Team Champion Series

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Team Champion Series

We would like to thank the many customers and fans who support Innova Star Team members each year, through purchases of the Tour Series line of discs at the Innova Factory Store. Your generosity has enabled some of the game’s top athletes to help evolve professional disc golf at the highest level.

Building on the success of the Tour Series program, we are excited to announce a similar program for members of Team Champion. Today, we will introduce the first-ever Team Champion Series line of fundraising discs at the Disc Golf United Online Pro Shop.

As with Tour Series releases, a substantial portion of the proceeds will directly benefit the athlete. Members of Team Champion will debut a disc model, as well as the accompanying artwork, that is meaningful to them. Athletes whose discs are slated to debut this summer include:

For more information on the timing of individual releases, please follow DGU via the platform of your choice:

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