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Throw farther. Approach with control. Make more putts. When you have the right discs, your disc golf game can improve quickly. To make the search easier, we’ve put every Innova disc into one list sortable by Disc Name, Speed, Glide, Turn, Fade, and Abbreviation. Now, go find the best discs for your game!


Most of our discs have the weight (in grams) and the disc mold abbreviation on the bottom center of the disc. This helps to identify discs, especially custom stamped discs. Some discs have a prefix signifying the type of plastic: Star Plastic may have an S or ★ in front of the model letters. Echo Plastic may have ES or E★ in front of the model letters. Star, Pro and R-Pro discs may have a / – or . between the plastic type (S, P or R) and the disc model abbreviation.

Flight Numbers

The best way to determine how a disc will fly is to have a point of reference. If you’ve thrown one of the discs on the chart, you’ll be able to relate your experience to our disc ratings, and determine how our other discs fly. If you’re unfamiliar with terms like speed, glide, turn and fade, we suggest you check out how our flight ratings system is designed.

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Aero3600AE!dx! !putt-approach!
Alien4201!dx! !nexus! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Animal2101!star! !putt-approach!
Ape13504APE!blizzard! !champion! !dx! !star! !distance-driver!
Archangel86-41AA!dx! !fairway-driver!
Archon115-22AC!champion! !echostar! !glow champion! !gstar! !star! !distance-driver!
Atlas5401!champion! !star! !xt! !mid-range-disc!
Avatar5402!star! !xt! !mid-range-disc!
Aviar2301!champion! !dx! !glow! !gstar! !halo star! !r-pro! !star! !xt! !putt-approach!
Aviar Driver2302BB!gstar! !star! !putt-approach!
Aviar33202AV3!dx! !star! !xt! !putt-approach!
AviarX33203AX3!champion! !dx! !star! !xt! !putt-approach!
Banshee7303BA, B!champion! !dx! !fairway-driver!
Beast105-22BST!blizzard! !champion! !dx! !glow! !gstar! !halo star! !pro! !star! !distance-driver!
Birdie1200BD!dx! !putt-approach!
Boss135-13BO!blizzard! !champion! !dx! !echostar! !gstar! !halo star! !pro! !r-pro! !star! !starlite! !distance-driver!
Bullfrog3101!xt! !putt-approach!
Caiman5.5204!champion! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Charger135-12!star! !distance-driver!
Cheetah64-22CH!dx! !fairway-driver!
Classic Aviar2300AV!dx! !putt-approach!
Cobra45-22CO!dx! !mid-range-disc!
Colossus145-13CS!champion! !gstar! !star! !distance-driver!
Colt34-11CL!dx! !gstar! !star! !xt! !putt-approach!
Corvette146-12!champion! !gstar! !star! !distance-driver!
Coyote4501CY!star! !mid-range-disc!
Cro5302CRO!dx! !r-pro! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Daedalus136-32DL!champion! !gstar! !star! !distance-driver!
Dart3400DT!champion! !dx! !echostar! !gstar! !r-pro! !star! !xt! !putt-approach!
Destroyer125-13DS, D!blizzard! !champion! !dx! !echostar! !gstar! !metal flake! !pro! !star! !distance-driver!
Dominator135-12DM, DR!blizzard! !champion! !gstar! !distance-driver!
Dragon85-22DG!dx! !fairway-driver!
Eagle74-13EG, E, EX!champion! !dx! !star! !fairway-driver!
Firebird9304FB!champion! !dx! !gstar! !halo star! !star! !distance-driver!
Firestorm144-13!champion! !distance-driver!
FL9302FL!star! !distance-driver!
Foxbat56-10FT!star! !mid-range-disc!
Gator5204GT!dx! !metal flake! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Gazelle6402GZ!dx! !fairway-driver!
Gorgon106-21!gstar! !pro! !star! !distance-driver!
Groove136-22GV!champion! !distance-driver!
Hawkeye75-11!champion! !gstar! !star! !fairway-driver!
Hydra3302HY!r-pro! !putt-approach!
Invader3201!dx! !halo star! !luster! !star! !putt-approach!
Invictus10403!gstar! !star! !distance-driver!
IT76-21!dx! !gstar! !star! !fairway-driver!
Jay5401!champion! !dx! !star! !mid-range-disc!
JK Aviar2302JK!pro! !putt-approach!
Katana135-33KA!blizzard! !champion! !dx! !echostar! !glow champion! !gstar! !metal flake! !pro! !star! !distance-driver!
KC Aviar2302KC!pro! !putt-approach!
King Cobra4502CO!champion! !mid-range-disc!
