship in Ohio. After two rounds Leatherman was trailing tournament leader Valarie Jenkins by 5 shots. A win was definitely within reach, however chasing down savvy veterans such as Jenkins, Paige Pierce, Sarah Hokom, and Catrina Allen would be no easy task.

Hannah went to work in round three and fired a 52. Not only did that hot score tie Allen for the round’s best, it completely erased Val’s lead. She had done the only thing a competitor can hope to do, which is putting yourself in position to win. Going into the final round Hannah and Val were tied, four shots back of Allen. Pierce was three back. And Hokom was back just one. Game on.

Sunday proved to be a long and close battle. Allen fell off the pace early carding 4 bogies through the first 10 holes. Allen’s struggles left a neck and neck race between Leatherman and Pierce that lasted right down to the final two holes. Ultimately Hannah would emerge victorious after a critical drive by Pierce found the water OB. That sealed the deal and a one shot, Major championship win for Leatherman, the first of her career.

Photo courtesy of Dave Sage

Two more Innova ladies were also in fine form this weekend. Des Reading and Jennifer Allen battled all weekend long at the 10th Annual Four States Open in Joplin, MO. Des Reading was able to maintain the lead from wire-to-wire, but just barely. Allen kept the heat on and would finish in the second spot just one shot back. George Smith also held the lead in Masters from beginning to end, picking up a nice, two shot win.

Other notable finishes from this week:

Madison Walker, US Women’s Championship - 7th Place Open
Erica Johnson, US Women’s Championship - 8th Place Open
Melodie Bailey, US Women’s Championship - 9th Place Open
JD Ramirez, Waxahachie Open - 1st Place Masters

We are now down to the season’s final Major, the United States Disc Golf Championship. Championship Week kicks off this Friday with the US Amateur Doubles contest in Charlotte and Rock Hill. Then on Monday, October 5th, Monday Qualifying rounds are open to the general public and provide one last chance to qualify for the USDGC. The Championship itself begins on Wednesday, October 7th and runs through Saturday, October 10th. For more information visit

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Jay Reading and Andrew Fish Deliver A+ Performances 09.21.15

Andrew Fish took down the win at the A-tier Eric Yetter Champions’ Cup in Pennsylvania. Fish was down six shots after round one, in an event that consisted of only three rounds. He blasted right back up in round two, shooting a 1053-rated round of 57 and took the lead. Fish then shot the best final round and claimed a 4-shot win over Jeremy Koling. Fish was also joined atop the leaderboard by teammates Joe Mela who finished in 3rd place, and Mike Moser who finished 4th.

The weekend’s other big A-tier event was the Green Mountain Championship, just up the road in Smuggler’s Notch, Vermont. Jay Reading picked up a nice win in Masters. Reading grabbed the lead in round one with an impressive, 1048-rated round of 56. He would go on to lead wire-to-wire and a 9-shot win. Valarie Jenkins finished in 2nd place, while Des Reading and Hannah Leatherman snagged the 4th and 5th place spots. Steve Brinster lead the way in the Open finishing 5th. Avery Jenkins and Drew Gibson tied for 6th place.

Other notable finishes from this week:

Steve Boylan, Checkered Flag Open - 1st Place Masters
Barry Schultz, Craven Chains Classic - 1st Place Open
Nate Sexton, Craven Chains Classic - 2nd Place Open
Joe Rovere, Johnny Roberts Memorial - 1st Place Open
Jessica Weese, Nevada State DGC - 1st Place Open Women
Sara Lamberson, Middle TN DGA Championship - 1st Place Open Women
Vanessa Van Dyken, La Pura Sangre - 1st Place Open Women

Good luck to all of the ladies heading to Ohio this weekend for the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships. It is sure to be an exciting event to close out the women’s touring season. The weekend after should be fairly quiet tournament-wise, as players move towards Rock Hill, South Carolina and the 2015 United States Disc Golf Championship. We'll be there, and hope that you'll be there too.

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NT Series Finale Leads to Excitement 09.16.15

The 2015 National Tour wrapped up this weekend at the Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic. Paul McBeth once again found himself in contention for the win, however was unable to outlast Michael Johansen in a sudden death playoff. A host of players were in contention all week long but it was “MJ versus McBeast” for all the marbles and it took them extra holes to determine the winner. However, Paul was victorious in the pursuit of his 4th consecutive NT Series Championship title, winning by over 80 points.

