Custom DISCatcher® Pro

Custom Color DISCatcher Pro 28 Permanent & Portable

Now you can get targets for your course in an assortment of custom designer colors and finishes. Is the Parks & Recreation Department or property owner asking that all your targets match their signage? No problem. Does the local school want match your school colors? We can do that. Do you simply want to make your course the coolest course around? We’ve got you covered.

Are glossy colors not custom enough for you? If glossy colors are not custom enough for you, our Candy Apple finish over metallic silver or gold creates a unique look with depth to the finish. Metallic powder coating can give your targets a silver, bronze, copper or gold look. Adding holographic flakes can really create that wow factor. Multi colored flakes, will add that little touch of fun to any color powder coating. There are endless possibilities to make your DISCatchers® truly unique.


Glossy Colors

Glossy powder coating is what we currently use on our regular stock DISCatchers®. This type of powder coating comes in many colors. Choose one of our eight stock glossy colors; dark blue, medium blue, purple, red, orange, forest green, black and white. If you are looking for a specific color, we will match your color sample. Simply send us a PMS color or color sample and we can get an exact match ($600 color matching charge for PMS colors – close matches can be obtained for considerably less). Glossy colors also look nice as a base coat for candy apple (clear color) overcoatings.

Candy Apple on Metallic Gold or Silver

Simply put, the candy apple finish on silver or gold looks rich and lustrous. From the front, the base metallic color is visible, but as you round the edge of the belt, the candy apple color is predominant, adding depth and dimension to your basket.


Pantone® color matching

If you are looking for a particular color to powder coat your baskets, say, a special blue that is your school’s color, we can match it. Pantone matching creates a batch of powder coating to match your color sample, 100 lbs is the minimum order for color matching, as it is the minimum color quantity available. More than enough to powder coat 18 targets. This service is $600, in addition to regular powder coating fees per target.

  • Upgrade to Custom Color DISCatcher®s for a 9 hole course from only $675.
  • Upgrade to Custom Color DISCatcher®s for an 18 hole course from only $1080.
  • Upgrade to Candy Apple Custom Color DISCatcher®s for an 18 hole course. Call for pricing.
  • Upgrade to Pantone® matched Custom Color DISCatcher®s for an 18 hole course. Call for pricing.
Custom DISCatcher® Pricing
Stock Color - 1 DC ProCall for Quote
Stock Color - 9 DC Pros+$75/Target
Stock Color - 18 DC Pros+$60/Target
Candy Apple on MetallicCall for Quote
Glossy MetallicCall for Quote
Pantone® MatchingCall for Quote
*Powder coating application fees not included
Due to the wide variety of powder coat materials, we cannot list all of the possible variations available. Reflective (like road signs) metallic, day-glo, crackled, weathered metallic, stone speckle, are just a sampling of the variations that can be achieved. Call us and we will work with you to create your custom DISCatcher® design.