Disc Golf Frequently Asked Questions

New to Disc Golf? Don’t understand all the lingo?

Well you’re in the right place. Here you can find everything about anything disc golf, and then some! If you have a question that isn’t answered here feel free to write us an email at info@innovadiscs.com, try out the search or choose one of the sub categories below.


Golf Discs

  • I’m new to disc golf. What are the best discs for a beginner to throw?

    Resist the temptation to try lots of different discs, especially high speed discs. Concentrate on learning to throw two or three lighter weight discs until you develop a feel for throwing golf discs. Some excellent disc choices for new players are: Aero, Aviar, Leopard, Polecat, Wombat, Manta, Stingray, Skeeter, and Mamba. Our DX 3 Pack Starter Set is also a very good choice for beginners.

  • What are the best golf discs for a young child: ages 6 to 12?

    The best golf discs for a child would be from our EDGE line of discs. EDGE discs weigh 135 grams or less. These discs are specifically designed for children ages 6-12 that are participating in the EDGE (Educational Disc Golf Experience) program. Try the EDGE Leopard, EDGE Polecat, EDGE Shark or EDGE Skeeter. For older children, 150-class discs would be a good choice as well. The Archangel, Aviar, Leopard, Sidewinder, and Valkyrie are some of the many discs available in 150-gram weights that are ideal for younger players and newcomers to the sport. Look for these discs at a local retailer or from an online vendor.

  • Should I have a driver, mid-range disc and a putter? How do I choose the correct disc?

    Established disc golfers tend to use of a variety of discs for putting, approaching, and driving. Although you can start with only one disc like a Skeeter, you can start with lighter discs such as our 150gm disc golf set. This contains a putter, midrange, and fairway driver all easy to use, and all used by professionals in heavier weights. Use a Driver for tee shots and long fairway drives. Use a Mid-Range disc for shorter shots and approaching the target. Use a Putt & Approach disc for short upshots and putts. We recommend beginners choose one of the following drivers as these discs are the easiest to throw far; choose lighter weights for better results: Archangel, Roadrunner, Mamba or Leopard. For a Mid-Range disc with a predictable flight, choose one of these discs: Shark, Skeeter, Mako3, Atlas or Wombat. For Putters, consider choosing the Polecat, Birdie, Dart or Nova as they are predictably straight flyers. The Aviar is also an excellent choice. See the Disc Types Overview for more information.

  • What are the letters and numbers that appear on the bottom of the discs?

    The numbers that appear on the bottom of the discs are the weight of the disc in grams. The letters are an abbreviation of the disc model. Go to Disc Abbreviations to translate the letters that appear on the bottom of our discs.

  • What weight discs should I throw?

  • What plastic type should I throw?

    DX is probably the best choice of plastic for beginners as it is the least expensive and becomes easier to throw as it wears. If you want your disc to last longer with its original flight characteristics you could choose from Star, GStar, or Champion type plastic. Each of these plastic types offers advantages in particular situations. Go to the Plastic Types Overview for a complete explanation of these different types of plastic and the advantages of each.

  • Where can I buy discs?

    Check out our Dealer Locator and Online Dealers.

  • What do the flight rating numbers mean?

    The numbers for Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade can be used to rate various aspects of our disc’s flight characteristics. Once you have thrown one of our disc models, you can use the flight rating numbers to compare the performance to any of our other discs. Check out the Flight Ratings System for a complete explanation of these terms.

  • What do the terms stable, understable and overstable indicate?

    Stability is a description of the disc’s flight path. Stable is the tendency of a disc to remain straight through most of the flight. Understable describes a disc that turns right (RHBH thrower) during the high speed portion of the flight. Overstable refers to a flight that turns left (RHBH thrower) at high or low speeds. Understable discs are much more speed and wind sensitive than stable or overstable discs. An understable disc will often fly stable to overstable at low speed. Understable discs are easier to throw for less experienced players. For more disc golf definitions visit our Glossary of Terms.

  • What do hyzer and anhyzer mean?

    Hyzer and Anhyzer refer to the bank angle of the disc at release. Hyzer is the angle of release where the outside edge or left edge of the disc is tilted downward for a right hand back hand (RHBH) thrower. Anhyzer is the angle of release where the outside edge or left edge of the disc is tilted upward for a RHBH thrower. These angles are reversed for left hand backhand throwers or right hand sidearm throwers. For more disc golf definitions visit our Glossary of Terms.

  • What are Factory Seconds, X-Outs and Double Stamps?

    INNOVA Factory Seconds, X-Outs and Double Stamps are various names for discount priced discs with minor cosmetic imperfections that do not meet our quality standards. These discs may be discolored, have specks, hot stamp defects or other small flaws that do not affect the flight of the disc. They still have the same flight characteristics and are legal for use in PDGA tournament play. Due to their low price, Factory Seconds are a great way to try out new disc models without spending a lot of money.

Disc Golf

  • Where can I find disc golf courses in my area or another city?

    Visit the Disc Golf United Course Locator, UDisc Course Directory, PDGA Course Directory, or DG Course Review.

  • Where can I find more information about disc golf?

    PDGA – The Professional Disc Golf Association is the governing body for disc golf. The PDGA website includes general information about disc golf, PDGA events, rules and regulations and an interactive message board. EDGE is the Educational Disc Golf Experience. EDGE is a non profit organization dedicated to teaching disc golf to children of all ages through schools and youth organizations. For more information on how to bring a disc golf curriculum to a school near you visit: EDGE. Disc Golf United – DGU – Is a complete disc golf handicap service. DGU provides individual handicaps and scoring records as well as complete handicap services for leagues and events.

