Disc Spotlight – Wombat3

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The Must-Have Mid-Range for Wooded Courses  

Innova’s co-founder and President, Dave Dunipace, says the Wombat3 is an irreplaceable disc that is essential in the woods. With a true-to-release flight and surprising torque resistance, it is the ultimate short-range drive and approach disc for finesse lines. The 6 Glide rating means less powerful players can still throw this disc far up the fairway with ease. The bead, mid-depth inner rim, and VTech lower edge make the Wombat3 comfortable in the hand for most players. 

The Flight

Arguably the best disc to keep you in a wooded fairway is the Wombat3. Throw it flat or with a touch of hyzer and it will carry perfectly straight, landing softly in the center of the fairway. It has the maximum glide for a disc of its speed, freeing you up to focus more on hitting the gap than on power. The VTech rim and lower profile adds extra torque resistance, a surprising feature in a neutral to understable Mid. That means the Wombat3 is great for sidearm throws too. The bottom bead prevents wear, ensuring glidey, straight flights over time.

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The Wombat3 is a go-to disc for beginners, but it is also used by the most powerful arms in the world. One of the farthest throwers on Team Innova, Garrett Gurthie, uses his Wombat3 for touch approach shots or dead straight drives under 400 feet. It makes a great first disc to learn with and stays useful in your bag no matter how far you progress.

The Wombat3 is the stay-in-your-lane disc for any shot that goes straight or to the right.
-Garrett Gurthie

The Feel

The Wombat3 is one of the most comfortable-in-the-hand Mid-Ranges on the market. It has a relatively flat flight plate and rounded shoulder. The inner rim has a medium depth that suits most players. The bottom bead gives a good placement point for the index finger, especially when throwing fan grip. 

The Wombat3 uses Innova’s cutting edge “VTech” rim design with a convex lower outer edge. This moves more of the disc weight toward the edges creating straighter, farther flights. VTech discs make smooth, full contact with the hand in your grip for a strong, clean release. 

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We Love the Wombat  

The combo of excellent feel and magical flight make the Wombat3 an essential-to-bag tool from the Innova lineup. Follow @innovawombat on Instagram to hear from the Wombat3’s biggest fan, Innova’s own Marketing Director, Jeff Panis. For those in Southern California, join us for a fun, Wombat-filled day at the first-ever Wombat Challenge on Dec 9, 2023 at Martha McLean Park in Riverside, CA.