As we march towards the season’s final Open Major, the United States Disc Golf Championship, let’s recap some of the season’s top competitive storylines to help set the tone. Perhaps the biggest storyline of them all is Paul McBeth’s run at disc golf’s first, in-season grand slam. McBeth won the Australian Open back in January to claim the season’s first Major. He went on to capture wins at the Scandinavian Open, European Open, and the PDGA World Championships. Paul has only one event left to make history and it will be on a course and at an event, where he has never won.

The US Championship crown has proven to be difficult to capture over the years. This is especially true for those attempting to pull of the “Kenny Slam”, a phrase that affectionately describes the feat of winning both the World and US titles in the same season. Ken Climo was the first to accomplish the slam in 2000. He did so again in 2002, which gave birth to the Kenny Slam phrase. Barry Schultz is the only other player to win both events in the same year, which he did in 2003. It has not happened since.


World Champion

Finish at USDGC

US Champion


Ron Russell


Ken Climo


Ken Climo


Ken Climo


Cam Todd


Barry Schultz


Ken Climo


Ken Climo


Barry Schultz


Barry Schultz


Barry Schultz


Ken Climo


Nate Doss


Dave Feldberg


Ken Climo


Barry Schultz


Nate Doss


Ken Climo


Dave Feldberg


Nate Doss


Avery Jenkins


Nikko Locastro


Eric McCabe


Will Schusterick


Nate Doss


*Ricky Wysocki


Paul McBeth


Will Schusterick


Paul McBeth


Steve Brinster


Paul McBeth


Will Schusterick


Paul McBeth



Note: The PDGA Championship in Augusta, GA served as the national championship for 2011.

For those who are now weighing Paul McBeth’s odds on the elusive grand slam, consider that the average USDGC finish for the player who won the World title that same year is 6th place. Paul McBeth’s average USDGC finish is 5th place (5.6) for his three years as World Champion. His lifetime average finish at the USDGC is 12th (12.6) place.

Another interesting storyline is how many playoff scenarios we have seen at recent National Tour and Major events. Last year at Pro Worlds we witnessed arguably the greatest final and playoff in World Championship history. Paul McBeth was able to outlast Ricky Wysocki in Portland to defend his World title. Then just two months later it was Will Schusterick, JohnE McCray, and Paul McBeth in overtime at the 2014 USDGC. Will Schusterick was victorious there, capturing his third US title. Shusterick now heads to Winthrop seeking not only to surpass Schultz in US titles, but also to keep McBeth from the grand slam.

Another fact that might have escaped the casual fan relates to Ken Climo and Barry Schultz. Along with Will Schusterick, Ken and Barry are the most decorated US Champions. Climo has five US titles. Barry and Will each have three. However heading into the Hall of Fame Classic, neither Climo or Schultz had even qualified for the 2015 USDGC. Both Ken and Barry delivered a strong message however, playing extremely well in the Open division and punching their tickets to Rock Hill. You can bet that players who are eyeing USDGC Monday Qualifying rounds for a tin cup effort to make the Open, breathed a collective sigh of relief.

There is no doubt Paul McBeth deserves the world’s #1 ranking. He is clearly the player to beat. However recent history might suggest that there are more players than ever heading to Winthrop with a legitimate opportunity to win. If that is not an exciting way to close out a phenomenal tournament season, we don’t know what is.

The upcoming United States Disc Golf Championship is one of the most fan-friendly events on tour. Please visit the tournament website for information, or follow the events live online. It is sure to be an exciting show and we look forward to seeing you there.

We would also like to congratulate Team Innova’s other top performers this past weekend:

Barry Schultz, Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic – 6th Place Open
Ken Climo, Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic – 8th Place Open
Valarie Jenkins, Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic – 2nd Place Open Women
KJ Nybo, Danish Disc Golf Championships – 1st Place Open
Chris Becker, Eugene Disc Golf Celebration – 1st Place Open
Kyle Crabtree, Mountain High Disc Golf Tournament – 1st Place Open
Stephen Miller, Red Oak Rumble – 1st Place Open
]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Wed, 16 Sep 2015 16:13:26 +0000
Innova Veterans Shine at Selinske US Masters 08.31.15

An extremely talented masters field assembled in Charlotte this weekend for the 2015 Tim Selinske US Masters Championship. The event often referred to simply as “the Selinske” has become one of the most coveted Major titles in disc golf. Innova would like to thank the Charlotte Disc Golf Club, the tournament staff, and each of the 301 competitors who joined us to celebrate Tim’s life through this wonderful competition.

