What to Expect at the 2023 Las Vegas Challenge presented by Innova

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The 24th Annual Las Vegas Challenge

The 24th Annual Las Vegas Challenge (LVC) presented by Innova will take place from February 23-26, 2023 at Wildhorse Golf Club in Henderson, NV. The top competitors from around the world will be competing on one of disc golf’s main stages, trying to get their seasons off to a hot start. 

As the DGPT season opener, the LVC acts as a tonesetter for the year to come. With 2023 expected to be disc golf’s most-competitive, best-covered, highest-stakes year in history, the LVC tournament directors, staff, and volunteers have been working overtime to create an event worthy of the year to come. The courses have been redesigned to be more technical, challenging, and fair than ever before. The competition level has never been higher. The on-sight spectator experience is set to be more involved and more fun, with the most vendors and activities on site we’ve ever had. And the at-home spectator experience will be at its best as well, with live coverage of each round by Disc Golf Network as well as post-produced coverage from your favorite media outlets. 

Whether you make it to Vegas to watch in person, or you are watching at home, the 2023 LVC will be unmissable. Here is everything you need to know to get ready for this year’s Las Vegas Challenge presented by Innova. 


About Wildhorse

Wildhorse is a 135-acre golf facility that features three premiere disc golf courses, driving and putting ranges, a full-service clubhouse, and Spectator Arena. The facility is divided into three separate 18-hole circuits, the Millenium Course, the Infinite Course, and the Innova Course. This year, the courses have been modified to be as challenging and fair as possible for the players, while being as safe, yet close-to-the-action as possible for the spectators. 


Course Changes

While many small changes have been made to OB lines and spectator areas across the property, listed below are the most significant changes that the three LVC courses will see for 2023.


Millennium Course

Hole 7

This is a brand new hole this year. It is a 315 foot, par 3 with a low ceiling off the tee. The OB gets narrower as you get nearer to the basket. Hole 7 will require a straight shot with minimal fade. This new hole is one of the most technical holes on an otherwise fairly open course. 


Hole 9

The green of hole 9 has been redesigned. This year it will play as an island hole with a big risk/reward decision to make. Aggressive players will attack the green from the tee for birdie, but if you land OB, you will likely take a bogie. 


Hole 14

The basket has been pushed back about 25 feet up onto a hill. This will require a slightly longer drive, but more significantly, it will make for a trickier putting green. 


Hole 18

This hole has been completely redesigned for 2023. It is now a 402 foot, par 3 that travels uphill and through a tunnel. Players trying to get the birdie must first carry an OB green, then avoid sandtraps next to the basket, and finally avoid going OB long. 


Infinite Course

Hole 9

Compared to last year, this hole has been shortened by about 50 feet. It now plays as a 390 foot, par 3 with the pin in a more technical position amongst the trees. 


Hole 11

The basket on hole 11 has been shifted to the right and slightly elevated. 


Hole 12

This hole has been shortened about 40 feet from previous years. It features a prominent guardian tree that players will have to beat if they want to get this birdie. With the position of the pin relative to the position of the basket, this makes a good opportunity for a skip ace. 


Hole 14

This is one of the few changes to the course that makes a hole play easier than in year’s past. The tee pad has been moved 110 feet closer to the pin to decrease difficulty and improve safety.


Innova Course

Hole 3

This year hole 3 will play as an island with a drop zone. This hole has always been a must-get birdie, but with the new island rules, landing your drive near the basket is more important than ever. If you miss the island, you will have to proceed to the drop zone and are likely to take a bogie. This hole will feature a 250 dollar ace bounty. 


Hole 4

The tee pad and the basket location will remain the same as in year’s past, but this year we have added a triple mando that takes the big hyzer out of play. 


Hole 5

This hole features a new OB area on the left side of the fairway.


Hole 6 

Hole 6 is another must-get birdie that has been made more difficult for 2023. This short water hole has a smaller island than in year’s past. It should be a routine birdie, but add some wind or final round pressure and a must-get birdie can turn into a bogie quickly. This hole will also feature a 250 dollar ace bounty. 


Hole 11

Hole 11 played as the easiest hole on the course last year. This year we have added an OB line to the right side of the fairway that should give the hole some teeth. While it is still a hole you will want to birdie, a mistake off the tee could easily leave you scrambling to save par or worse. 


Hole 16

This year we have moved the target for hole 16 to a new pin position which challenges the water hazard and OB line more than last year. 


Hole 17

This hole has been moved back about 50 feet to create a bonus birdie for the men on the Par 3 and a scoring opportunity for the women on the Par 4. 


Buy Spectator Passes 

The spectator experience will be its best ever in 2023. The Spectator Arena features disc vendors, food vendors, and a host of activities. Pass-holders can follow their favorite pros with access available for all three premiere courses through all four days of competition, depending on what pass you purchase. The LVC courses are especially well suited to accommodate spectators, and have been further modified this year to provide the most satisfying experience possible. Though live coverage is a great option for those who can’t make it, nothing compares with watching the competition go down in person. Buy your passes at lvcdg.com before they sell out. 


How to Watch

The best way to watch the 2023 LVC is to get a spectator pass and come enjoy the action in-person. Lucky for those of us who cannot make it to Vegas, the 2023 LVC will be well-covered both live and post-produced. You can catch the competition for both MPO and FPO each day live on the Disc Golf Network. In addition, multiple media outlets will be covering lead and chase cards, creating post-produced content for release in the days following each round. You can also use UDiscLive to follow your favorite players with real-time, shot-by-shot score updates throughout each round.


Innova and the LVC

Since 2001, Innova has supported the Las Vegas Challenge. This year, we are proud to once again be the event’s title sponsor. As the DGPT season opener, LVC carries a special weight. With the help of Innova, the Las Vegas Challenge has become one of the professional and esteemed tournaments in the sport. We hope to continue this fruitful relationship for many years to come.