The TeeDevil was designed to give the thrower big distance with control. The glide in combination with low fade lead to a distance driver that really rips!


    Diameter: 21.2 cm

    Rim Width: 2.4 cm

    Available Plastics:
  1. Star: 165-175g
  2. Blizzard: 130-159g
  3. Best Choice for: Distance with accuracy, Straight drives, 'Go To' Driver

    Date of Approval: 08/14/11


    TeeDevil Flight Path


    The TeeDevil was made to be your go-to distance driver. The ease of distance and control make the TeeDevil an ideal choice for almost any shot off the tee. With less fade than the Destroyer, the TeeDevil gives you precise control over distance drives.


    Alan Beaver

    Very stable for less powerful throwers like me. But, I know I can throw it hard into a head wind and it will go dead straight a long ways! Very fast and the wide rim is still easy to grip.

    Christian Dietrich

    The TeeDevil takes the best aspects of a Destroyer —plenty of speed and an ultra-long, controllable flight —and adds in even greater glide. With a little bit of wear, the TeeDevil is as good as it gets when you want big, big distance and maximum control.