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In 2012, skateboarders everywhere were in awe when Tom Schaar threw down the first 1080 in competition. A full three revolutions in the air. Much like Tony Hawk’s 900 at the 1999 X Games, it was a defining moment for the sport. Disc golf hasn’t yet crested 1080, but an untouched number just fell. A player rating of 1050, and Paul McBeth alone lays claim to this feat that has seemed to be within reach for the past 10 years or so. We caught up with Paul to talk about this head-spinning accomplishment.

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Congratulations on hitting the 1050 mark. Where do you rank this achievement among others in your career?
Paul: I’d say it’s at the top of the list. Getting to 1050 is something that no one else has ever done before so it’s definitely a great feeling.
So you place this above the highest rated round record, and your wins at Majors?
Paul: I do, yes. Anybody can deliver a great performance once. The ratings achievement represents something I have been able to do over a long period of time.
PDGA Player Ratings have drawn their fair share of criticism over the years. What are your thoughts on the accuracy of the system?
Paul: I believe the system is pretty accurate. I do think it tends to favor the touring player who is playing a greater number of tournament rounds. It could be that complaints are coming from those with less of a ratings history, which can make a difference.
For many years a player rating of 1000 was a benchmark for Open players. Do you think top players should have a higher number in mind as the new standard of excellence?
Paul: I believe a 1000 rating is still the number to shoot for. There are just far more players reaching that level these days. More players than ever before can win on any given weekend.

What is the single biggest difference between the games of players rated 1020+ and the overwhelming majority of golfers who are part of the three digit club?
Paul: Shot selection and consistency. You have to develop good judgment on which shot to attempt, and you must be able to execute the shots consistently. Those are the two biggest things in my mind. Solid putting is also something that really separates top players from everyone else.
How much time do you spend each week practicing just your putting?
Paul: It used to be a lot. Now I don’t get as much time. I would say these days I average about 12 hours a week all total. That includes practice at home or wherever I’m staying, plus quick sessions before or after rounds.
Has your putting practice routine changed much over the years?
Paul: Yes. It has changed a lot, actually. I used to try and make everything, practicing a ton of different shots from all over the place. Now I work much more on inside the circle stuff. Putts inside 30 feet are crucial and just cannot be missed in larger tournaments. Or at least you cannot miss very many.
You have seen former teammates switch to other disc manufacturers in recent years. How big of a deal do you think it has been for them to adjust to entirely different product lines?
Paul: It may have bothered players a little bit. Drivers are very similar, and you replace them more often, so that is an easier switch. Mid-range discs and putters are tougher because it’s a feel thing. When you’ve got to make the shot it’s hard not to go with what you trust.
Before Nikko left Innova he talked openly about the challenge of adjusting mentally to a different putter. For newer players that might be difficult to understand since so many putters appear to be virtually identical. What did you putt with before your signature series McPro Aviar, and was it challenging to make the switch?
Paul: It is always mental with the putter. I learned to putt with a stiff DX Aviar Putter. I also used a KC Pro Aviar for about a year or so. I liked the KC because it was more stable and had a little less glide. When I switched to the McPro it was like going back to what I started with, or what I knew. It was a comforting change.
What advice would you offer a new player overwhelmed by the large selection of discs available today?
Paul: I would suggest finding a neutral flyer, like a Mako. Start with something that is easy to control while you develop your power and throwing style. That will give you a good center point for stability. Then you can add different discs, and different stability levels, that compliment your style of throw.
People tend to mimic the putting styles of the best player in their area. Did you ever do this?
Paul: Yes, a little bit. I would watch top players back home and try to pick up little things they did I thought may benefit me. It’s all trial and error. You still have to be true though to what feels comfortable and balanced for you athletically.

When you are warming up right before a round what are you looking to feel?
Paul: For putting I want to reach a point where I am not thinking any more. I want to be able to just let it go and hit the pole. There is just that comfortable spot where I’m not thinking at all about what I am doing mechanically.
You Tweeted just before the Memorial that you "love the first day nerves". How important is it to make the first putt, or the first few putts, of a tournament round?
Paul: I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Missing a putt at the beginning of a round, or the beginning of a tournament doesn’t mean you are going to lose. When I miss it usually motivates me. Once that passion kicks in I just automatically know that it’s time to get it going.
Who is the best clutch putter you’ve ever seen?
Paul: Steve Rico. I grew up watching and playing with Steve. He has hit some of the biggest putts I’ve ever seen.
Can you name the greatest shot you’ve ever made?
Paul: I’d say my final round tee shot on Hole 17 at Fountain Hills when I got my first NT win. I had thrown all of my Destroyers in the water except for one. I had to throw my least stable one when it mattered most. It felt so good when I released it. That one shot helped me secure the win.
If you could change one rule in disc golf, what would it be?
Paul: I would like to see the two-meter rule gone completely. In general I just don’t like grey areas. I’d like to see our rules be even more detailed to eliminate grey areas.
You came within one win of sweeping the Majors last year. How do you build on that?
Paul: I am more motivated to win this year, especially the bigger tournaments. They mean more to me now. As for the sweep, I don’t want to get ahead of myself. It is one tournament at a time. You can’t win them all if you don’t win the next one.
Now that you are in the record-breaking business, do you think about what is perhaps the hardest record to beat, Ken Climo’s 12 World Championship titles? Can you win 13?
Paul: It is definitely something I am going for. If I can stay healthy, keep getting better, and my level of passion stays where it is, I see no reason why I can’t get to that number.
Thanks for your time, Paul. Best of luck this season!
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Player Spotlight - Drew Gibson 3.12.14

Forty-six players with PDGA ratings at or above 1000 entered the 2014 Memorial Championship Open Division. Seventeen year old Drew Gibson was not one of them. Drew was rated 999. So on paper, he didn’t stand a chance against players rated nearly 50 points higher. But as the old saying goes, that is why they play the game.

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Congratulations on your third place finish at the Memorial. How does it feel to have finished ahead of so many incredible golfers?
Drew: Thank you. It felt great to be playing with all those guys at that level. It was a lot of fun.
So how are you feeling as you reflect on the weekend?
Drew: I feel pretty good. I was actually sick and taking Tylenol the entire time in Arizona. Finally I feel like I am beginning to snap out of it.

