One of the best discs for accuracy contests. The Makani is a fun, lightweight large diameter disc that soars in the wind.


Diameter: 24.1 cm

Rim Width: 0.7 cm

Available Plastics:
  • DX: ~140 g
  • Best Choice for: Playing catch, Accuracy, Pre-round warm up

    Date of Approval: 07/06/92 (Zephyr mold)


    Say Aloha to the Makani. Makani is Hawaiian for "great wind". The Makani is designed to ride the breeze and land where you throw it. The Makani will make you better at throwing flying discs in general. Low weight and clean true flight dynamics will develop your throwing form. Makani is perfect for fun casual play. But versatility is the Makani’s middle name. Play catch, Ultimate, and even disc golf with this versatile flyer.