Disc Spotlight – Innova IT

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The IT Disc for Effortless Distance

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It’s been nearly a year since the Innova IT was released onto courses everywhere. After seeing shots and hearing reviews from countless players, the IT has emerged as our best choice for slower arm speed disc golfers looking for controlled, accurate distance. 

Mixing DNA from the Leopard and Roadrunner, the IT Fairway Driver was made to go straight and far, effortlessly. With ITs gentle turn and exceptional glide, tightly wooded fairways feel open and attackable. Take some power off, hit the gap, and watch IT glide straight to the pin. When you would expect another Fairway Driver to fade and drop, IT holds on the line of release and carries.

IT is great for low ceiling shots that require long flights just a few feet off the ground or for standstill throws that still need to get distance. IT is perfect for lacing lines through the woods and IT also makes an exceptional roller disc, even when new. For the easiest, straightest distance in a Fairway Driver yet, turn to IT.

How’d We Come Up With the Name? 

IT stands for “Innova Tech” referencing the convex design of the rim. This disc tech advancement you might know as “VTech” involves a convex lower outer edge of the rim. This moves more of the disc weight toward the edges creating straighter, farther flights.

It started with the Shark, then the Leopard – now multiple Innova molds utilize this design technique. The IT Fairway Driver is the latest in this evolution. This is the IT disc for players looking for controlled distance at slower arm speeds.


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