Photo by Marble Jones
Did being sick impact your game or mindset during the week?
Drew: Fighting the elements was pretty challenging. I mean it was hot, then cold, then windy, rainy, you name it. I think being sick slowed me down a little bit mentally. I really took my time which may have helped my decision-making at certain points.
Not too many people saw you coming. Did YOU see you coming?
Drew: (Laughs) Don Smith saw me coming. Don actually told Terry Miller before the tournament that I was going to win so that was on my mind. Honestly though, I really just wanted to stay focused on playing my best.

How did you get so good at such a young age?
Drew: I learned a lot from watching the great players in our area. I also played baseball for 13 years so I already had an athletic background. The transition from competitive baseball to tournament disc golf was relatively easy for me.
On your Facebook profile it says you are model at Nike and that you speak Mongolian. Are you the most interesting 17-year old in the world?
Drew: (Laughs) That’s just a joke between me and my friends. Facebook asks all these dumb questions so we were just messing around.
If we hack into your iTunes library what are we going to find?
Drew: I listen to a little bit of everything, except maybe country. I listen to a lot of rap, old school stuff…

Photo by Marble Jones
Do you listen to music when you play golf?
Drew: Sometimes I do. It depends on the group. I will listen to music during backups on the course just to stay relaxed and focused.
How did you handle the weather delay during the final round?
Drew: Pretty good I think. I felt like it worked to my advantage. I went to the local pizza place and just chilled out. It gave me a chance to calm down and think things through.
Were you intimidated at all having McBeth in Saturday’s lead group?
Drew: No. I have played with Paul before. We are pretty good friends so I was comfortable. I was just trying to keep pace with him, which didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped.
JohnE McCray is one of the most awesome disc golf dudes in the history of disc golf dudes. What did you think of his game?
Drew: I had never played with JohnE before. He is really good. Definitely a great putter. More importantly though to me is that he is a really nice guy. He was very encouraging. JohnE is one of my new favorite people to hang out with on and off the course.
Were you thinking at all about how loudly the crowd was cheering for him?
Drew: The crowd was rooting for Paul and JohnE more than they were for Jared and me. But it wasn’t like the Heat and the Knicks out there. It’s not like fans were rooting against us so it wasn’t a big deal.

What are some of your go-to discs at the moment?
Drew: I threw a Champion Eagle more than anything else this weekend. I also had a Destroyer, TeeBird, Firebird, Roc, and a Glow KC Pro Aviar. Six models total…
Are you throwing any of the new GStar plastic?
Drew: I haven’t thrown them yet but I had a box waiting on me when I got home. I am looking forward to testing them out.

Photo by Marble Jones
Why do you choose certain plastic types over others?
Drew: When it comes to distance drivers I prefer Star. It’s a feel thing. Otherwise it’s kind of a mixed bag as the different product lines go. I throw KC Pro Rocs and Aviars. I also have a Champion Roc3 in the bag.
What is your number one piece of advice for new players?
Drew: Putt. A lot of people go buy distance drivers so they can rip it. That’s fun and cool, but to get better you have to learn to putt. Practice at least 30 minutes a day. Practice before your rounds. Find your putting stroke. Don’t be more concerned with throwing your first 500 foot shot than making your 25 footers.
I can hear people now going “FIRST 500 foot shot, what the heck?!” That’s something a bomber would say. Is driving distance one of the strengths of your game?
Drew: I can’t throw as far as guys like Wiggins, but I like to think I am just as accurate. I want to know exactly where all of my shots are going 100 percent of the time. Shot selection, and disc selection, is what I focus on.
Was there a hole at either Fountain Hills or Vista where you felt like you did something a little different because it made more sense for your game?
Drew: A good example was probably Hole 9 at Vista. It’s a big downhill shot that plays about 450 or so over some trees. A lot of guys were just bombing their Destroyers, or whatever. I backed down to a TeeBird for better control and birdied it every time.
What are your goals for the rest of the season?
Drew: We all want to win Worlds, the USDGC, NT events, and all the big ones, but I really want to be known as someone that has a great attitude. I want to stay positive on the course and always fight to the end.
Thanks for your time, Drew. Best of luck this season!
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Paul McBeth: 3-Time Memorial Champion 03.03.14

This time last year Paul McBeth was celebrating his dramatic final round at the Memorial Championship; an 1132 rated 39 at Fountain Hills. The celebration however, was bittersweet. While Paul had delivered the highest rated round in disc golf history, he did not win the tournament. Energized by the loss, McBeth would go on to win three of the season’s seven remaining tour events. He also tacked on three of four PDGA Majors, including his second consecutive world title.

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A junk notes later we ran into their spadina at a effect and found out that they had in recognition gotten in welsh blood for well prescribing. Cross-examination inhibitors transmit the pain from the modification to the spiritus deal or graphic still. As the tour rolled back into Scottsdale this year, Paul was determined to recapture the Memorial crown. Teammates like Jared Roan, Drew Gibson, David Wiggins Jr., Chris Becker, and Philo Brathwaite would all have a little something to say about that before the weekend was through. By the time Saturday’s final round began, Philo, Jared, and Drew had each tasted the lead. Despite a plethora of great storylines, Saturday’s most significant wound up being the weather. “We had it all on Saturday”, said McBeth. “Wind, rain, heat, cold, lightning, and even total calm.” Light rain and slippery conditions greeted the lead group which featured a three-way tie for the lead between Paul McBeth, Drew Gibson, and JohnE McCray. Jared Roan rounded out the foursome just one shot back. Light rain escalated to driving rain almost immediately. Before the group could make the turn the weather had gone from dark and nasty, to hot and sunny. Threatening clouds rolled back over Fountain Hills about midway through the back nine. With them came another deluge that flooded parts of the course and suspended play due to lightning. Fortunately everyone made it through the storms without harm. During all of these bizarre meteorological occurrences, McBeth remained focused on the task at hand. He carded an impressive round of 47 which earned him a 4 stroke victory and his third Memorial title. Drew Gibson finished third outright, while Jared settled into a tie for 4th.

While these guys were out sloshing around dodging bolts of lightning, Ken Climo, Patrick Brown, and George Smith had a battle going of their own in Masters. Climo was able to hold off his fellow teammates and defend his Masters title from 2013. Valarie Jenkins also had a solid weekend, finishing third in Women’s Open. Joe Mela took home second place in Men’s Grandmasters, finishing right behind Memorial tournament director, Dan Ginnelly. Great job, Dan! On the amateur side of the Memorial, Junior Team member Anthony Barela shot the best opening round and never looked back. Anthony was one of only two competitors in the 129-person field to finish under par. He went on to win by three over Alaska’s James Beckner.

