The Innova Pig & How to Throw Upshots that Stick

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Bradley Williams 2022 Tour Series Pig

Team Innova’s Bradley Williams learned firsthand the value of an upshot disc that stops quickly during his practice rounds at the 2021 World Disc Golf Championships. He kept skipping out of bounds on Hole 5’s approach shot—just beyond the green is a water hazard. Then, during a practice round with Ricky Wysocki, he discovered the magic of the Pig. “How are you getting the disc to stop on the green like that and you’re throwing a full-power shot?” he asked Ricky. “I’m using a Pig” Ricky said.

I threw it as hard as I could, flat, and the disc settled on the green, like circle one, first try — Bradley Williams

Other discs can skip on short grass or dirt. The Pig tends to grab the ground and stick close to where it first hits. How? The soft, Pro plastic and putter-like profile with hard edges help absorb impacts and reduce skips.

The Pig is a versatile approach disc. It works equally well on forehands and backhands. New Pigs are great for flex approach shots. Break them in for a straighter finish. Grab the Pig for hyzer approaches or when there’s out-of-bounds beyond your target—like Bradley says, “hammer it!”