Hannah Leatherman

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Hannah Leatherman




Star Tern

3x different weights & wear; one goes straight, one left, and one right. Used for most distance shots.

GStar Destroyer

Overstable driver used for hyzer or windy shots.

Champion Boss

Overstable driver used for sidearm or windy shots.

Champion Firebird

Overstable used for hyzer, sidearm, and wind.



GStar TeeBird

Straight flying disc with great control.

GStar Leopard

Straight to turnover with great control



KC Pro Roc

Straight mid-range for hitting tight lines

R-Pro Cro

Straight mid-range with predictable fade

Champion Gator

Overstable mid-range for sidearm or windy shots


Yeti Aviar

Pro Yeti Aviar

'Go-to' putter for all putts and approaching

XT Whale

Putter with slightly more stability and a trustworthy fade



Division: FPO

PDGA#: 45396

Rating: 929

Career Wins: 56

Career Earnings: $19,936.50

Height: 5'5"

Wingspan: 65"

Dominant Hand: Right

Number of Aces: 5

Longest Measured Throw: 350'

Year Born: 1984

Hometown: Telford, PA


2015 United States Women's Disc Golf Champion, 3x Philly Open Champion, 3x Nockamixon Hoodoo Champion, 2x Eric C Yetter Champions' Cup Champion, 1x Warwick Disc Golf Championships Champion, 1x Delaware Disc Golf Challenge Champion

Website: www.facebook.com/Eagles-Wings-Disc-Golf-793998117302458/


Memorable Win:

2015 United States Women's Disc Golf Championships


Get a box and fill it with 20-30 of your favorite putters and get a portable basket. With those two things you can practice lots of putts anywhere and at any time!


Short Term:
  1. To become stronger and more fit in the off season.
  2. To become more disciplined in my mental game.
Long Term:
  1. To win another NT or Major.
  2. To be a good ambassador of the game for women and kids.
  3. To grow the ministry of Eagles Wings Disc Golf.



I like the GStar Krait because of its reliability into a headwind and predictable fade.


Brand new, this disc can fly straight and far without requiring any time to beat it in. Released on the right angle it can handle my full power. I enjoy discs like the Daedalus that are easily replaceable, particularly for shots where losing the disc is a possibility.


I have a carry both a new and beat up Champion TL. The new TL I use in windy conditions and to throw flat or slight anhyzer, for a nice S turning shot. The beat TL I throw for long hyzer shots and flick shots. I use it all the time.

Yeti Aviar

The Yeti fits perfectly in my hand. I like how the middle of the disc dips down. Comfort is key when I am hitting putts.


Until recently I had never had a disc like the Firebird in my bag! I throw it hard and flat and it still fades hard at the end. It is my go to disc for certain situations and I am pretty sure it has saved me a million strokes! I also use it for getting out of trouble shots like a thumber, tomahawk, and a flick disc from an awkward stance. I love it.


Brand new, the Atlas is a nice, straight-flying mid range disc. I am working it into my bag to compliment a selection of Rocs.


The Mamba is super fast and understable. It doesn't require any beating in. It's a perfect hyzer flip disc for long distances.


The Champion Katana went right in my bag brand new. I throw it hard, with a slight anhyzer angle, and low. When it hits the ground it skips really far which I like. I also use it for most of my drives into a headwind.


I love the Wraith because it can handle any inconsistency in form, while still producing an accurate and far shot.


The Star Tern went into my bag immediately and I now carry two of them. It is a great disc for throwing uphill and hyzer flip. It also holds a nice anhyzer line.

KC Aviar

I like the smooth feel of the KC plastic. This is a good summer putter when it's hot and your hand sticks to other discs.


The GStar Leopard is a good, straight flyer with a slow fade at the end of its flight. It is extremely reliable and very grippy in the GStar material.


The Pro Pig is nice and flat with a beefy rim so it feels great in my hand. It has perfect stability for approach shots both backhand and flick. The Pig made it into my bag immediately.