McBeth stayed with Barela and his family during the event. “The kid never stopped playing the whole time. Before his rounds, after his rounds… it was fun to watch”, said Paul. McBeth was also excited to see one of Anthony’s junior teammates, Jacob Courtis, come out and caddy for Anthony. “The camaraderie between them was awesome.”

Back to the East

Team members were bonding in South Carolina and Virginia as well. The Earlewood Classic is one of South Carolina’s beloved events that is almost impossible to get into. If you are slow on the registration draw, you’re out. In Men’s Open this year Matt Dollar managed to hold off teammate Josh Childs for the win. In Masters it was Innova’s Creative Director, Matt Peckham who held off Kevin McCoy and Hall of Famer Alan Beaver to secure his third win of 2014 and his 5th masters win in a row. Peckham credits the addition of the Nova putter to his bag.

At the Loriella Challenge in Spotsylvania, VA, Terry Gallops needed extra innings to get past teammate Stephen Miller. Matt Kashima, also part of the Innova Junior Team, finished tied for fourth only three shots from the lead.

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MLU Sponsors Holly Finley 03.03.14

Major League Ultimate announces sponsorship of PDGA player Holly Finley
PHILADELPHIA— Major League Ultimate announced today the sponsorship of pro-disc golfer Holly Finley during the 2014 Professional Disc Golf Association season. With the arrangement, MLU hopes to further strengthen its commitment to disc sports and the disc sport community.

Finley, an Innova Discs Ambassador and international fashion model, will serve as a representative of MLU as she competes on the PDGA Tour series throughout the year. The sponsorship will also include joint multimedia projects and cross-sport promotions by Finley and MLU.

I'm excited for the opportunity to represent Major League Ultimate during the PDGA Tour series. The MLU shares my commitment to bringing awareness to the world of flying discs sports, whether it’s disc golf or Ultimate. It was a perfect mashup. Perhaps I can even convince a few Ultimate players to join me for a friendly tournament or two along the way.

- Holly Finley

Finley earned a fourth-place finish at the Amateur World Championships and tallied 16 first-place finishes during her first competitive year as an amateur in 2012. Finley competed as a professional in 2013, earning the PDGA Rookie of the Year award for her outstanding play on the national and international stage. “Holly is an incredible athlete, and it’s great that we get to sponsor her efforts in the disc golf world,” said Commissioner Jeff Snader. “We’re excited to bring more awareness to the great sport of disc golf and all the great athletes who play.” In 2012, Finley connected with Grass Roots Disc Golf and the Cape Town Ultimate Group in South Africa to hold youth clinics and donate discs and equipment.

“When she was having difficulty getting the word out in South Africa, she set up baskets in a city park and started putting. Eventually, local disc organizations stepped up to help her host two youth clinics. Now she’s a Celebrity Ambassador for Innova. That’s the kind of dedication we admire at the MLU,” said Executive Vice President Nic Darling.

[youtube: 420 260] Finley can be followed on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as on her website

About MLU

Major League Ultimate (MLU), the premier professional Ultimate league, seeks to bring Ultimate to a worldwide audience by making it accessible and exciting for our fans, rewarding for our players, profitable for our investors and productive for our partners. The league is a leading member in the Ultimate community in establishing a space for the sport to grow and flourish at the professional, collegiate and youth levels.

MLU was founded by Jeff Snader and Nic Darling in 2012 and is headquartered in Philadelphia. Major League Ultimate began play in April 2013 and was formed out of a long held belief in the bright future of Ultimate. MLU The league, entering its second season, has quickly established a major national following with live, online broadcasts of its games, an array of multimedia available on its websites, and a strong presence on social media.

The league is comprised of eight teams: Boston Whitecaps, D.C. Current, New York Rumble, Philadelphia Spinners, Portland Stags, San Francisco Dogfish, Seattle Rainmakers and Vancouver Nighthawks. For more information, visit us at, or on Twitter or Facebook.]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Mon, 03 Mar 2014 18:35:52 +0000
2014 Women's Global Event - Let's Do This 03.03.14

The Women’s Global Event made its debut in 2012 and attracted just over 600 participants around the world. On May 10th the second Women’s Global Event will take place, and it’s time we all step up and make this one bigger and better than ever.

Three time World Champion Valarie Jenkins said she had a great time in 2012 at the WGE Daisy Chains Women’s tournament in California. Val plans to take part in that event again this year. But you don’t have to be in California to play. Chances are there is a participating event in your area.

If you are interested in playing in the event, sign up now! If you are able to run a WGE tournament in your town, sign up now! There are plenty of resources available online at

We want to see 1000 ladies tee it up on May 10th. We believe May 10th can, and will, be a historic day for women’s disc golf. Jenkins believes the goal of 1000 women is reachable. “The hype has grown over two years and I think we’re going to have a very good turnout,” said Jenkins, Chair of the PDGA Women’s Committee.

For years the discussion about how to get more female players has puzzled players, promoters, and tournament directors. Women’s participation is growing, but growing slowly. We believe it is time to change that once and for all, together.

At a regular tournament, women’s divisions are normally small and bunched together. Not so with the WGE and its global scoring format. “This format gives women the opportunity to play in the division that they’re meant to play in. It gives all women a chance to get together and see how they rank against other women in the world,” said Jenkins.

Innova was honored to support the inaugural event by donating 500 custom stamped WGE Champion Mambas. The gratitude alone shown by WGE competitors made it worth every nickel. This year we are increasing our support to 600 discs and are excited to see other companies following suit. If you or your company have the resources available to support the 2014 WGE, please send a note to and let them know.

In a partnership with Disc Golf United (DGU) we will also be providing:

  • $3.00 discount coupons for use at the DGU online pro shop
  • Additional WGE commemorative discs will be available to WGE tournament directors at a discounted rate so that every participant has an opportunity to receive a commemorative disc.

For those who wish to run a WGE tournament, DGU provides a complete online registration and event management solution to help you simplify and streamline everything.

So now you have no excuses. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. 2014 Womens Global Event – Let’s Do This.

