One of the best discs for accuracy contests. Great as a throw and catch disc or to introduce catch disc players to the game.



Diameter: 24.1 cm

Rim Width: 0.7 cm

Available Plastics:
  • DX: 140g | 160g | 190-200g
  • Best Choice for: Straight approaches, Super Class, Placement shots

    Date of Approval: 07/06/92


    The Zephyr is a throw and catch disc. It has long been a favorite for the Overall events of Discathon and Accuracy (160 grams). The Zephyr is great at the beach, at the park or on the disc golf course. The Zephyr has a very straight and true flight characteristic. The Zephyr’s Thumtrac® gives it extra durability and a great grip, especially for sidearm throws. It’s an ideal disc for playing catch at the beach. Now available in Super Class weights!


    Sarah Cunningham

    The Zephyr is a must have approach disc for players used to throwing the big lids. If you played other Frisbee sports before you played disc golf, or are just used to playing catch, the Zephyr will help you make the transition.