Junior Team

Our Junior Team is comprised of student athletes ages 16 and under. These team members are focused on developing themselves in the classroom, on the disc golf course, and throughout all of the other aspects of their lives. Innova is committed to mentoring them throughout their journey, and to serving both the athlete in their families in every meaningful way possible.

Bailey Avalos
Oliver Beavers
James Beavers
Brinlee Bell
Judah Berman
Aran Bragan
Nathan Brewer
Leighton Brinster
Leighton Brinster
Irene Cisneros
Reed Coke
Isaac Crawford
Athena Cuevas
Thérèse Cuevas
Simeon Davenport
Josiah Davenport
Gideon Davenport
Genevieve Davis
Rebecca Don
Finn Etter
Nikko Forbes
Elmer Furustig
MJ Gager
Hunter Grayum
Tanner Grayum
Rylan Haag
Rylan W Haag
Hailey Huber
Uriyah Kelley
William Larson
Paxton LeGrand
Emmanuele Lizama
Owen Ludington
Owen Ludington
Eva Lutsenko
Crockett Maxey
Eyvindur Team Innova
Eyvindur Pall Olafsson
Alasdair Robertson
Andri Fannar Torfason
Eemeli Vähä-Vahe
Jahkhan Wright