New Style of Disc Golf Course Installed in the Ukraine

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A Much Needed Break During Hard Times 

Most of us in the States take our weekend rounds with friends for granted. In the Ukraine, access to outdoor recreational activities like disc golf is not such a given. For those that do have access to safe facilities, a couple hours outside playing can be the only chance at a break from thinking about the war. 

The program Ace Fun Disc Golf Adventure, along with ambassador Kalevi “Aceman” Louhivuori and sponsor Innova Champion Discs, is installing a new, nine-hole, kid-friendly course in Ukraine. This course will feature nine Discatcher Pro28 Targets, brand new “Flatpad” tees, and tee signs which help new players understand the rules and etiquette of our sport. Each hole is only about 20 meters long. That makes this the perfect place to learn, take your kids, or work on your short game. We want this donation to reach everyone in the area looking for an outlet, not just those who already play disc golf.  

Image by Fun Academy

A launch event to celebrate the new donation was held at the first-ever Ace Fun Disc Golf Adventure Course, installed in Finland in 2021. Ilona Pakuliak from the Ukrainian Embassy was there as our guest of honor. Many top touring pros attended to show their support. Jeremy Koling, Nate Sexton, Philo Brathwaite, and Gregg Barsby all played in the invitational tournament and all expressed their love for the Ace Fun Adventure concept. Sexton, who brought his daughter to the event, said, “She has more fun here. The whole time we were playing she said, ‘I’m good at this! I’m good at this!’ That’s nice for her confidence and even if you’re a serious player like me, it’s still good to practice those long putts and tricky approaches. This can be fun at any skill level.”

That first course has allowed children as young as four to find success playing disc golf. We know the course in Ukraine will reach children, families, and those looking to try something new during otherwise grim times. Ace Fun Adventure courses offer an opportunity to bring disc golf to places where a full-length course would be logistically impossible. We plan to grow this concept and envision these short, learning-focused facilities popping up across the globe. For more info about how to get an Ace Fun Adventure Course to your part of the world, contact Albin Hämäläinen of Ace Disc Golf Management Ltd.