Custom Hot-Stamp Guide

Hot-Stamp Format

We want your design to jump off the disc as much as you do. A great hot-stamp design reflects the character of your event or club and can raise funds to make them thrive!


Print Area

Maximum Diameter Imprint Area

  • Golf Discs – 5.25″DIA
  • Mini Discs – 2.25″DIA
  • Pulsar – 6.75″DIA


Hot-Stamps should be submitted as 100% black & white, camera ready art. 300 ppi @ print size or higher is necessary to achieve a good stamp. We prefer electronic submissions to speed up the process; if that is not possible, we can accept clean hard copies of your design. Files can be saved in grayscale mode (as opposed to CMYK or RGB) to save file size. Please have at least 1200 ppi @ print size if you are submitting a bitmap image. Acceptable file types are [ .psd | .tif | .jpg | .png | .pdf | .ai | .eps ]


Coverage Areas

Avoid solid coverage areas larger than a thumbnail. Large solid areas do not stamp well because air gets trapped and causes unwanted drop outs. Outlining can help in most cases.

Minimum Line Weight: 1pt
Maximum Line Weight: 18pt



Areas of detail that are too small may bridge (fill in). Particularly when a very fine line is created between two dark areas. Very fine lines in conjunction with solid areas can produce “cut-through” from uneven distribution of stamping pressure.



Text sizes should be 12 points or higher to avoid letters and counters bridging. Select fonts that are well spaced within each character. While these examples are the same size in points, the second example will fill in.



Whenever possible, leave space in the center of your design. The sprue on the underside of the disc can vary in size from disc to disc. This variance can cause unsightly drop outs.

Blank Hot-Stamp Templates

Need Some Resources?

We’ve got a ton of stuff in our downloads section. Need some DISCatchers in your disc art? Looking for a nice disc flying into a basket? Well look no further. Check out the Disc Art Elements in our downloads section, and get started with your custom order today!

Important Info

  • Art Charges & Changes/Corrections to Files

    We can make changes to your files in most cases. Any lengthy changes may be subject to prorated design fees. Additional in-house artwork design is billed at $45.00 per hour. A quote will be issued before any charges are applied.

  • Copyright Information

    All artwork submitted for reproduction must be original work or include written authorization from the holder(s) of reproduction rights. If you have questions regarding the possibility of copyright infringement it is strongly recommended that you research all available resources to insure compliance. The CCC is a not-for-profit organization created at the suggestion of Congress to help organizations comply with U.S. copyright law. To learn more, visit

  • Discretion

    Graphics which are determined to be flagrantly violent, vulgar, or offensive will not be reproduced. Innova retains sole discretion to make a determination in this regard.