Disc Dog


The SuperSonic, based on the Hero 235, is a putt and approach disc from INNOVA. This disc has a comfortable low profile grip with great thumb traction. As a putter, the Sonic has a nice straight flight and sticks well in the chains. The SuperSonic doubles as a catch disc or dog disc, Keep one in the car for impromptu games of catch with friends. This disc is very beginner friendly....More


The SuperHero comes in a wide range of vivid, eye-catching translucent colors. Each disc weighs approximately 136 grams. 180 to 190 gram versions are Super Class approved. Hero Discs are designed for Disc Dog sports, but they work great for Super Class and for a friendly game of catch. Two stock stamps are available: Superguy and Superdog!...More


Made from our popular Star Plastic, the SuperStar goes where you throw it. The SuperStar is competition ready at 130 grams. Identical to the SuperHero, but a little lighter and in softer plastic. A great all around Super Class disc. A great disc to keep in the car for an fun game of catch. Designed to last in the grueling world of dog disc sports....More