Love at First Flight

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Love at First Flight started as a hashtag campaign on Instagram. Its goal is simple: showcase the diversity of disc golf through the players and how each of them discovered the game. Women, men, beginners, pros, from all walks of life. These are their stories.

Kaci Montoya

January 5, 2018

Kaci Montoya

“Hi I’m Kaci Montoya from Huntington Beach, California! Of course Huntington Beach is known for being THE surf city, but It is also a huge Disc Golf Hot  spot! I can recall walking around the HB DGC with my two older brothers, but back then I was just more of a lost disc retriever and a fan.

As time went on I forgot about disc golf and just kind of wrote it off as something I wasn’t good at until about two years ago when I tried again just for fun with my brother and father. I started off slowly but over time, mainly the last year and a half, I’ve become obsessed!  I’ve worked hard and I’ve nailed a forehand drive that certainly gives my brothers and dad a run for their money.
My father and I go disc golfing about three times a week now, because he is just as obsessed as I am, and we’ve even got some of our friends pretty involved too. I love meeting new disc golfers and experiencing the unique challenge of each new course. It truly is one of my favorite things to do and I can’t wait to watch the sport keep growing and also to grow myself further as a player.”

Rick Saffeels

December 22, 2017 

Rick Saffeels


“I was introduced to disc golf by my dad when I was in 5th grade and getting my first ace that day my first round with an ultimate frisbee. My dad was an ultimate frisbee thrower and taught us at a young age to love sports and learning new things. He has been my doubles partner or caddie for several events and is an awesome supporter of my professional playing over the past 3 years.
This picture is from a great father-son outing in Sublimity and Stayton and he threw a Turkey! (Three birdies in a row)
I was throwing a first run orange Colt and my dad a pink DX Roc.”

Christine Jennings

December 15, 2017 

Christine Jennings

“I started playing roughly 2 years ago and my boyfriend introduced me to the sport. My first sanctioned event was in August of 2016. So I have competitively been playing for just over one year. Fortunately I have picked up fairly quickly and have had significant results in my first year. I am active in my community especially for helping women grow and plan to continue those efforts! I also love my Innova Discs ☺️ I am very excited for this next season!
The Star TL is my favorite due to the versatility ! However, the new Star TL3 is becoming a new favorite 😅 I love meeting new people and being competitive with myself, as it’s a single scoring sport. Recently, being able to help women play and develop has been a great experience 😊 It feels good to be able to help others just as other people helped me grow as a player 💕



Chace McMichael 

Chace McMichael

December 8, 2017 

“I started playing DG back in 2003. My best friend Jon Ellison was the catcher on our AAU baseball team and one day we were out messing around and he asked me if I have ever played frisbee golf lol. He handed me a disc and was like, ‘I know you can throw a ball but let’s see you throw this.’ I laughed and was like, ‘Dude it’s just a frisbee.’ I took the disc ( I think it was a Valkyrie ) and reached back and attempted to throw it. Little did I know what the outcome was going to be. The disc literally went straight up, left and flew behind us. He laughed at me and said, ‘It’s not a ball is it.’ From that point on I was hooked.”

Abigail Davis

December 1, 2017 

Abigail Davis

“I started disc golfing two years ago when some friends from college invited me to play and offered to let me use their discs. I fell in love with the sport quickly since it fit seamlessly into my passion for the outdoors. I am proud to be from Grand Rapids, MI where there are many courses to choose from. I still have a lot to learn and a lot of courses to discover, but I am so glad to be a part of the disc golf community. I am looking forward to many more seasons to come!”


Harold Duvall

2x World Champion, Innova Co-Founder, Father of Four

November 24, 2017

Harold Duvall – 2X World Champion & Co-founder Innova Disc Golf

“At San Marino High School, we had a frisbee team. That was where I met Tim Selinske. Tim had laid out a frisbee course at Lacy Park in San Marino where one would play from tree to tree. That was my first experience with disc golf.

My former high school teacher had a “pole-hole” aka basket. I learned from watching him that putting was the key to scoring well.

Two months before my first disc golf event, I borrowed my teacher’s basket and practiced putting two to three hours a night. If you’ve ever practiced putting, you know how difficult it is to practice 30 minutes let alone 2 to 3 hours. But I stuck with it.

I signed up for the PDGA the same day I signed up for my first PDGA Championship: The first Worlds disc golf event in 1982. When the championship started, while I hadn’t played years of disc golf, I felt as confident in my putting as any player out there. And by the end, I won my first disc golf title, the first World Disc Golf Championship by two to three strokes, just six months shy of my 21st Birthday. 3 years later, I won my second World championship playing with 3 Aviars and a towel.

Talent is one way to win a world championship. Hard work is another. I was not nearly the most talented player out there, but I was one of the hardest working.

My love of disc golf has been passed on to the next generation: my four beautiful kids. And while I don’t play quite the same as I did in the 80s, the decline is more than offset by the increase in friends and joy in throwing.”

Kandace Agner

November 17, 2017

Kandace Agner

“I got into disc golf in the beginning mostly because my husband Orry loves to play. It’s so much fun playing together and traveling to new courses! I was handed a Leopard and a Shark back in February and after the first round at Tom Brown Park I was hooked lol. Now we play at least one tourney a month! I have big dreams/goals to be on a lead card one day in the future!

This is definitely a lifelong sport for my family and me and I’m thankful we found disc golf. Excited to see where this journey leads me.

Orry and Kandace Agner

We’ve also donated nine baskets to our local county sports complex to start a course for our small community—the next closest course is at least an hour away! Just trying to grow the sport, share all the passion, and of course recommend my absolute favorite plastic!” – @liftingwiththeagners

Josh Jamison

November 10, 2017

“I discovered disc golf with my dad when I was in the 6th grade. Before then, on our camping trips, we would use trees as targets and throw ultimate discs to said trees. We found a course in Las Vegas and met a few guys that were passionate enough about the sport to give us a few discs. My first discs were a DX Roc and a DX Valkyrie, both of which had local club prints. (I still have the Roc).

Josh Jamison

In the following months, we bought bags, more discs, and found more courses to play. It became the go-to bonding hobby for my dad and I, even when we weren’t on good terms. We soon got my younger brother in on it and he fell in love as we did. My dad had smashed his first ace early on, and soon after his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. (He’s not one to brag). My brother and I were still scrambling for our first.

Josh’s first ace

Fast forward a few years, I applied to the University of North Texas and immediately researched for a Disc Golf Club Team. I contacted the president as I was super excited to join up. On the club, I realized how seriously players take the sport and how competitive the world of disc golf is. The president, Asher Margheim, and other players helped me develop my form, playing techniques, and deepened my passion for the sport. Two weeks before our first collegiate qualifier tournament, I hit my first ace at my home course in lewisville, TX. On the way back from our first tournament, I hit my second.

At our nationals tournament in April, I hit my third. This year, our team is growing and we will be attending the Texas qualifier next weekend, down in San Marcos! As Asher and Austin are graduating this year, Ben Dufour and I will Be in leadership positions in the club team next year.

Personally, I have taken inspiration from Philo Brathwaite and have begun to build my bag like his, with Aviars, Rocs, Firebirds, TeeBirds, and Destroyers. Innova discs have always been a preference of mine.”

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