Avery Jenkins

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Avery Jenkins




Star Wraith

A very fast and distance driver that I use for long straight to turnover shots.

Pro Destroyer

I trust it, and they have more glide for me than any other Distance Driver out there.

Star Destroyer

Very consistent high-speed turn to a controllable, straight flight pattern.

Star XCaliber

Very predicable. A disc that you can always count on in most any condition.

Star Max

I use the Max for long overstable drives.

Champion Firebird

Driver for all windy conditions and shots that you want to finish to the left.



Star TeeBird

The most controllable and accurate driver in the game.

Champion Eagle

A consistent, controllable stable driver.

DX Whippet

(KC Pro) An extremely overstable fairway driver.



KC Pro Roc

The best Mid-Range in Disc Golf.


KC Aviar

Pro KC Aviar

The greatest disc of all time, great for any shot, and in all conditions.



Division: Open

PDGA#: 7495

Rating: 1007

Career Wins: 60

Career Earnings: $235,330.02

Height: 6'3"

Wingspan: 78"

Dominant Hand: Right

Number of Aces: 125+

Longest Measured Throw: 705' Official (836' Unofficial)

Year Born: 1978

Hometown: Hinckley, OH


2009 Disc Golf World Champion, 3X US Distance Champion, 2006 Players Cup Major Event Champion, 2004 Japan Open Champion, 2000 Rookie of the Year

Website: averyjenkins.net


Memorable Win:

Winning my first supertour in Toronto, Ontario, becoming the only Rookie to win a super tour in their first season as a pro. I won $1800 for the weekend, winning $900 for the win and another $900 in final nine skins. It was an awesome experience to be able to play disc golf on Toronto Island.


Practice is the key to becoming good at anything that you do. Playing and learning from players better than you will only make you a better player. Practice in an open field not only on the course and learn the skills for every shot in the game. Throw for show and putt for dough, so practice your putting as much as possible.


Win Worlds and US Open
Play to the best of my ability
Distance World Record
Increase the popularity and growth of the sport of disc golf

Additional Comments:

I come from a disc golf family, I have grown around disc golf for most of my life. I learned about the sport from my parents when I was 8 years old and have been playing ever since. My parents were introduced to the game in the early 1980's and playing the sport since 1985. I have attended every World Championship since 1991 and have been to countless other major tournaments even before I started playing seriously. My mother, Sharon Jenkins, is a three time world champion in the women's masters division (1992, 1994, 1998) and my sister, Valarie Jenkins, is a world champion in the junior division (2001) and a national champion in women's advanced (2002). My father Leroy Jenkins has won some big super tours across the country and is credited for teaching me the skills and how to play the game.


KC Aviar

The Greatest Disc of all time, great for any shot, any time and in any condition. I throw these for most approaches and upshots to the basket, its also been my main putter for the past 10 years. The Aviar has been used by more World Champions than any other putter in the game.


The best mid range driver in disc golf, if you don’t throw one you're missing out. I use this disc for longer range approaches & upshots to the basket. It has great control and accuracy which makes it a great choice for medium length drives off the tee. This has been the mid-range disc of choice for a majority of World Champions in the last 20 years.


My go-to Long-Range Driver that has a very consistent high-speed turn to a controllable, straight flight pattern & offers slow-speed stability with a predictable fading finish. It has incredible speed & amazing downrange glide that enables it to cover lots of ground for maximum distance. I recommend the Destroyer to players in all levels of competition.