Innova Ambassadors are men and women who have a special passion for promotion. While many Ambassadors do participate in tournaments, there are no performance-based requirements to maintain Ambassador status. Innova works closely with Ambassadors in many ways such as event management, sponsorship, clinics, course design, trade shows, and other forms of localized, grass roots promotion.

Barry Arnson
East Point, GA
Mike Bachman
Boise, ID
Kristian Bålsrød
Kvelde, Norway
Teddy Barber
Lake Elsinore, CA
David Barfield
David Barfield
Anderson, SC
Tony Bass
Hattiesburg, MS
Chuck Bayless
Oklahoma City, OK
Michael Belchik
Salyer, CA
Levi Bennett
Levi Bennett
Winston-Salem, NC
Brian Bjortomt
Missoula, Montana
Tyler Blum
Coeur D Alene, ID
Pat Bowles
Concord, NC
Kolte Breck
Vancouver, WA 98660
Chris Brophy
Chris Brophy
Huntington Beach, CA
Fernando Brown
Del Rio, TX
Ron “Skull” Brown
Carmichael, CA
Rob Bullen
Rob Bullen
Farr West, Utah
Russ Burns
Springfield, MO
Bob Cannon
Bob Cannon
Fredericksburg, VA
Tom Carrillo
Tabernash, CO