Paul McBeth

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Paul McBeth


Paul McBeth McPro Aviar

McPro Aviar

The McPro Aviar was the result of a collaboration between Dave Dunipace and 4x World Champion Paul McBeth. The McPro Aviar has been molded according to McBeth’s wants and needs as an elite touring player.

Paul McBeth XT Nova

XT Nova

A staple in Paul’s bag, the XT Nova is a master of upshots. The soft rim absorbs impact and sticks the landing while the firm flight plate allows for powerful throws making the Nova an excellent putter and approach disc. Paul recommends the Nova as the #1 disc to learn proper backhand form.

Paul McBeth Tour Series McPro Roc3

McPro Roc3

The “McRoc3” is another disc tailored for 4x World Champion Paul McBeth. Paul wanted a Roc3 that he could season into a finesse workhorse and this is the end result. The McPro material allows throwers to slowly season the disc into that “sweet spot” for the desired flight that will last many rounds.




Champion Thunderbird

(2) Reliable drivers. i can trust the flight.

Star Destroyer

(7) My workhorse distance drivers. Ranging in wear from over to understable.

Champion Monster

Very overstable. Might take out my Firebirds



Metal Flake TeeBird3

(2) Flat top Teebirds! A little faster & easier to control



Champion Roc3

(2) Straight to overstable.

Champion Mako3

(2) Very straight to understable.

McPro Roc3

(4) Beat to understable

Star Roc3

The most overstable Roc3



Paul McBeth Nova

My straightest putter. I can trust it.

McPro Aviar

(2) Tour Series



Division: Open

PDGA#: 27523

Rating: 1047

Career Wins: 110

Career Earnings: $403,542.84

Height: 5'8"

Wingspan: 72"

Dominant Hand: Right

Number of Aces: 100+

Longest Measured Throw: 734'

Year Born: 1990

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA


#1 Rated Player in the World, PDGA World Champion 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, 2015 Innova Team Captain, 2015 Grand Slam (All Majors), 3x Memorial Champion, 2x European Open Champion, 2014 European Masters Champion, 2013 Copenhagen Open Champion, 4X National Tour Champion



Memorable Win:

The 2012 World Championships. This title is everyone's dream and to accomplish it was amazing. Worlds is an event that you get to play against the best players from around the world. To be able to say I won the event is a dream come true.


Practice. Practice. Practice. The saying "practice makes perfect" is true. You need to give practice 100% just as you would a tournament. The harder you work at quality practice, the more consistent you will become.


Short Term: Continue to grow my game daily, everyday I want to be better than the last in some way.
Long Term: Be a leader and role model for our next generation of Disc Golfers. Ranging from play and attitude to sponsorship and charities.

Additional Comments:

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me achieve success. My family has been a huge help. And Innova, for having faith in me at such a young age.



The Gator is a staple in my bag and in the bags of many pros. It is an over stable mid range disc with a very predictable flight. The Gator is easy to control and suitable for all weather conditions.


The Roc3 is the newest mid range disc in my bag and it won't be leaving anytime soon. It is straight and predictable, with a nice fade at the end of its flight. The Roc3 also has a faster flight speed which makes it good for low ceiling shots.


The Max is a very over stable disc that is good in any weather condition. It has a wide rim that is well-suited for both backhand and forehand throwers. The Max does not fear even the windiest of conditions.


MUST HAVE! I have four in my bag they can do EVERYTHING. It is a smooth straight flying disc, real easy to control. Every top pro to amateur would love this disc, so pick one up and put it in the bag!


If you need a disc to go left no matter what, this is the right disc for you. You can throw this disc as hard as you want and it will not flip over. It is my favorite disc for strong head winds and hyzer shots. This disc is also over-stable in all weights!


The Krait is an extremely underrated disc with great speed and glide. It can be thrown for distance, and is also good for shorter, more controlled shots. The Krait has a nice stable flight, ideal for both open and wooded courses.


The Destroyer is the disc of choice for maximum distance, both backhand and sidearm.


The Nova is the #1 disc I would suggest if you want to learn proper back hand form.