One of those gritty competitors was 4-time US Masters Champion, Barry Schultz. The 2010 US Masters was Barry’s first-ever tournament in the Masters division. He won. Barry was able to slip past Patrick Brown that year in a sudden death playoff. Schultz successfully defended the title in 2011, and again in 2012. Barry added his fourth title in 2014 so he was once again looking at an opportunity to defend.

After skipping Pro Worlds earlier this month, Barry came into this tournament fresh and exceedingly focused. Schultz was especially close to Tim Selinske and was chosen to speak on his behalf at the opening ceremony. Barry provided a warm welcome to competitors and shared some memories of Tim, who passed away in 2009 after a lengthy battle with Langerhans’ Cell Histiocytosis.

Schultz also came out strong on the course. He fired an opening round of 55, landing him just two back of teammate Kevin McCoy. On day two Barry took over the top spot with a 1052-rated round of 51. Barry had plenty of fellow team members to keep him company. McCoy, Patrick Brown, Brian Schweberger, George Smith, and Ken Climo all spent time at or near the top. But in round four Barry posted his best round of the tournament, a 1073-rated 41, which put him in complete control heading into the final day.

Barry played relatively safe on Sunday, cruising to 6-throw win and his 5th US Masters crown. Kevin McCoy locked down the second spot. Patrick Brown hung in to round out the top five. Stan McDaniel was able to edge out Laymon Gray for the win in Grandmasters. Stan now adds a US Masters title to his career resume that includes three Masters World Championship titles in 1994, 1996, and 1997. Stan is also a member of the Disc Golf Hall of Fame.

Another Charlotte legend and Hall of Famer is Alan Beaver. Alan battled hard all weekend and his efforts paid off as well. “Al Birdie” rallied down the stretch and captured his second US Masters title in the Senior Grandmasters division. Debbie Scott lead the way in Masters Women, taking home the second spot behind the venerable Elaine King. Des Reading finished in third.

Other top team performances include:

Karina Nowels, Mello Yellow Challenge - 1st Place Open Women
Chris Sprague, Des Moines Challenge - 1st Place Open
Justin McLuen, Des Moines Challenge - 1st Place Masters
Mike Moser, Pennsylvania State Championship - 1st Place Open
Jessica Weese, Sierra College Pro Am - 1st Place Open Women

Even though the touring season is beginning to wind down there are several extremely important events on the calendar. The final stop on the PDGA National Tour is the Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic. This event will be held on September 11-13 at the International Disc Golf Center in Appling, GA. The ladies have their last big dance at the US Women’s Championship on September 25-27 in Ohio.

Last but not least comes the season’s finale, the United States Disc Golf Championship. The USDGC will return once again to Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina on October 7-10. Many eyes will be on Paul McBeth who is chasing history. McBeth is one win away from sweeping every Major championship in the 2015 calendar year. A feat that has not yet been accomplished in the history of Disc Golf.]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Mon, 31 Aug 2015 18:10:40 +0000 2016 Innova Calendar Contest 8.31.15

Submit your photos for the 2016 Innova Calendar by September 30th, 2015!
Don't miss your chance to showcase your photographic skill, see your artwork on a custom INNColor disc and have a chance to win a DISCatcher® Sport Target. INNOVA is searching for photographs and original artwork to be featured in our 2016 Innova Disc Golf Calendar.

Submit your photographs featuring a disc golf event, a picturesque course/hole, players in action or other compelling disc golf scene. All photographers whose submissions are selected for inclusion in the 2016 calendar will receive a photo credit, copies of the 2016 calendar, and a Custom INNColor disc with their artwork on it. Photographers that have a photo selected for inclusion in the 2015 calendar will be entered into a drawing for a DISCatcher® Sport Target. Enter early and enter often!

