Team Innova

The Choice of Champions

Innova Champion Discs is proud to sponsor a variety of athletes and ambassadors from around the world. Our sponsored athletes represent disc golf’s most talented and promising competitors. Their primary goals are competition-related, ranging from success at the junior levels, up to the elite professional. Innova has maintained a winning tradition since our first World Championship title in 1983. Together with our sponsored athletes we preserve a standard of excellence in competition.

All of our sponsored athletes, ambassadors, employees, friends, family, and fans help comprise what we like to call, the Innova Air Force.

These are people who have chosen Innova as their brand of choice. Some choose Innova based on our history of providing quality golf discs and equipment. Others choose Innova because of our unparalleled commitment to customer service. For others it is the Innova tradition of success in tournament play. Great champions such as Ken Climo, Barry Schultz, and Juliana Korver have set, and continue to maintain, a winning tradition that is second to none.

Regardless of your skill level, if you put your faith in Innova products and in us as a company, then you have a spot not only in the ranks of our Air Force, but also in the Innova family. We could not do it without you.



World Record Distance Holder
2018 PDGA World Champion
4X Finnish Champ
PDGA #26416
PDGA #69509
4X United States Distance Champion
PDGA #45971
PDGA #81351
2016 USDGC Champ
5x World Champion
PDGA #99455
3x Finnish Champion
PDGA #48976
2017 USDGC Champion
PDGA #50656
PDGA #31644



PDGA #18114
PDGA #1213
2013 USDGC Champion
Ken Climo
12X World Champion
PDGA #2734
Golf Disc Inventor
2X World Champion
1984 World Champion
1987 World Champion
PDGA #2300
World Record Distance Holder
PDGA #7879
Mitch McClellan
PDGA #3566
PDGA #2938
PDGA #2607
PDGA #3351
PDGA #15864
PDGA #3273
Barry Schultz
2X World Champion
Tim Selinske
PDGA #2026
Kozo Shimbo Innova Hero
PDGA #3600
1986 World Champion
Dean Tannock
PDGA #4028
Tita Ugalde
PDGA #83
10X World Champion
1989 World Champion
PDGA #580



PDGA # 61144
PDGA #51277
PDGA #58926
PDGA #47472
PDGA# 68286
PDGA #136325



PDGA #11110
PDGA #6542
PDGA #7714
PDGA #53805
Sandy Gast
PDGA #6440
PDGA #9059
PDGA # 14204
Kevin McCoy
PDGA #9453
PDGA # 73512
PDGA #5557
PDGA #21325
Rainey, Eric
PDGA # 41947
JD Ramirez
PDGA #19857
PDGA #6439
Brian Schweberger
2013 US Masters Champion
PDGA #3389
PDGA # 16650



PDGA #34751
Luke Bayne Team Innova profile
PDGA #166771
Alex Benson Innova
PDGA #96030
Dallin Blanchard
PDGA# 72707
Logan Bowers
PDGA #31536
PDGA #140954
2010 World Champion
PDGA #185534
PDGA #139619
#1 rated and ranked player in Canada
PDGA # 68237
PDGA #51685
PDGA #145206
PDGA #104314
PDGA #101197
PDGA #78697
PDGA #181772
Paul Oman
PDGA #34344
PDGA #31818
Chris Pinegar
PDGA# 74719
Joe Rovere
PDGA #30306
PDGA #131002
PDGA #80974
PDGA # 41918
PDGA #46480
PDGA #58276



Rainers Balodis
Katarina Staalesen Bjørkås
Philip Botha Team Innova
Philip Botha
Ryan Budge
Bártková, Eliška
Eliška Bártková
Clint Calvin
Jacky Chen Team Innova Disc Golf Taiwan
Jacky Chen
Jacob Christiensen
Karissa Dedmon
Team Innova Dickson
Chris Dickson
Peter Emborg
Mark Fedorenko
Jonny Ferrari
Jeff Fiedler
Kade Filimoehala
Kade Filimoehala
Devin Frederick
Jaiden Ginthum
Nolan Grider
Niilo Hongisto Team innova
Niilo Hongisto
Erica Johnson
Tetsuya ‘T2’ Kikuchi
Cody Kirkland
Marion Kull
Marion Kull
Alex Kynaston
Loralie Lanneluc
Braydan Marsden
Kesler Martin
Danny Moynihan
Jim Myers
Anni Mäkelä
Andrew Nava
Claes Nordin
Gavin Ossenkop
Evald Øwre Team Innova
Evald Owre
Benjamin Page
Daniel Perry
Stephen Reid Team Innova
Stephen Reid
Tony Reiss
Johan Renaudier
Derek Sahr
Derek Sahr
Zac Taylor Team Innova
Zac Taylor
Hemi Te-Awhitu
Hemi Te-Awhitu
Mats-Eerik Tõhk
Mats-Eerik Tõhk
Carl Ulvinen
Ture Valtonen
Eddie Ward
Bhrahsten Waugh
Cole Wehrheim
Erikah Weir
Carver Whitford
Sylus Williams
Mikey Yu



3x Super Bowl Champion - New England Patriots, ESPN Analyst
Jack Daniels
War of Ages
Zach Deputy
Zach Deputy
Wes Finley
Guitar - Creed, Tremonti
Kristofer Hivju
Actor - Game of Thrones
MLB Pitcher - San Diego Padres
Singer - Refused, INVSN
International Soccer Player
NFL Linebacker Baltimore Ravens
UFC Welterweight, IMG Models
Actor, Producer, and Writer - NCIS, Sons of Anarchy
Andrew Zimmern
TV Chef Personality - Bizarre Foods



Bailey Avalos
Oliver Beavers
James Beavers
Brinlee Bell
Judah Berman
Aran Bragan
Nathan Brewer
Leighton Brinster
Leighton Brinster
Irene Cisneros
Reed Coke
Isaac Crawford
Athena Cuevas
Thérèse Cuevas
Simeon Davenport
Josiah Davenport
Gideon Davenport
Genevieve Davis
Rebecca Don
Finn Etter
Nikko Forbes
Elmer Furustig
MJ Gager
Hunter Grayum
Tanner Grayum
Rylan Haag
Rylan W Haag
Hailey Huber
Uriyah Kelley
William Larson
Paxton LeGrand
Emmanuele Lizama
Owen Ludington
Owen Ludington
Eva Lutsenko
Crockett Maxey
Eyvindur Team Innova
Eyvindur Pall Olafsson
Alasdair FB Profile
Alasdair Robertson
Andri Fannar Torfason
Eemeli Vähä-Vahe
Jahkhan Wright

Team Innova Sponsorship Requests

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