  • How can I get a disc golf course installed in my area?

    INNOVA can provide all the equipment needed to install a disc golf course. We offer targets and tee signs as well as professional design services and installation instruction. Visit our Course Development Page for information about course installation or send an email to info@innovadiscs.com with your questions.

  • Where can I find information about disc golf competitions?

    The PDGA website maintains a calendar of PDGA sanctioned disc golf events at: PDGA Tour Schedule.

Throwing Techniques

  • Where can I get information of the different types of grips people use?

  • What is the proper way to throw a backhand shot?

  • Where can I find information on how to throw a forehand or sidearm shot?

  • How can I improve my putting?

  • How can I increase my distance?

  • How do I throw a roller shot?

    The Backhand Roller Chart illustrates the technique for throwing a backhand roller.
    [PDF | 155KB]

  • What is the X-Step?

    The X-step is an approach technique that can help provide you with smooth footwork to get your body in position to drive off the tee. The X-Step Chart shows step by step instruction on this important skill.
    [PDF | 107KB]

  • Why do my discs hook to the left when I throw?

    For newer players that throw discs right handed with a backhand throw (the traditional throwing position referred to RHBH), discs will tend to fade hard or hook (to the left) at the end of the flight. Most golf discs fade left for RHBH throwers during the low speed portion of the flight. Many beginners do not generate enough arm speed to make many discs fly straight. This tendency of a disc to fade to the left is even more exaggerated when discs are thrown slowly or with the nose up at release. To help discs go straighter and fly farther before fading to the left, try the following:

    Throw lighter weight discs. These discs require less effort to throw.

    Throw less stable discs: Choose less stable discs like the Archangel, Valkyrie, Sidewinder, Cheetah or Leopard. These discs should fly straighter longer, and once you have improved power and technique, these discs will turn to the right during flight.

    Keep your thumb down to help release the disc flat. This will help to prevent throwing discs with a nose up angle.

    Roll your wrist open slightly as the disc leaves your hand. This gives the disc more acceleration and helps bring the nose down.

    Squeeze the disc between your index finger and thumb with as much pressure as you can as the disc is tearing itself from your grip. This will increase acceleration and help to keep the nose down.

Retailer/Promoter Questions

  • How do I become an INNOVA retailer?

    Innova does not sell direct to individuals or groups of individuals for personal use. If you are interested in becoming an INNOVA distributor visit Become a Dealer for more information.

  • How can I order custom discs for my business, club or tournament?

    INNOVA offers traditional one or two color customized hot stamping on many of our models. Custom stamps are also available on mini marker discs. There is a minimum order of 100 discs with at least 25 discs per individual model. INNOVA also offers custom full color printing on discs. We can provide colorful stock designs or assist you in creating your own graphics. Please contact us for complete information, pricing and ordering guidelines. View information about artwork requirements for custom hot stamps.

  • What type of tournament sponsorship does INNOVA offer?

    INNOVA can help sponsor your next event by offering special tournament pricing on custom stamped discs and DISCatcher® targets. Please call or email info@innovadiscs.com to get complete details about all the sponsorship opportunities available for your next event. INNOVA also offers our Custom Fund Raising (CFR) Program for clubs and promoters interested in raising cash for course projects, charity events and tournaments.

  • Will INNOVA provide cash sponsorship for my event?

    INNOVA cannot provide cash sponsorship for every tournament, charity event or course project, but we can provide a way for tournaments and organizations to raise cash funds through the sale of Custom Fund Raising discs. Our Custom Fund Raising (CFR) Program offers organizers CFR discs at a special discount price. These special CFR discs are available only to tournament directors and organizers participating in our CFR program.

    Organizers may choose to have CFR discs custom hot stamped or imprinted with our INNColor™ process. INNColor™ discs give the ability to present high resolution full color art from edge to edge to make CFR discs even more unique and desirable. To take advantage of the Custom Fund Raising Program, organizers simply need to call or submit a sponsorship request to info@innovadiscs.com. Our sponsorship department will provide you with the complete details of the program.

  • Does INNOVA offer trophies for tournaments?

    INNOVA offers several trophy options for tournaments. Our full color hot stamping process can produce custom full color trophy discs with tournament artwork along with individual labeled text. Discs can include the name of the event and show each division and place of finish. We can even include the winner’s name. Please call for complete information and ordering details. Our DISCatcher® Mini target makes an excellent trophy/prize. This is a scaled down version of our DISCatcher® Sport target. It is available with a traditional INNOVA yellow enamel coated chain assembly or a special chrome top version. The full size version of the DISCatcher® Sport Portable target also makes an excellent prize and/or trophy for larger events. We can offer special discounts on targets to sponsored events. Please contact us for more details.

  • How can I get an INNOVA catalog?

    Our catalog is currently available in our downloads section. INNOVA distributors may also contact us to request a print version on the catalog.

Website Questions

  • How can I find information about all the different discs INNOVA offers?

    Visit our Disc Golf Discs Page. Here you will find links to all of our different disc products. Simply click on a disc name to go to a page that has detailed information. Each individual disc page includes specifications, flight characteristics, ratings, and more.

  • Where can I get information about Disc Golf bags?

    Visit Disc Golf Bags to get the basic information. We have disc golf bags to fill the needs of all types of players. The Standard Bag is our most popular model, and our HeroPack holds the most discs and equipment.

  • Where can I get information about Disc Golf targets?

    Visit our Targets Page for information on all targets we offer. We manufacture DISCatcher® Pro targets for permanent installation or portable use. We also offer the DISCatcher® Sport, a portable, full-sized target. There is even a DISCatcher® Mini for playing with mini marker discs or for trophy use.