Not sure what to send in? We are looking for submissions in the following categories:
  • Awesome Courses/Holes – Photos that make you say: "I want to go to there!"
  • Seasonal – Featuring courses or players in the Fall, Winter or Spring.
  • Action – Showing the sport in action.
  • Innova Team – Got a great shot of an Innova team member?
  • Lifestyle – Kids, women, seniors, families, and photos that are about the culture of the sport.
  • International – Anything from outside the United States. This sport is global!
  • Disc Golf Retailers - Photos at a disc golf tournament. Photos of INNOVA merchandise on display.
  • Unique courses - Do you have a signature hole or bizarre course photo?
How to enter
Please submit original photos/artwork to Limit of one submission per email - you can send us more than one email though. Images can only be submitted by the actual photographer/artist and should be at least 2000 x 1300 pixels or croppable to a landscape version that is 2000 pixels wide. If any non-INNOVA sponsored players are shown, releases may be required if images are selected for use. INNOVA is not responsible for undeliverable or misdirected submissions. INNOVA reserves the right to use submissions received in any INNOVA promotional materials and all photographers/artists will be properly credited. All submissions must be received by 11:59PM September 30th, 2015. INNOVA employees, contractors and their families may submit photos, but are not eligible to win prizes. Team Innova players and their families are eligible to win prizes.

Winners will be announced October 15.
Good luck and happy snapping!

]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Sat, 29 Aug 2015 18:33:53 +0000
Paul McBeth 4peats the World Championships 08.10.15

Congratulations to Paul McBeth on his fourth consecutive PDGA World Championship title! Paul won by 9 shots making this year his largest margin of victory to date. At first glance, it might appear Worlds was no sweat for McBeth, however this win was anything but a walk in the park for the defending champion.

The 2015 PDGA World Championships began on Tuesday, August 4th. For the first two days, both Open pools played Moraine Gold once and Slippery Rock Gold twice. After the third round, Pro pools were merged and McBeth found himself on the second card, 8 shots behind Tennessee’s Will Schusterick who was out in front. Paul was facing serious competition and only 54 holes left to fight his way into the finals. Many started to wonder if a comeback was possible. Was McBeast starting to slip? Could he rally to pull off the #4peat?

McBeth himself, had no doubt. He went to work first thing Thursday morning and proceeded to blister Deer Lakes. His round of -15 set a new course record and McBeast Mode had officially been activated. Paul’s round consisted of 13 birdies, 1 eagle, and 4 pars. Just like that he picked up 7 shots on the leader and moved into second place. Fans erupted and began to lick their chops at what appeared to be another epic battle down the stretch. And as one competitor put it on Thursday night, “Paul McBeth broke disc golf”.

Paul was not finished. McBeast Mode had been switched on and McBeth had no intentions of turning it off anytime soon. His hot streak continued Friday at Moraine Gold where Paul carded 15 birdies and 3 pars to set yet another course record! That meant that in just two rounds, McBeth had gone from 8 strokes back to 8 strokes in the lead with just 27 holes to go.

The Semi-Finals were back at Moraine Gold, the same course McBeth had just dominated. With now an 8 stroke lead Paul could relax a bit, and proceeded to gain another 4 strokes on second place, extending his lead to twelve. Steve Brinster shot a bogey free -10 to take the fourth spot in the Final 9.

Paul’s stellar play afforded him what amounted to a victory lap in the Final 9. Steve put on a spectacular show in front of a huge gallery; draining 40+ footers like they were drop-ins. Brinster had secured 4th place, but didn't stop until the last putt had fallen. McBeth cruised effortlessly on Saturday afternoon to his fourth consecutive World Championship title, which was also his fourth PDGA Major win of the year. McBeth is four for four at the 2015 Majors, winning in Australia, Sweden, Finland, and now the World title here in the US. Paul continues to amaze everyone with consistent play and clutch comebacks when the stakes are highest.

Ken Climo Wins 15th World Title

The Masters leaderboard was topped by Innova team members all week. Jay “Yeti” Reading, Patrick Brown, Ken Climo, Mike Moser, and Tom Carrillo held down top spots all week. As the dust settled on Saturday however, it was Climo who claimed the victory. The win was Ken’s third Masters World title, adding to his twelve Open World Championship crowns. Ken had to do a lot of chasing this year. Climo did not grab the tournament lead until halfway through the Final 9. It was a sweet victory for him, made even sweeter by the presence of his wife and daughter who were with him most of the way. Patrick Brown’s brilliant performance earned him the second spot, while Mike Moser and Jay Reading would eventually tie for 3rd place.

Old Guys Rule

Joe Mela aka the “Technician” carved up the demanding Pittsburgh courses to win his second World Championship in the Grandmasters division. While the ageless wonder, Peter Shive, captured his 13th World title in the Legends division. Amazing!