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Breaking the Ice 02.18.14

With the first PDGA Tour event just days away, anticipation is building to see which players are primed for the 2014 season. Paul McBeth and Jessica Weese made early statements this past weekend at the 36th Annual Wintertime Open in Pasadena. Both players trained with purpose during the off season and were clearly prepared for competition.

McBeth was joined atop the leaderboard by teammates Kyle Eckmann and Philo Brathwaite who helped complete a top 3 sweep in Men’s Open. Jessica grabbed the early lead in Women’s Open, and then padded it with a remarkable second round that carried a PDGA rating of 1005. Jessica further distanced herself in the final round, cruising to a comfortable win. McKayla Thomas was also sharp and finished third.

Two members of the Innova Junior Team were victorious at the Gentlemen’s Club Challenge in Las Vegas. Anthony Barela took down Men’s Advanced, while Jacob Courtis was best among Boys <13. Barela hails from Mesa, AZ and is the current PDGA World Champion for Junior Boys <13. Courtis is from Buena Park, CA and was the runner up at last year’s Worlds for boys <10.

Jay and Des Reading picked up another family sweep in Texas. Des won Women’s Open at the Cedar Hill Chill, while Jay earned the top spot in Masters. The Saturday-only Chill was followed by the Towne Lake Pro/Am on Sunday, where Des iced the weekend cake with another Women’s Open win.

Kyle Crabtree got his first win of the year at Washington’s Battle Benny 2, as did Josh Childs at the Winter Hunger Games in South Carolina. For more information on upcoming disc golf tournaments please visit

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Paul McBeth Launches Innova Junior Team 02.11.14

Imagine you are a school-aged disc golfer and then one day out of the blue, back-to-back World Champion Paul McBeth calls and asks you to join Team Innova. Sounds hard to believe, but that is exactly what happened recently when McBeth himself, founded Innova’s new junior team.

Starting this spring a select group of young disc golfers, which currently stands at seven, will represent Innova and be mentored by McBeth. These youth, who can be up to 17 years old, will receive sponsorship much like other Innova sponsored athletes. Along with disc golf equipment, junior members are also eligible for financial assistance to the Amateur World Championships in July. McBeth, 23, of Clearwater, Fla., said he appreciated Innova giving him the nod at the early age of 16 and he now wants to provide others with the same kind of opportunity that motivated him.
“I think it’s a good way for Innova to start putting that spark into younger players,” said McBeth, a touring pro since 2008.
13-year-old Madison Rogers of Fayetteville, Ark., did not hesitate to accept Paul’s offer. “I was really excited. I had no idea that they were going to have juniors. I had never heard of it from any of the other disc golf manufacturers,” said Rogers, who also said that McBeth is one of her main influences in disc golf.

The icing on the cake for Madison and her fellow teammates is direct access to Innova’s marquee player for tips on disc golf and everything else. Over the years, Innova has given discs and gear to younger players, however there has never been an official team until McBeth proposed the idea during his own sponsorship discussions this past December.

“Paul is a superstar on and off the course”, said Innova Team Manager, Jonathan Poole. “Everything he does is to push himself, the competition, and the game as a whole, to an entirely different level”, said Poole. McBeth, who has been busy training for the 2014 season, said it was fun to call each of the candidates with the team invitation. When Rogers got her call she couldn’t believe it at first. “It was crazy just being able to talk to him over the phone and be in this situation to be on the junior team,” said Rogers. After talking with McBeth, Rogers was then surprised with a cake from her father that read “Congrats Madison! Team Innova”.

Ultimately through the junior team, McBeth would like to see his teammates progress at disc golf and at life in general. “I want it to help push them to do what they want to do,” said McBeth, who will be keeping an eye out to fill future team slots. After attending the European Masters in Sweden this year, McBeth plans to fly directly to Minnesota to support junior team members at the 2014 Amateur World Championships.

Poole said this initiative is not just about developing young disc golfers, it is also about helping them keep disc golf in the right perspective. “We want to work with students and help reinforce the importance of getting their education, while using disc golf as a means of recreation. Disc golf will benefit their social, educational, and personal development,” said Poole, who manages more than 100 sponsored athletes. Poole believes this new program will also help McBeth remain grounded and humble as he adjusts to his soaring popularity. “The opportunity to serve these younger players, and to share many of the lessons he is learning, should be extremely rewarding to Paul – and to them – for years to come,” said Poole.

McBeth already knows what it takes to keep up with studies while training for disc golf. During high school he had to balance the two. “It was a lot of long nights. I used to do homework in class as much as possible then go straight from school and play disc golf until dark,” said McBeth, adding that he would finish remaining school work when he got back home. When Innova first offered Paul sponsorship in 2007, he admits to not fully understanding its significance since he was only a part-time disc golfer at the time. But today he looks back on the sponsorship offer as one of most pivotal moments in his life.

Paul hopes junior team members will find similar opportunities that he did, whether it is with disc golf or any other activity they choose to pursue. Rogers already has big plans this season including strengthening her mental game, attending about 20 tournaments, and trying to break the 407-foot world distance record for girls under 16.

Here’s a list of the new Junior Team members:

Jacob Courtis In The Bag

filmed by Paul McBeth
[youtube: 420 260]
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GStar Giveaway 02.06.14

With Great Flexibility, Comes Great Response

GStar is a new blend of Star that adds flexibility and even more grip. GStar is opaque like Star, but features a pearlescent sheen. Their allure is only surpassed by their beautiful flight. GStar discs have a smooth, gradual transition in flight and the same durability as our Star Line. WINNERS PICKED!

More about GStar

The debut GStar line up includes the Leopard, Aviar, Dart, Skeeter, Mamba, and the Paul McBeth signature GStar Krait. One unique characteristic is GStar’s ability to return to it’s original shape quickly after flexing. The added flex and grip make GStar perfect for cold weather. These 6 models are already on their way around the World. Contact your local dealer for exact delivery dates. Look for more GStar models coming soon!

{yoogallery src=[/images/FParticles/gstar] thumb_cache_time=[1] height=[90] width=[130]}

How Can I enter?!

Five lucky fans will each win all 6 GStar release models. For your chance to win, use the widget below with your favorite social network (or all three) to enter. Entry into the contest ends on 2/11/2014 at 12:01am Pacific Time. This post will be updated with the winners on the morning of 2/11/2014. Good Luck Everyone!
Congratulations to our winners! Each of these lucky fans will receive all 6 GStar release models
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a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Big Year for Schwebby 01.08.14

Turning 40 this year was just what Brian Schweberger’s disc golf game needed. A formidable pro since 1998 and a fan favorite, this year the Tarboro, N.C. resident put his game into overdrive as he broke the PDGA record for most sanctioned events played in a year, accumulated the most total pro wins (open and masters) in a year, and won his first major with the Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Championships.

