DISCatcher® Mini

Mini Target The DISCatcher® Mini Target is great for trophies or mini disc golf. This is a scaled down version of our DISCatcher® Sport target,...More

DISCatcher® Traveler

Portable Target The DISCatcher® Traveler Target is ready to accompany you on all your Disc Golf expeditions. The DISCatcher® Traveler™ is our lightest, most portable...More

DISCatcher® Sport

Portable Target The DISCatcher® Sport target, with the distinctive hat design, is an excellent practice target, and it can also serve as a target for...More

DISCatcher® Pro 28

Permanent & Portable Our DISCatcher® is installed on more disc golf course Worldwide than any other brand. Designed to lower your scores, the DISCatcher® Pro...More

Innova Targets

Catching Discs Worldwide There is no more recognizable Disc Golf Target in the world than the Innova DISCatcher® Pro. Whether you’re looking to install a...More