There were countless outstanding performances last week. We could not be more proud of all of our Sponsored Athletes and Ambassadors. Here is a breakdown by division of where everyone finished up:

Open Division: Paul McBeth - 1st MPO (4x!!!!), Steve Brinster - 4th MPO, Nathan Sexton - T10th MPO, Matt Dollar - T17th MPO, Dustin Keegan - 20th MPO, David Wiggins - T21st MPO, Avery Jenkins - T21st MPO, Andrew Fish - T23rd MPO, Philo Brathwaite - T23rd MPO, Drew Gibson - 28th MPO, Samuel Logan Bowers - 29th MPO, Calvin Heimburg - 34th MPO, Kyle Eckmann - T35th MPO
Open Womens Division: Sarah Cunningham - 6th FPO, Valarie Doss - 7th FPO, Jessica Weese - 8th FPO, Jennifer Mobley Allen - 9th FPO, Holly Finale Finley - 11th FPO, Desiree Reading - T12th FPO, Lisa Fajkus - T12th FPO, Melodie Bailey - 15th FPO, Sara Lamberson - 20th FPO
Masters Division: Ken Climo - 1st MPM, Patrick Brown - 2nd MPM, Mike Moser - T3rd MPM, Jay Yeti Reading - T3rd MPM, Tom Carillo - T7th MPM, George Smith - 9th MPM, Matt Peckham - 14th MPM, Johnny Sias - T20th MPM, Brian McRee - T20th MPM, John Cloutier - T26th MPM
Masters Womens Division: Anni Kreml - 2nd FPM, Debbie Scott - 3rd FPM, Pam Reineke - 4th FPM
Grandmasters Division: Joe Mela - 1st MPG, Mitch McClellan - T5th MPG, Jim Oates - T12th MPG, Glenn Patterson - T14th MPG, Dean Tannock - 25th MPG, Jim Myers - 31st MPG
Grandmasters Womens Division: Suzette Simons - 2nd FPG, Sandy Gast - 7th FPG
Senior Grandmasters Division: Alan Beaver - 3rd MPS
Legends Division: Peter Shive - 1st MPL
]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Mon, 10 Aug 2015 19:37:59 +0000
Spectator Guide - 2015 PDGA World Championships 08.07.15

Disc golfers from around the world are enjoying a fabulous week here in the Pittsburgh area. Excellent battles are going down all over the place across multiple divisions. Since Worlds is such a large event we would like to share some information that should prove helpful as we approach the final rounds.

Many spectators head straight for the lead group in the Open Division. That was a great call on Thursday as fans were treated to a spectacular, course record-beating round by Paul McBeth at Deer Lakes. Paul began the day eight shots from the lead, yet ended the day only back one. The best players in the world are putting on a show every day so you cannot go wrong following those groups.

There was also quite a show yesterday afternoon in the Masters Division. It was an all-Innova card that featured Ken Climo, Patrick Brown, Mike Moser, and Jay “Yeti” Reading. Patrick began the morning round today with a five shot lead over Climo so the action there is sure to be exciting down the stretch.

In Women’s Open, Valarie Jenkins continues the lead the way for Team Innova. Val currently sits in a tie for 3rd place at +4 for the championship. Val will no doubt be seeking to claw her way to the top in pursuit of her 4th World Championship title. If you have never seen the best women in the world compete, get prepared to be amazed.

Competition will come to a close on Saturday. Open and Women’s Open divisions will play a semi final round at Moraine State Park in the morning, then head to Slippery Rock University for the finals. the Masters will play both their semi final round and finals at Slippery Rock. All semi final rounds begin at 8:00am.

When navigating the courses during tournament play be sure to mute your cell phones or turn them to vibrate. Most people are following PDGA Live Scoring feeds which we highly recommend. Hand-held leaderboards also accompany the event’s top groups. It is also important to do your best to remain behind the competitors to minimize any distractions. Should you find yourself in the sightline of a player making his/her shot, just do your best to remain still. One other important tip is to provide competitors with plenty of space. A distance of 40-50 feet is plenty. This distance also provides room for members of the media who are covering the tournament action.

Be sure to come visit us at Slippery Rock tomorrow. Innova will have a booth right next to the giant PDGA tent that serves as tournament central. We will have a variety of items to sell and plenty of free swag as we celebrate the conclusion of this fantastic event. We look forward to seeing you there!