“It has been a long arduous battle. I would challenge anyone to try to beat it as far as an overall accomplishment over the year. I’m just proud to say that I did it,” said Schweberger.

On Dec. 14th at the Spike Hyzer Sunshine Acres – Sun Christmas Fun II event in Knightdale, N.C., Schweberger played in his 60th event of the year, which broke Geoff Bennett’s prior record of 59 that he set in 2008.
“It took a lot of dedication and time. I still don’t know why I waited until I turned 40 to do it,” said Schweberger chuckling.

Though ‘Schwebby’ ended up losing by two strokes at his record-breaking event, he still accumulated 32 wins this year (24 pro open 8 pro master), which according to the PDGA is a record for total pro wins in a year (based on available records). Juliana Korver had back-to-back 31-win seasons in 2000 and 2001, based on records from former PDGA Excective Director Brian Hoeniger.

One of Schwebby’s 2013 wins clearly stands out. He calls the Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Championships in Burlington, N.C., his biggest win ever. With a field that included some of the game’s greatest like Ken Climo and Barry Schultz, Schweberger said it was sweet to beat them all during a major tournament.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Rose.

Schweberger also wanted to thank Chuck Connelly of Spike Hyzer, who ran several tournaments to raise money for the U.S. Masters.

At a late December Spike Hyzer event, Schweberger nearly tied Bradley Williams’ 25 pro open wins record set in 2012, but he lost on the first playoff hole.

Playing so much tournament golf, Schwebby keeps burnout at bay by limiting the number of casual rounds he plays during the year. He only played two this year. Every other round was during an event or course practice leading up to one. He doesn’t just want to go through the motions to set records, he wants to compete.

Schweberger was well aware of the events played record and by May he figured he had a shot at it. Playing every weekend except three, Schwebby ended up with 61 events. “I’ve been keeping track of it every week and it just worked out just right,” said Schweberger, whose previous event high was 40. Last year he played 38 events and won 15. The most he’s won in a year was 16 until now.

Nowadays he’ll travel anywhere within five hours drive from home. He said that touring full time from 2002 through 2004 was quite an adventure – meeting new people, seeing lots of the country – but those days are probably over. Now that he’s married and has three dogs he doesn’t stray too far from Tarboro. However, he imagines he still has a couch to sleep on anywhere in the country after making so many tour stops.

No doubt Schwebby, who also works as a Domino’s deliveryman, would call 2013 a success. Along with his records, he also won the North Carolina Point Series for pro masters and he predicts he should also take the 2013 points title for PDGA pro masters as well – not bad for his first year playing masters events.

Sponsored by Innova since 2002, Schweberger says you can’t always reach all the goals that you set every year, but it’s cool when things come together. By setting medium and high goals every year, it helps him keep his focus.

Next year, look to see Schwebby play in a few more National Tour events and he’ll make an exception to his five-hour travel policy to defend his U.S. Masters title in Tulsa, Okla.]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Tue, 10 Dec 2013 16:51:02 +0000
12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! 12.20.13

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12

It's the 12th day of Christmas! We were thinking about Frankincense, Myrrh and some Plum Pudding as the last grand prize but shipping would have been a holiday nightmare. How about decorating a brand new DISCatcher® Traveler! Don't miss out! Innova Champion Discs and the Factory Store have been giving away presents for the last 12 days! Let's make this last day huge! Happy Holidays everyone! Giveaway ends 12/21/13 at 12pm PST. Enter Now!

The Tweleth Day of Christmas

DISCatcher Traveler, DISCarrier, BackSaver Straps, Brinster TeeBird, DWJ Boss, Roc3, Innova Hoodie, Long Sleeve, Beanie, 2014 Calendar, Holiday Atlas & Nova
  • The DISCatcher® Traveler is ready to accompany you on all your disc golf expeditions. The Traveler is the lightest portable disc golf target on the market.
  • The DISCarrier features an internal frame similar to the Competition Bag's frame to keep the over-all weight at a minimum and still be beefy enough to handle all your tournament supplies.
  • Innova BackSaver Straps are designed to evenly distbute the weight of a full disc golf bag across your shoulders. Made to fit our DISCarrier, Competition, and Deluxe bags.
  • If you're a fan of the new Champion material used in the Roc3 and Tern, you're going to love the Brinster TeeBird. These TeeBirds look great and have the performance to match.
  • David Wiggins Jr. knows a thing or two about throwing far. The 2010 Am World Champ and current World Distance record holder selected the Blizzard Champion Boss as his choice for maximum distance, try one for yourself and see what it can do for your game.
  • The Paul McBeth Champion Roc3 was one of the hottest molds of 2013. The Roc3 holds a line in a variety of wind conditions and has a predictable fade, making this an ideal 'Go-To' Mid-Range in almost any situation.
  • Large Innova logo with a gradient pattern on the front. The Innova Hoodie is perfect for fall or winter rounds.
  • Another present to keep you toasty in these cold months. Innova long sleeve shirts are made from a preshrunk 50/50 cotton poly blend designed to keep you warm and dry.
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  • Each year we gather a lot of Disc Golf photos from around the World and put them together into our annual calendar. This one is no different. 14 months (Dec 13 - Jan 15) of awesome photos and all the important PDGA tournament dates are in the calendar.
  • The Champion Atlas features a extremely firm Champion flight plate with the same grippy Star rim on the original Atlas.
  • The Nova features a firm Pro flight plate with a soft putter Pro rim that gives the thrower the best of both worlds in a Putt & Approach disc.
{yoogallery src=[/images/FParticles/tdoc12]height=[65] width=[95]}

How Can I enter?!

