The SuperSonic is a smaller, lighter version of the SuperStar. The SuperSonic weighs in at 112 grams making it a great disc for kids learning to throw, as a warm up disc, or for a game of catch with man's best friend.



Diameter: 21.6 cm

Rim Width: 0.6 cm

Available Plastics:
  • Star: ~115g
  • Best Choice for: Beginners, Pre-Round warm up, Disc Dog

    Date of Approval: 09/19/07


    The SuperSonic, based on the Hero 235, is a putt and approach disc from INNOVA. This disc has a comfortable low profile grip with great thumb traction. As a putter, the Sonic has a nice straight flight and sticks well in the chains. The SuperSonic doubles as a catch disc or dog disc, Keep one in the car for impromptu games of catch with friends. This disc is very beginner friendly.