What: 2015 Pro Worlds Finals
When: Saturday, August 8th / Rounds begin at 8:00am
Where: Slippery Rock University, 1 Morrow Way, Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Details: World Championship events feature an abundance of divisions for both men and women. The finals will begin early with the older age groups such as Legends, Grandmasters, and Masters. The final rounds for Open and Open Women are projected to start by early afternoon.
Directions: Exit 105 on I-79. Left on Rt 108 (Harlansburg-New Castle Road). 3.5 miles, then Right on South Main Street in Slippery Rock. Go .5 miles, then Left on Keister Rd. Travel .5 miles, then turn Left at East Lake and into parking lot near Critchfield Baseball Stadium

If you are unable to attend the event be sure to tune into Disc Golf Planet for live video coverage throughout the week. also plans to feature live, disc golf industry workshops to discuss the game’s most important and intriguing issues.

Helpful Links

Innova Instagram Worlds Coverage
Official PDGA Pro Worlds Championships Web Site
PDGA Worlds Information and Coverage
Competition Schedule
Live Scoring
Emerging Sports TV Livestream Coverage
]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Fri, 07 Aug 2015 15:06:52 +0000
Team Innova Starts Strong at 2015 Worlds 08.05.15

The first day of singles competition is in the books here in Pittsburgh. Many of our sponsored athletes and ambassadors are off to fantastic starts in their respective divisions. Here's a rundown of those in top positions heading into today’s rounds.

Calvin Heimburg 2nd
Paul McBeth T-3
Open Women
Valarie Jenkins ∓ Sarah Cunningham T-1st
Jennifer Allen T-3rd
Holly Finley 5th
Jay Reading 1st
Tom Carrillo T-2nd
Mike Moser & Ken Climo T-5th
Patrick Brown T-8th
Masters Women
Anni Kremel 2nd
Pam Reineke 3rd
Glenn Patterson 1st
Joe Mela 2nd
Grandmasters Women
Sandy Gast 2nd
Peter Shive 1st

Many eyes will be on the Open lead card today. The A Pool will play two rounds at Slippery Rock University, which is also the site for the finals. This should be a significant moving day on the tournament leaderboard. Fans will also catch a glimpse of what kind of ground can be made, or lost, during Saturday’s final round.

We would like to encourage you to come out and watch this week. The Pittsburgh-area courses are in spectacular condition and are extremely enjoyable to walk. If you are working this week and unable to attend, please consider coming to the finals this Saturday. Here is what you need to know to enjoy the show:

What: 2015 Pro Worlds Finals
When: Saturday, August 8th / Rounds begin at 8:00am
Where: Slippery Rock University, 1 Morrow Way, Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Details: World Championship events feature an abundance of divisions for both men and women. The finals will begin early with the older age groups such as Legends, Grandmasters, and Masters. The final rounds for Open and Open Women are projected to start by early afternoon.
Directions: Exit 105 on I-79. Left on Rt 108 (Harlansburg-New Castle Road). 3.5 miles, then Right on South Main Street in Slippery Rock. Go .5 miles, then Left on Keister Rd. Travel .5 miles, then turn Left at East Lake and into parking lot near Critchfield Baseball Stadium

If you are unable to attend the event be sure to tune into Disc Golf Planet for live video coverage throughout the week. also plans to feature live, disc golf industry workshops to discuss the game’s most important and intriguing issues.

Helpful Links

Innova Instagram Worlds Coverage
Official PDGA Pro Worlds Championships Web Site
PDGA Worlds Information and Coverage
Competition Schedule
Live Scoring
Emerging Sports TV Livestream Coverage
]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Wed, 05 Aug 2015 15:24:46 +0000
The Greatness - Paul McBeth Documentary 08.04.15

The SpinTV presents a series of Disc Golf related short documentaries! These quality videos have been produced by Epic DG Films and highlight interesting players in the sport. Get to know 3x World Champ Paul McBeth in the latest documentary of the series. Paul is the highest rated player in PDGA history and current 3-peat World Champion. Follow Paul through his recent tour leading up to and including the European Open. Hear Paul's own view on some of his greatest wins as well as some outside perspective from other top pros in Disc Golf.

]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Tue, 04 Aug 2015 17:20:26 +0000
Come Join Us at the 2015 PDGA Pro World Championships! 07.30.15

If you are within striking distance of the Pittsburgh area next week, please consider stopping by the 2015 PDGA World Championships. Innova will be in town all week to enjoy the competition and festivities. It is sure to be an exciting and fun-filled week!

