Christian Dietrich

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Star Destroyer

Max distance, straight distance shots.

EchoStar XCaliber

Max distance hyzers, headwind distance, forehand shots.

Star Sidewinder

Anhyzer and hyzer-flip shots, distance shots at elevation, long-distance rollers.

Champion Firebird

Overstable windy driver, spike hyzer, forehand, and overall utility disc.



Star TeeBird

Extremely controllable and consistent fairway driver for all fairway shots.

Champion Eagle

(Glow) Forehand shots.



Champion Roc3

Straight and controllable longer mid-range.

Star Gator

Headwind and utility disc.



Champion Aero

Hyzer, straight, anhyzer, and utility disc for short to medium distance mid-range shots.

Star Aviar

All approaches and short tee shots.

DX Aviar

Spin putts and understable approaches.



Division: Open

PDGA#: 27984

Rating: 1015

Career Wins: 61

Career Earnings: $56,946.75

Height: 5'11"

Dominant Hand: Right

Number of Aces: 25+

Longest Measured Throw: 550'

Year Born: 1982

Hometown: Helena, MT


2010 Beaver State Fling (NT), 2011 Lilac City Open (A), 2013 Farragut Open (A), 2014 Montana State Championship (A), 7-time Montana State Champion (2006-09, 2011-12, 2014), 50+ MPO wins


Memorable Win:

2010 Beaver State Fling!


Learn on understable plastic and try to learn something from everyone you play with, particularly players who are better than you. Try to limit the number of molds in your bag as you are learning the game. Learn from the basket out--work on your putting, your short game, and getting comfortable with your form on shorter shots with slower discs, before trying to throw hard with big-rim drivers. Develop shots for every situation. Read a book on the mental game of golf.


Keep improving, grow the sport, and continue to be competitive at a national and regional level.



The Hydra works great as a windy putter, a stable approach disc, or a putter to break out when there is water behind the basket. It floats!

Yeti Aviar

The Yeti is the straight-flying Aviar you've always wanted. Excels as a putter and dead-straight upshot disc, while retaining that signature Aviar flight. Especially comfortable in the hand for players who prefer then, low-profile discs.

Classic Aviar

The original and best! Nothing beats an Aviar for accuracy, predictability, and versatility around the green.


The Kite has more glide than you would ever believe! This thing will keep going and going. Easy to throw for players of all levels.


This disc deserves a place in your bag! It is very easy to throw straight and will turn in to a great turnover mid-range before becoming your favorite roller disc. Easy to throw at low speeds, but it can handle plenty of speed as well.


The Cro just might fit in your hand better than any other mid-range out there. A surprisingly fast flyer that is easy to throw, and will stick on the line you put it on like glue.


The TeeDevil takes the best aspects of a Destroyer —plenty of speed and an ultra-long, controllable flight —and adds in even greater glide. With a little bit of wear, the TeeDevil is as good as it gets when you want big, big distance and maximum control.


The Firebird is the gold standard of overstable drivers, and the FL is an even easier-to-throw version of the original.


The Ape is an overstable beast! Extremely fast. Great for max power forehand and headwind shots.


Incredibly easy to control as a flip-up straight flyer, a big anhyzer disc, or as a roller. For players with lesser power it makes throwing for big distance much easier. Great for long distance shots where you need to thread the needle.


I have been LOVING the Dart! I can't believe what this disc does. The main reason I am so impressed is its range and resistance to turning over. I can haul on this thing like crazy (it goes past 400 with utter ease, and I am not really a 'big arm') and not worry about it flipping over. It is great for long downhill shots and is unbelievably straight.


If you need to throw a driver in a howling headwind, reach for the Firebird like all the top pros. There isn’t any driver remotely close to the Firebird in the wind, as a sidearm driver, for knife hyzers, and for overhand shots. If I ever see a player without a Firebird, I make sure they know what they’re missing!


The XCaliber is great for big backhand hyzers that need to stop on a dime, big distance forehand shots, and headwind drives. When worn in, it is a great disc for big S-curves, as it will turn at high speeds but will always come back in a predictable, overstable finish.


The Destroyer is the choice of an overwhelming number of top pros for precision control with maximum distance. It is easier to throw accurately at maximum power than any disc on the market.

Aviar Driver

The Aviar Driver makes throwing hard with a putter easy for players of all levels. It floats like only a putter can, but is very stable and can take all the heat you can give it. New players will see results immediately by throwing putters more often, and the Aviar Driver makes it easy to expand your range.