Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is disc golf?

    Disc golf is golf played with different equipment. Disc golfers throw fast, accurate-flying discs with their hands (like an ultra-long-range frisbee) instead of hitting a ball with a club. Disc golf uses many of the same rules, terms, and strategies, with an important emphasis on fairness, honesty, and courtesy. Mentally, almost everything in the sport is the same, including the thrill of the birdie and the agony of the double bogie. Much like snowboarding and skiing, disc golf and golf can peacefully coexist in the same area while attracting two different customer bases. With thoughtful design, one could have golfers and disc golfers competing in the same cart or foursome, just holing out on different targets.

  • How much does it cost to add disc golf to a golf course?

    The world’s most widely used and preferred disc golf target is Innova’s DISCatcher Pro28. You can get (9) of our state-of-the-art DISCatcher Pro28s for $3375 (plus applicable tax and shipping). The least expensive design would incorporate existing grass tees or utilize a cart path to eliminate the need for brand-new tee pads or extra signage, but those are features that some courses do add later.

  • Will disc golf equipment or play damage the golf course?

    Disc golf targets can be purchased as either permanent or portable configurations. The permanent targets need a bucket-sized hole in the ground for installation, whereas the portable targets have circular wire bases that allow the grass to grow and are easily moved around, as you would move the hole on a golf green for variety and less wear. Universally, golf greens or sand traps are played as hazards or out-of-bounds areas (with a penalty) limiting the amount of interaction between disc golfers and the most sensitive areas of a golf course. Disc golfers who pay to play on a traditional golf course understand and appreciate the precious nature of these areas and treat them with respect. Most disc golfers know to not even walk on the green if they don’t have to.

  • How much time does a round of disc golf take to play?

    Disc golf is a little easier than golf, especially around the putting green. Disc golfers typically complete a round 15%-20% faster than their golfer counterparts.

  • How much does a disc cost?

    A typical disc sells for around $15-$20 retail. Some golf courses add revenue by offering custom discs in their pro shop. These can be purchased wholesale for as low as $5 with a custom logo.

  • How many discs does a disc golfer carry?

    In disc golf, the disc is both the club and the ball in one piece of equipment. A typical disc golfer will carry 20-30 discs that all fly slightly differently. Some discs turn left, some turn right, some are designed for long distances, and others for short-range accuracy. Innova sells over 100 different disc models that serve as distance drivers, fairway drivers, approach discs, and putters, all in different weights, colors, and plastic types.

  • Does Innova offer course design?

    Our experienced disc golf designers can create a fun yet challenging design that will keep your customers coming back for more. Disc golf course design can be completed much faster than traditional golf course design, typically within 1-2 weeks.” Fees vary depending on course length and location. Contact us at or (800)408-8449 (West Coast) / (800) 476-3968 (East Coast) for more information.