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Slide We live disc golf Our obsession began in 1983 and hasn’t let up since. But, we remember what it was like in the beginning. Not knowing which disc was best for a particular throw—heck, just learning all the throws was a challenge! That’s part of the fun. Discovering the joy of the game and making the most of your experience. We put this guide together to help you find that joy, faster. So, check out the discs, get tips from the team, and gear up for the adventure. Find the Right Discs Gear Up Improve Your Game Destinations & Events

Slide Find the Right Discs Innova Stack Pack Starter Set Just Getting Started? A Disc for Every Shot. Our 3-disc starter set includes a Leopard driver, Shark mid-range, and Aviar Putt & Approach in our grippy DX plastic. All discs are approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). Buy One Disc? Oh yeah. If you’re just learning take one of these discs and master it—for drives, upshots and putts. Dart. It’s easy to grip and flies straight, right off the shelf. Manta. It’s a bit faster with a lot of glide. Skeeter. Great all-around starter disc.

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Slide A Note About Plastics DX
Excellent grip and affordably priced—our most popular for putters.
Like a precious gem, beautifully clear and extremely durable. Best for consistent flights and a bit more overstability.
Perfect blend of durability and superior grip. A good choice for your first driver.
High durability, superior feel, consistent performance. The benchmark plastic for professionals.
Want More? - Get to know our complete plastic lineup.

Slide Choosing a putter DX Aviar - A seminal disc, the Aviar has been the standard bearer since it was released in 1984. Buy More Putters - We’ve innovated putter designs for specific flights. XT Nova. Arguably the best approach putter made. DX Colt. A fast putter, good for small hands. DX AviarX3. An overstable version of the original, great for long approaches and predictable finishes.

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Slide Mid-Range Control Star Mako3 - For straight throws to the target. A good choice for 1-disc rounds too. Buy Mid-range versatility - For pinpoint control off the tee and long approaches. DX Roc The workhorse mid-range, it’s stable at first, then wears into a consistently straight flight. Pros are known to carry several. Star Gator Fly around corners and take on the wind with this very overtable mid. Champion Wombat3 Maximum distance with little effort. More glide than any mid-range.

Slide Why Weight Matters In general, beginners will get more distance using lighter discs—especially with drivers. As form improves and the driver begins to turn more, move up in disc weight until a disc with more stability is needed. For putters and mid-ranges, it’s common to use heavier weights.

Slide Throwing Straight Drives Leopard - The Leopard should be everyone’s first fairway driver as it is has excellent glide and is easy to throw straight and far. Buy Own the Fairway - We’ve got a fairway driver to match your game. TL3 A faster fairway driver made to hold a straight line. Sidewinder A great all-purpose driver with a consistent flight across a wide power range. Roadrunner World Champion Gregg Barsby Signature driver. Easy to throw far.

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Slide Max Distance Drivers Mamba - The Mamba was designed to give maximum distance with minimal effort. A great driver for tailwind throws. Buy More Distance Options - As you power up your distance game, choose the driver that gets the distance you need with the control to finish on target. Tern. Ready to move beyond fairway speeds? Graduate to the Tern for more distance. Corvette. Go farther than ever before. Destroyer. The professional’s choice for maximum distance and control.

Slide Discs for Juniors Light Weight Discs - Innova has the largest selection of lightweight discs on the market today. From newbies to World Champions, juniors grow their game with Innova discs. Buy Disc Golf Juniors

Slide Innova Tour Series Designed in collaboration with Innova's top athletes - Special plastics, custom artwork, limited quantities. For a complete listing, visit The Innova Pro Shop. Buy

Slide Gear Up! Innova Adventure Pack 2020 Edition, Silver Adventure Pack Our best all-around backpack. With a durable 600D shell, 4 zippered pockets, padded straps and top handle, capable of holding 25 discs, where will it take you? Buy A Complete Line of Bags - We have the bag to match your disc golf experience. Discover Pack The best starter backpack and a field work bag for demanding players. Super HeroPack II A tour-ready backpack with the space and features avid players need. Innova Super HeroPack II

Slide More Gear Stay Hydrated
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Stay Covered
Hats & Apparel
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Slide Destinations & Events Las Vegas Challenge A competition, festival, and colossal duel in the Las Vegas desert, the “LVC” is the official start of the professional touring season. This four-day, Pro/Am event is hosted at Wildhorse Golf Club in Henderson, NV, and is a must-see for disc golf fans. For more information and registration, visit USDGC Comparable to The Masters in golf, the United States Disc Golf Championship, or USDGC, is the pinnacle of professional disc golf competition. It’s hosted on the famed Winthrop Gold Course where qualified athletes compete in one division for a chance to claim the title U.S. Champion.

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