How to Throw Farther: Tip of the Whip with Dave Dunipace

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Wind Up and Release

Dave Dunipace, the co-founder of Innova and the creator behind Innova’s disc molds, holds a World Distance Record to his name. Dave knows the technique to distance throws like the back of his hand.

In this tip Dave shares a method to unlock your distance potential—the tip of the whip! While there are many factors that make up the optimal distance throw, Dave explains why the tip of the whip is essential in achieving maximum distance in your throws.

Do you Sling or Whip?

Rather than slinging your arm with even acceleration, “Winding up your levers” and the rapid change in accelleration at the end of your throw creates ‘the whip’, sending your disc downfield at high velocity.

Unlock your true distance potential, focus on the tip of the whip!