Kite56-31KT, K!dx! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Krait115-12KR!blizzard! !champion! !gstar! !distance-driver!
Leopard65-21L!champion! !dx! !echostar! !gstar! !pro! !star! !fairway-driver!
Leopard375-21L3!champion! !dx! !glow champion! !gstar! !star! !fairway-driver!
Lion5402!champion! !dx! !pro! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Mako4500MK!echostar! !glow champion! !mid-range-disc!
Mako35500MK3, MK!champion! !gstar! !halo star! !star! !xt! !mid-range-disc!
Mamba116-51MB!champion! !echostar! !gstar! !halo star! !metal flake! !star! !starlite! !distance-driver!
Manta55-21MN!champion! !dx! !gstar! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Max11305MAX!star! !distance-driver!
Mirage34-30MG!dx! !star! !putt-approach!
Monarch105-41MC!champion! !distance-driver!
Monster10305MO, M!champion! !star! !distance-driver!
Mystere116-22MY!champion! !gstar! !halo star! !star! !distance-driver!
Nova2300!xt! !putt-approach!
Orc104-13ORC, O!champion! !dx! !gstar! !pro! !star! !distance-driver!
Panther54-21PA!champion! !mid-range-disc!
Pig4103PIG, P!r-pro! !mid-range-disc!
Polecat1300PC!dx! !r-pro! !putt-approach!
Rat4202RAT!star! !mid-range-disc!
Rhyno2103RY!champion! !dx! !gstar! !r-pro! !star! !putt-approach!
RhynoX2104!dx! !putt-approach!
Roadrunner95-41RR!champion! !echostar! !glow champion! !gstar! !halo star! !star! !starlite! !distance-driver!
Roc4403R, KCR, OR!dx! !glow! !pro! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Roc+4502R+!champion! !r-pro! !mid-range-disc!
Roc35403R3, R!champion! !dx! !gstar! !halo star! !metal flake! !star! !mid-range-disc!
RocX35403.5RX3!champion! !dx! !glow champion! !star! !xt! !mid-range-disc!
Rollo56-41!champion! !dx! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Savant95-12!champion! !halo star! !star! !distance-driver!
Shark4402SH!dx! !gstar! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Shark35402SH3, SH!champion! !mid-range-disc!
Shryke136-22SY!champion! !glow champion! !gstar! !pro! !star! !distance-driver!
Sidewinder95-31SW!champion! !dx! !gstar! !halo star! !star! !starlite! !distance-driver!
Skeeter55-11SK!dx! !gstar! !r-pro! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Sonic12-40!dx! !putt-approach!
Spider5301SP!dx! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Starfire10403SF!champion! !dx! !gstar! !pro! !star! !distance-driver!
Stingray45-31ST!dx! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Stud3302SD!dx! !star! !xt! !putt-approach!
TeeBird7502TB, T!champion! !dx! !echostar! !glow! !gstar! !metal flake! !star! !starlite! !fairway-driver!
TeeBird38402T3!champion! !dx! !gstar! !metal flake! !star! !fairway-driver!
TeeDevil125-12DV!blizzard! !star! !distance-driver!
TeeRex11404TR!star! !distance-driver!
Tern126-32TE!champion! !echostar! !glow champion! !gstar! !pro! !star! !starlite! !distance-driver!
Thunderbird9502TH!champion! !dx! !gstar! !halo star! !metal flake! !pro! !star! !distance-driver!
TL75-11TL!champion! !star! !fairway-driver!
TL384-11TL3!champion! !dx! !gstar! !halo star! !star! !fairway-driver!
Toro4213!champion! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Valkyrie94-22VL!champion! !dx! !echostar! !glow! !glow champion! !gstar! !pro! !star! !starlite! !distance-driver!
VCobra55-12VC!star! !mid-range-disc!
Viking94-12VG!champion! !dx! !distance-driver!
Viper6415VI, V!dx! !fairway-driver!
VRoc4401VR!champion! !dx! !gstar! !metal flake! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Vulcan135-42VU!blizzard! !champion! !gstar! !pro! !star! !distance-driver!
Wahoo126-22WA!r-pro! !distance-driver!
Wedge3.53-31WD, WE!dx! !star! !putt-approach!
Whale2301WL!champion! !dx! !gstar! !xt! !putt-approach!
Whippet6315WH, WX!dx! !fairway-driver!
Wolf43-41WF, W!dx! !mid-range-disc!
Wombat56-10WB!champion! !gstar! !mid-range-disc!
Wombat356-10WB!champion! !dx! !star! !mid-range-disc!
Wraith115-13WR!blizzard! !champion! !dx! !echostar! !glow! !glow champion! !gstar! !metal flake! !pro! !star! !starlite! !distance-driver!
XCaliber12504XC!champion! !echostar! !star! !distance-driver!
XD34-11XD!dx! !putt-approach!
Xero2300!dx! !xt! !putt-approach!
Yeti Aviar2301Ұ!pro! !putt-approach!