Disc Golf Etiquette

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The rules for recreational disc golf are easy to understand. Put the disc into the target in the fewest throws possible. Repeat for each hole. The player with the lowest score wins. This makes the game easy to learn and fun. But, there’s an extra set of rules that make the game enjoyable and safer for everyone… disc golf etiquette. Below is our top 10 list of disc golf etiquette rules to follow.

  1. Speed of play

    Be aware of groups around you. Are you playing slow? Kindly invite faster groups to play through. Catch up to a larger group? Respectfully ask to play through.
  2. Honors, farthest away throws first

    Lowest score from the previous hole throws first on the next hole. As you play the hole, the person farthest away from the target throws first.
  3. Is everyone (far) out of your range?

    Make sure everyone is well out of range before you throw. If there’s even a chance you can reach someone ahead of you, DON’T THROW. If you accidentally throw toward another group, yell loud and clearly… FORE! 
  4. Don’t be a distraction

    When others are throwing, get out of their line of sight, don’t move and be quiet.
  5. Help your cardmates

    Watch your cardmates’ throws. Help search for lost discs. There are no referees, most decisions are made by a majority vote of your group.
  6. Obey park rules

    Be aware of park rules. If it’s a public park, disc golf shares the park with everyone. Be courteous to all park guests.
  7. On a golf course?

    Obey posted signs and golf course rules. Using a golf cart? Absolutely DO NOT drive on greens or teepads; keep carts on designated cart paths when possible.
  8. Pack in, Pack out

    Pack out any trash you bring on the course. If you see trash, pickup and properly dispose of it (leave the place better than you found it).
  9. Sportsmanship

    Generally, be kind and courteous. Swearing, throwing tantrums, behaving in a rude manner, and anything of the sort is not fun for anyone and in sanctioned competitive play is considered a “courtesy violation” which can lead to penalty strokes. 
  10. Learn the official rules

    Take your game to the next level. Learn the official rules of disc golf.

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