Pro World Championships Events:

What: Fly Mart and Instructional Clinics + Regatta at Lake Arthur
When: Sunday, August 2nd / 10:00am - 4:00pm
Where: Moraine State Park, 225 Pleasant Valley Road, Portersville, PA 16061
Details: Innova will have a booth inside the Fly Mart tent featuring a variety of retail and promotional items. Paul McBeth and Nate Sexton will perform an instructional clinic from 3:00pm-4:00pm. A short autograph session will follow. All disc golf activity will take place in conjunction with the 17th annual Regatta at Lake Arthur. Thousands of visitors will enjoy food, family, and fun, as well as a variety of events including the Paddle Duck Racer World Championship and the Pennsylvania Standup Paddleboard Championship. There is no admission or parking fees, and many Regatta events are free.
Directions: Take Exit 99 off of I-79 and follow signs into Moraine State Park.
What: 2015 Pro Worlds Finals
When: Saturday, August 8th / Rounds begin at 8:00am
Where: Slippery Rock University, 1 Morrow Way, Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Details: World Championship events feature an abundance of divisions for both men and women. The finals will begin early with the older age groups such as Legends, Grandmasters, and Masters. The final rounds for Open and Open Women are projected to start by early afternoon.
Directions: Exit 105 on I-79. Left on Rt 108 (Harlansburg-New Castle Road). 3.5 miles, then Right on South Main Street in Slippery Rock. Go .5 miles, then Left on Keister Rd. Travel .5 miles, then turn Left at East Lake and into parking lot near Critchfield Baseball Stadium

If you are unable to attend the event be sure to tune into Disc Golf Planet for live video coverage throughout the week. also plans to feature live, disc golf industry workshops to discuss the game’s most important and intriguing issues.

Helpful Links

Official PDGA Pro Worlds Championships Web Site
PDGA Worlds Information and Coverage
Competition Schedule
Regatta Information]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Thu, 30 Jul 2015 17:57:48 +0000
Anthony Barela and Kaylee Campbell Capture World Championship Titles 07.27.15

What an amazing week at the 2015 PDGA Am Worlds and Junior Championships in Kalamazoo, MI. Congratulations to all of the tournament competitors who traveled from around the world, as well as the tournament staff and countless volunteers who made the event a success.

Team Innova was well represented in six different divisions at Am Worlds. Here's a breakdown of how everyone finished in their respective divisions:

Men’s Advanced
Anthony Barela 1st
Izak McDonald 2nd
Gavin Rathbun 4th
Boys U19
Nick Duran 6th
Girls U19
Kaylee Campbell 1st
Alexis Mandujano 2nd
Boys U16
Randon Latta 6th
Jason Butina 7th
Raymond Hernandez 9th
Joel Maury-Holmes 18th
Girls U16
Madison Rogers 4th
Lacey Brugler 5th
Michelle Nava 6th
Boys U13
Jacob Courtis 2nd
Pryce Bevins 7th

Exciting battles were taking place everywhere, but none more so than the one between Anthony Barela and Izak McDonald. These two had already put on a fireworks show in June at the US Amateur, where Barela (age 15) became the youngest player in history to capture the amateur crown. McDonald (age 14) finished a close second to Barela, and therefore came into Am Worlds even more determined to capture the win.

Photos courtesy of Max Poole

Anthony and Izak moved to the top of the leader board and it quickly became clear that they would be tough to catch. Both players held the lead numerous times, only to find themselves tied heading into the showcase Final 9. Gavin Rathbun also clawed his way into the finals, along with North Carolinian, Mark Huether. All four played well down the stretch, however it was Barela and McDonald who stole the show once again.

The lead continued to change hands throughout the finals as the pair launched jaw-dropping tee shots and drained clutch putts, including a 60-footer by McDonald for an eagle on Hole 7 which gave him a one shot lead. Both players carded birdies on Hole 8 and arrived at the final hole with Izak still up one. The group had to wait atop Hole 9 for about 10 minutes while the group ahead of them putted out, adding to the intensity of the moment. Izak had honors and proceeded to rip his drive down the 810’ final hole, but it flipped over and drifted way right, finding OB. This opened the door for Barela who marched right on through, sticking his drive within about 20 feet of the pin and a look at eagle. Barela’s eagle putt lipped out but birdie would be plenty to earn “AB” the first world title of his promising career.

Photos courtesy of Max Poole

Izak was devastated to have come but one errant tee shot from getting the win himself. To his credit, he gathered himself prior to the award ceremony and delivered a speech that rivaled the quality of his performance on the course. Both players acknowledged each others outstanding play, hoisted their trophies, and demonstrated class and composure well beyond their years.