One lucky fan will win a Traveler, DISCarrier, BackSaver Straps, Brinster TeeBird, DWJ Blizzard Boss, Champion Roc3, Innova L/S shirt, Beanie, 2014 Innova Calendar, Holiday Edition Atlas and a Holiday Edition Nova. Fans must enter each day to be eligible for that days prize(s). For your chance to win, use the widget below with your favorite social network (or all three) to enter. Entry into the contest ends tomorrow (12/20/2013) at 12:00pm Pacific Time. This post will then be updated with the winner! Good Luck Everyone and Happy Holidays!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to our winners!
  • Day 1: Alex Lain
  • Day 2: Henley Wells
  • Day 3: Jonathan Bennett
  • Day 4: Anthony Karimi
  • Day 5: Mitchell Ahnert
  • Day 6: Brandon Leblanc
  • Day 7: Samantha Rumery
  • Day 8: Michael Mantle
  • Day 9: Sam Suarez
  • Day 10: Kory Olko
  • Day 11: Joseph Ledden
  • Day 12: Matthew Callaway
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Innova Holiday Discs 12.06.13

Champion Atlas & Pro Nova

This year we've released Nova's and Champion Atlases with a special holiday hotstamp reminiscent of the original Champion Discs Inc design. These discs are headed around the world to Innova retailers everywhere so make sure to contact your favorite local dealer for exact delivery dates.

Visit Us on Monday for a VERY Merry Giveaway!

To celebrate the holiday season with our fans, we're having 12 days of giveaways! Each day a new prize will be added to the previous days prizes until we reach 12 prizes on Friday December 20th. On Monday, December 9th, we'll start our 12 days of Christmas with a holiday edition Nova. Visit us then for details on how to enter! Happy Holidays!
{yoogallery src=[/images/FParticles/xmas13] thumb_cache_time=[1] height=[65] width=[95]}

Stock Stamps Released

If you're looking for a stamp that you'll want to sport all year long, we've also released stock versions of these popular overmolds. The Champion Atlas features a extremely firm Champion flight plate with the same grippy Star rim on the original Atlas. The Nova features a firm Pro flight plate with a soft putter Pro rim that gives the thrower the best of both worlds in a Putt & Approach disc.
]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Thu, 05 Dec 2013 22:14:05 +0000
Home for the Holidays 11.27.13

What is it like to be a touring disc golfer? A roller coaster would best describe it. The highs of winning can be so exhilarating. The lows can be tough, and are often unexpected. Car trouble, illness, injuries, and the struggle of getting from one event to the next can tax even the most seasoned athlete.

Great accomplishments are seldom achieved without considerable personal sacrifice: Countless miles on the road and in the air. Unexpected car troubles, detours, and delays add to the expense of getting from point A to B. A place to sleep may be hotel rooms, car seats, couches, tents, and floors. All that time away from family and friends - life on the road can be hard.

It isn’t all drudgery, sometimes you get to do something to give back to the game. In the past two weeks alone, Innova Ambassadors have designed and helped to install new courses, worked to improve existing courses, performed clinics and demonstrations, attended trade shows and other promotional events, all to help push disc golf forward. Tournament players have thrown thousands of practice shots refining their games, and have competed fiercely in tournaments from New Jersey to New Zealand.

While it takes a dedicated player to set out for an extended trip to hit a string of tourneys, it relies on one important ingredient: Someone has to RUN all those tournaments! “The Tour” is only possible because of the hard work of hundreds of dedicated tournament directors, promoters and course designers. Behind each of those hard working souls is a network of volunteers and supporters who make things happen.

This week many of us will join our closest friends and family to celebrate the relationships, events, and accomplishments for which we are thankful. We wish to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to each and every member of the Innova family, for their passion and commitment to disc golf. We also thank them for their confidence in us to provide them with the equipment and support necessary for success.

Congratulations to our recent tournament winners:
Jay and Des Reading - Australian Disc Golf Championships (1st Place Open and Pro Women)
Jay Reading - Auckland Disc Golf Championships (1st Place Open)
Sandy Gast - DeBary Open (1st Place Pro Women)
Gregg Hosfeld - DeBary Open (1st Place Masters)
Brian Schweberger - Thanksgiving Lowlands Huker (1st Place Open)
Josh Childs - Pam B. Childs Memorial (1st Place Open)
David Wiggins - Forest Hills Open (1st Place Open)
Joe Rotan - Fly Ink Open (1st Place Masters)
Jessica Weese - SoCal Championships (1st Place Pro Women)
Chris Brophy - SoCal Championships (1st Place Masters)
Mike Moser - South Jersey Open (1st Place Open)
Joe Mela - Fall N Putt (1st Place Open)

]]> (INNOVA DISC GOLF) Home Page Tue, 26 Nov 2013 08:00:00 +0000
Dollar is Money in GA 11.12.13

Matt Dollar picked up his 12th win of the year at this weekend’s Gwinnett County Open. Dollar was victorious last weekend as well at the Terrapin Turtle Toss, which also took place in Matt’s home state of Georgia. Matt wasted no time getting ahead of the field blasting opening rounds of 43 and 40. Teammates James Cole (2nd place) and Josh Childs (5th place) played well, but it would prove to be Dollar’s weekend once more as he cruised home to win by eight.

Paul McBeth is back in Florida where he will spend the winter months training for the 2014 touring season. McBeth motored up to Clearwater this weekend to take on Ken Climo in his backyard, and a stout line up of other regional pros at the Coachman Classic. Paul earned a five shot lead in round one, and then posted a 55 in round two which proved to be the weekend’s best. Paul finished the deal with a 58 in the third and final round to secure the win. Climo finished tied for 4th Gainesville’s Garrett Gurthie.

Pam Reineke edged out teammate Sandy Gast to win the pro women’s division at Coachman. Reineke grabbed a four shot lead of her own in round one and did not look back. Pam and Sandy are no strangers on the golf course. The pair have been competing fiercely since they shared the PDGA Rookie of the Year award in 1992. Both have enjoyed excellent careers that include the 2013 US Women’s Grandmaster title for Pam, and the 2008 Masters World title for Pam. Wins in Florida must generally run through one of these ladies, if not both.

Other weekend winners include:
Brian Schweberger - 16th Annual Fall Colors (1st Place Open)
Russ Burns - The Disc Golf Monkey Finale (1st Place Open)
Alan Beaver - Killer B Stinger (1st Place Masters)
Mike Moser - The Pine Tree Tustle (1st Place Open)

]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Tue, 12 Nov 2013 22:15:10 +0000
November Roan 11.4.13

Congratulations to Jared Roan on his win at the Veterans Park Open in Arlington, TX. Jared has been on fire this fall, with five $1000+ tournament paydays, he's had a hot finish to the season. Down in Texas, Jared found himself several shots back of 2-time World Champion Paul McBeth after round one. But he found his groove in the second and third rounds to climb to the top. This is Jared’s second Supertour win, he won the South Florida Open just last month.

