Karina Nowels

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GStar Destroyer

Straighter, controlled flight. Excellent in all weather, especially when you need a grip in cold wet conditions.

Champion Destroyer

One of my favorite discs off the tee.

Star Destroyer


Champion Tern


Star Valkyrie


Star Shryke


Star Wraith

Controlled distance.

Glow Champion Shryke



Star TeeBird

Accurate with nice stability and control. A must have in the bag!



Star RocX3


Echo Star Mako

Go to disc for a dead straight shot off the tee or on the fairway. Put this disc on any line you choose and it will get the job done. I love this disc throwing down big elevation shots on the mountain.

Echo Star Roc

It's a Roc, need I say more? One of the best all round discs to have for driving and upshots. I really like the feel of the echo star plastic.

Champion Gator

I can depend on my Gator when I need it in the wind and on hyzer shots.

Star Lion



XT Whale

Wow, what a whale! This is not only my go to putter but is also great off the tee or down a tight fairway for a straight shot. XT for an incredible feel in any weather condition.

Champion Whale

Great driving putter, just what I need for flick upshots.

R-Pro Pig

This high-flying porker can handle some wind while makin' the bacon! Great feel, yes pigs can fly!



Division: FPO

PDGA#: 48518

Rating: 908

Career Wins: 44

Career Earnings: $17,732.00

Height: 5' 9"

Wingspan: 69"

Dominant Hand: Right

Number of Aces: 13

Longest Measured Throw: 513'

Year Born: 1985

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT



The Tri-huckta effect: Learning to settle your kettle I love this sport so much that sometimes it gets the best of me. This game isn’t easy, and that’s part of the reason I love it. Anger and frustration does happen, and that’s rough for a player like myself who wears their emotions on their sleeve. I want to be the best, and I’m hard on myself so I’ve had to learn how to settle my kettle, before I boil over. I’ve learned so much since I started playing and the most valuable thing you can do for yourself in life and in disc golf is to be happy. I always play my best when I am relaxed, living in the now, being grateful, and most importantly just being happy during my round. You learn to let go, things don’t get stuck in your head and you allow yourself to focus on your next shot without the baggage of that bogey or missed putt. If your mind game is there and you put in that quality practice time, your physical game will be there when you need it. It’s a lovely tri-huckta effect! Every golfer has had that feeling when everything has just come together on a shot. The divine disc golf light shines on your disc and the fairway and you throw exactly where your mind and body tell it to. You feel unstoppable! Get yourself there faster, be happy, your success will follow. What’s so wrong with life right now, right this second? Sure, I just missed that putt (d’oh focus!) but right now I‘m playing disc golf, doing what I love, I am alive, this makes me feel even more alive, these trees are gorgeous, and the sun is shining, wait why am I mad again? Exactly, nothing is wrong! Well maybe it’s not you, sometimes there is that special person you don’t like playing with that just brings you down. People (or yourself) that projects negative thoughts, intensions or actions are only miserable and angry on the inside. Some don’t realize it, while others deny it. Now that you know that, forgive them for not knowing how to settle ones kettle, and lead by example. You don’t have to say anything just remember what they say, “that one drop of example is worth more than a gallon of advice”. Don’t let anyone or anything disturb you or come into your tri-huckta. That’s a pure and happy focused place reserved for your mind. Any positive thought can easily deflect a negative one. Stay positive no matter what. If you find yourself being negative in your round because you are angry, negative things will happen because of it. If you are starting to boil over because of a bad shot, other player or even things in life, stop and again, ask yourself what’s so wrong right now? We aren’t perfect and we all make mistakes. Bad rolls, kicks, tricks, OB’s and trees will happen. It’s your reaction to the situation that will save you strokes. My advice is to give happiness a shot before your shot. Settle that kettle and put the plastic in the metal!


To be happy and to be the #1 Open female player in the world



One of my farthest flying discs. Fast and under stable. I like to keep a mix of these in different weights.


I can depend on my Champion Gator when I need it in the wind and on hyzer shots.


Wow, what a whale! This is not only my go to putter but is also great off the tee or down a tight fairway for a straight shot. XT for an incredible feel in any weather condition.