Kaylee Campbell was also able to hold off serious competition among the Junior Girls U19. She fought her way to a 7-shot win over teammate Alexis Mandujano and a host of other talented young ladies, to capture her first world title as well. Jacob “Cupcake” Courtis lead the charge in Boys U13. Jacob was unable to catch Sweden’s Adrian Werme for the win, but he did knock down a second place finish, as well as a DQ Blizzard right before the finals began.

With Am Worlds behind us, we now all turn our attention to the PDGA Professional World Championships, which begin August 4th in Pittsburgh, PA. Many eyes will undoubtedly be on Paul McBeth as he looks to win his 4th consecutive world title, and his 4th Major of the 2015 season. We wish everyone headed that way safe travels and good luck, and look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh!

Other top team performances include:

Juliana Korver - World Overall Disc Golf Championships, 1st Open Women
Tita Ugalde - World Overall Disc Golf Championships, 3rd Open Women
Steve Boylan - Central Illinois Disc Golf Championship, 1st Masters
Hannah Leatherman - Delaware Disc Golf Challenge, 2nd Open Women
Mike Moser - Delaware Disc Golf Challenge, 3rd Open
Andrew Fish and Devin Frederick - Delaware Disc Golf Challenge, T-5th Open
Bob Cannon - Delaware Disc Golf Challenge, 4th Masters
Justin McLuen - Pro Flight Open, 1st Masters
Chris Sprague - Pro Flight Open, 2nd Masters

]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Mon, 27 Jul 2015 20:01:40 +0000
Paul McBeth Does It Again: European Open Champion 07.20.15

Paul McBeth continues to show us why he is the best in the world. The past two weeks, he proved it in Europe in a big way. Yesterday he defended his title at the European Open against a hard pressing Ricky Wysocki. The European Open is in a class of its own, with over 10,000 spectators, live wrap-up shows, and the final holes broadcast live on Finnish national TV.

Paul carved the course up on Thursday and Friday, giving him a 6-stroke lead over Karl Johan Nybo in second. During the round on Saturday, Paul slipped, injuring his back. Paul lost a bit of his lead to Ricky Wysocki, but still held on to a three stroke lead going into Sunday’s final round. The final round was another epic battle between the top two players in the sport with Ricky tying it up with just 4 holes to play. However, just two holes later, on Hole 16, Ricky was unable to land his approach shots on the island green. He finally made the island green on the fourth attempt, but it cost him three crucial strokes. With only 2 holes to go, Paul only needed to par out for his third PDGA Major win in 2015.

Also finishing strong was Karl Johan Nybo, who was on the lead card most of the tournament, finishing in 5th place. Drew Gibson had his best finish at a Major, landing in 10th. Valarie Jenkins settled into third place in the Open Womens division early and held that spot all the way to the podium.

Presidents Cup

Following last week’s win at the Scandinavian Open, Paul and the rest of the American team battled the best of Europe in the President’s Cup. Paul and the rest of the American Team won their 7th consecutive President’s Cup. With tons of spectators on the course (estimated at 2500), Paul and the American Team held onto the title with a win of 29.5 to 22.5 points (Match play). It was a great start to the week!

2015 PDGA Am and Junior World Championships

Paul McBeth and Nate Sexton will be leaving Europe and heading to the PDGA Am and Junior Worlds in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Paul will be coaching and accompanying the INNOVA Junior Team Members during their rounds at Am Worlds. INNOVA team members Jay and Des Reading are also in Kalamazoo this week running the EDGE Skillshot Event and hosting instructional clinics for the players. Kevin McCoy will also be volunteering at Am Worlds as a PDGA Marshal. After the week at Am Worlds, these team members will be traveling to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to begin practice for the 2015 PDGA Pro World Championships. Best of luck to all the players this week in Kalamazoo.

Notice: If you want to meet Paul McBeth and the team, get some autographs, and maybe pick up some apparel, visit the Innova booth at the Am Worlds Flymart. The Flymart is held Wednesday night, the 22nd of July at Timber Ridge Ski Area in St, Gobles, MI.
Paul will be there, along with members of the Innova Junior Team, Nathan Sexton, Madison Anne Walker, and Jonathan Poole, TD for the US Disc Golf Championship.

All photos provided by European Open, copyright 2015.

]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Mon, 20 Jul 2015 19:34:07 +0000