In a three round event like the VPO, making up even a few strokes can seem like a daunting task, especially with McBeth ahead of you. Paul slipped a bit however in round two giving six strokes back to Jared putting him close to local, Sean Whorley, who was in the lead. Jared took charge in the final round carding the tournament’s hottest final round score of 70. That score propelled him into the lead and ultimately a 4 shot win. McBeth closed with 73, six shots back of Roan which put him in a tie for third.

Brian Schweberger Hits 30 PDGA Wins

Brian Schweberger won his 30th PDGA tournament of the year, traveling to Pennsylvania for the Hyzerflip Open. He won against a large field of 23 pros, including Joe Mela who finished in second place. Brian has played at least 46 PDGA events so far this year. Brian still has at least 5 tournaments on his 2013 schedule.

Other weekend winners include:
Barry Schultz - 12th Annual Fall Disc Golf Classic (1st Place Open)
Brian McRee - 12th Annual Fall Disc Golf Classic (1st Place Masters)
Glenn Patterson - Hyzerflip Open (1st Place Men’s Masters)
Matt Dollar - Terrapin Turtle Toss (1st Place Open)
Duane CD Steiner - City of Fountains (1st Place Masters)
Sarah Cunningham - Upstate Classic (1st Place Open Women)

]]> (INNOVA DISC GOLF) Home Page Mon, 04 Nov 2013 16:20:33 +0000
Foxbat Giveaway 10.28.13

Glides Through PDGA Approval

The Foxbat has been PDGA approved and we're having a giveaway to celebrate! The Foxbat is a large diameter Mid-Range disc. The feature the Foxbat offers over our other midrange discs is higher glide with a small high speed turn. The glide becomes more apparent in weights around 170 grams. Win one here before the release! UPDATE: Winners Picked!

More about the Foxbat

For less experienced players, the Foxbat will be easy to throw straight. Experienced players will be able to throw long turnover approach shots that stay turned over. The Foxbat will be released in Star plastic in weights from 160 grams to 180 grams. Preliminary ratings for the Foxbat are: [4|6|-2|0]

{yoogallery src=[/images/FParticles/foxbat] thumb_cache_time=[1] height=[65] width=[95]}

How Can I enter?!

Five lucky fans will each win a Pre-Release Foxbat stamped with the Team Innova mini stamp. For your chance to win, use the widget below with your favorite social network (or all three) to enter. Entry into the contest ends on 11/5/2013 at 12:01am Pacific Time. This post will be updated with the winners on the morning of 11/5/2013. Good Luck Everyone!
Congratulations to our winners! Each of these lucky fans will receive a Pre-Release Foxbat!
  • Jo Ma
  • Patrick Hendricksen
  • Chris Coel
  • Michael Martin
  • Jared Santas
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Team Innova - Scary Good 10.15.13

Although the tournament season is winding down there are still an abundance of competitive events taking place throughout the United States. Team Innova racked up a variety of solid finishes this past weekend including a 1-2-3 Men’s Open sweep at the Down East Players Cup in Greenville, NC. Brian Schweberger was able to outlast teammates Terry Gallops (2nd) and David Wiggins Jr. (3rd) to claim the title and his 29th PDGA win of the season.

Jay and Des Reading kept their sweep in the family. The husband and wife powerhouse duo grabbed the top men’s and women’s Open spots at the 36th Waterloo Disc Golf Classic. Jay fired an impressive final round of 42, erasing a 5 shot deficit and forcing a playoff he would eventually win. Des is capping off another impressive season that includes the US Women’s (Masters Division) title, the Tim Selinske US Masters title, two A-tier wins, a 5th place Open finish at the PDGA World Championships.

Other weekend winners include:
Matt Orum - The Mankato Disc Golf Benefit (1st Place Men’s Open)
Gregg Hosfeld - Nature Coast Luau (1st Place Men’s Masters)
Stephen Miller - Hawk Hollow Open (1st Place Men’s Open)
James Cole - Rise of the Gnome (1st Place Men’s Open)
Ken Franks - Running with the Devil (1st Place Men’s Open)

]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Wed, 23 Oct 2013 19:04:24 +0000
Pumpklops Disc Giveaway 10.17.13

Win All Four Pumpklops Models

October means Innova Pumpkin discs! We're giving away a set of all 4 discs to 5 lucky fans. This year our pumpkin design has been nicknamed 'Pumpklops' and comes in Orange DX Aviars, Black Star Terns, Orange/Black Atlases, and Orange DX Roc3s which haven't been an available production model until now.
UPDATE: Winners selected!

How Can I enter?!

Five lucky fans will each win the complete set of Pumpklops discs including the DX Roc3, DX Aviar, Star Tern and Atlas. For your chance to win, use the widget below with your favorite social network (or all three) to enter. Entry into the contest ends on 10/25/2013 at 12:01am Pacific Time. This post will be updated with the winners on the morning of 10/25/2013. If you're not a lucky winner, don't worry! Pumpklops is headed around the world and will be available through most Innova dealers. Contact your favorite retailer for exact delivery dates. Good Luck Everyone!
Congratulations to our winners! Each of these lucky fans will receive all four Pumpklops models!
  • Richard Grundy
  • Kyle Schmidt
  • Kim Mikael Lindroos
  • Nick West
  • Rebecca Barie
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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2014 Calendar Contest Winners 10.16.13

Thank you to all the photographers that submitted photos to the 2014 INNOVA Calendar contest. This year we reviewed over 1000 submissions from around the world. The final photos have been selected. The winner of the drawing for the DISCatcher Sport Target is Matt Cook, from Aurora, Illinois who submitted a photo of Whistler’s Bend Disc Golf Course.

Congratulations to all the featured photographers in the 2014 INNOVA Calendar: Avery Jenkins, Craig Wrenn, Greg Bowyer, David Elias, Michael Stradley, Scott Markquart, Jessie Klehfoth, Debbie Leonard, Jonathan Goff, Adrian Southern, Bennett Thompson, Matthew Hawes, Suzette Simons, Kevin Morrow, and Matt Cook.

The 2014 INNOVA Calendar will be available at retailers in November. As a reminder, calendar submissions are accepted year round. It’s never too early to submit your photos to for next year.

]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Wed, 16 Oct 2013 17:42:08 +0000
Brinster Holds Serve at Home 10.15.13

Prior to his win at the US Disc Golf Championship last weekend, Steve Brinster was known for being one of the most dominant disc golfers in the northeast. Now with Major title in hand, Steve returned to his home turf and one of his favorite events, The Warwick Disc Golf Championship in Warwick, NY.

Brinster grabbed the early lead but then found himself tied with another Major winner, 2010 World Champion Eric McCabe, when Saturday’s play concluded. Home cooking must have made the difference on Saturday night as Brinster finished strong on Sunday with back-to-back rounds of 52. Brinster’s final round of 52 from the blue to blue bested the course record by 3 strokes, a record Steve had held. That solid play earned him a 17-throw margin of victory. Teammate Joe Mela grabbed the win in Masters, winning by 7. Other top performers were Jason Dore (5th place Open) and Glenn Patterson (3rd place Masters).

photo by Chad Corduroy LeFevre

While not on the calendar, a gaggle of big arms headed to Primm, NV to compete in the Desert Wind Throw designed to achieve world records. David Wiggins Jr. was in attendance including several other big arms, including former record holder Christian Sandstrom. The longest throw during the competition was from David Wiggins, measuring 255 meters, tying his current world record. Wow!

The ladies were in action at the Magnolia Open in Appling, GA. Sarah Cunningham lead wire-to-wire and eventually won by 7. She was joined at the top by teammates Sandy Gast (3rd place) and Debbie Scott (4th place). For ladies who are thinking about playing in their first tournament, the Magnolia is definitely one to consider.

Team Innova made it a sweep in Burlington, NC at the Sneeky Pete Classic. Barry Schultz won men’s Open, Holly Finley won women’s Open, and Brian McRee won men’s Masters. McRee needed extra holes to squeak out the victory over Brian Schweberger who was tied with McRee at -36 at the end of regulation.

Matt Kern also notched a victory at the 5th Annual Great Pumpkin Bowl in Louisville, KY, as did Matt Dollar at Lost in the Woods in Roswell, GA.]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Tue, 15 Oct 2013 21:58:45 +0000
Steve Brinster Comes Up With a Major Win 10.7.13

After Steve Brinster dropped in his final putt to secure a one stroke victory during the 15th USDGC finale, he let out an emphatic “Yeah! Yeah!” as if a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders.
Making big plays when he needed to, Brinster, of Warwick, N.Y., submitted a 62 (-5) to end at (-31) for the Championship and at long last shed his drought of major tournament victories.

Others ending well include: 3-time US Champ Barry Schultz, of Louisburg, N.C., and Steve Rico, of Sylmar, Calif., both shot (-30) for second place. Max Nichols of Ramona, Calif., and 2005 US Champion Dave Feldberg of Scottsdale, Ariz., took 4th place with (-29). Defending US Champ Will Schusterick of Nashville and 2008 US Champion Nate Doss, of Capitola, Calif., tied for 6th at (-27).

Saturday’s path to the title was not an easy one.By the late afternoon the leaderboard was in complete chaos with players further back making eye-opening charges.
On the second card, Feldberg became a momentary leader as he scorched the course. But that came to an end when he met hole 18. A triple bogey ended any hopes of a come from behind victory and Feldberg had to settle with a 57 (-10) for the day.

Grouped with Feldberg, Schultz turned in a 58 (-9) and while he waited for the lead card to finish, Schultz watched as his standing got better. At one point he was tied for the lead and started thinking about a possible playoff.
“It’s a privilege having a chance after taking an 11 on that second day,” said Schultz referring to hole 13.

photo by Chad Corduroy LeFevre

However, as the lead card neared the end it became clear it was up to Brinster and Schusterick. Schusterick was on the move and was deadlocked with Brinster at the treacherous island hole 17. Then calamity struck Schusterick when he failed to land inside the island green twice. Schusterick finished with a 62 (-5) and seemed devastated that he’d let what could’ve been his third US Championship slip from his grasp.
Brinster, who made birdie on 17, then carefully traveled across hole 18 for the win.

To finally get a win after 20 years of playing disc golf feels amazing. I’ve always had the game to do it.
- Steve Brinster - 2013 US Disc Golf Champion

Doss was looking strong all day until he reached what became his nemesis of the week, hole 13. After taking an 8 and a 6 on the hole during round one and two respectively, he scored a 10 on it Saturday. Doss admitted that it might have been a mistake to stay aggressive on the hole, but in the end he was at peace with his performance.
“I did what I thought was right at the time and so be it,” said Doss. Overall, Doss felt proud of his USDGC effort and said he’s going to work hard in the offseason to return in good form.

photo by Chad Corduroy LeFevre

Steve Brinster’s wife, Lesli, and their 14-month-old twin children were in attendance for much of the event. When asked how he’d explain his major achievement to his kids when they’re grown enough to understand, he replied, “Hopefully I can get a couple more (majors) and they will be able to remember it.”

His biggest supporter, Lesli, knew full well the significance of his win. At each of Brinster’s past USDGC’s, she’s hoped it would be his time. It finally happened, it just took several tries. “I couldn’t be happier for him. He works so hard on and off the course,” said Lesli Brinster.

photo by Chad Corduroy LeFevre

Though Paul McBeth may not have collected his Grand Slam, he did collect a new course record of 52 (1094-rated), thanks to a new approach to the course that went straight at its jugular. 53 was the previous record held by Schusterick, Josh Anthon, Jussi Meresmaa and Brinster.
“Now that I know how to play this course, it’s kept in the back of my mind to stay aggressive out here,” said McBeth, indicating he was ready for another crack at Winthrop.

Playing in a handful of masters events this year, Schultz proved this week he can still hang with anybody. “This course doesn’t really know how old you are when the disc is in the air or when it’s hitting the chains,” said Schultz.

photo by Chad Corduroy LeFevre

Soon after completing the final hole Brinster thanked all of his supporters for rooting for him all of these years. Many of the tour players gathered around seemed to really appreciate the significance of the moment for Brinster. “It was great to see Steve Brinster win. He’s a true competitor,” said Doss.
The Disc Golf Guy
[youtube: 420 260]
]]> (INNOVA DISCS) Home Page Mon, 07 Oct 2013 15:15:45 +0000