The Juggernaut: The Most Overstable High-Speed Driver Made by Innova

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A Cheat Code in the Wind 

The Juggernaut is an extremely overstable, 12-speed driver that can be thrown at full power without worrying about the disc flipping over, even in massive headwinds. It is the most overstable disc in its speed class. 

The Juggernaut was designed for dumpy hyzers, force-over flex shots, and full-power drives into ripping headwinds. Its low-glide makes the Juggernaut an obvious choice for long-range upshots that require precise distance control. It is also a tool for a range of scramble shots; as the most overstable disc in your bag, the Juggernaut will come in handy for overhands, grenades, rollers, and more. It is one of the best utility discs that Innova makes. 

The Juggernaut feels like a cheat code in the wind, flying with predictable overstability even in the worst conditions. For our touring pros, that is an invaluable asset. Team Innova was given the Juggernaut in the week leading up to the Las Vegas Challenge, one of the windiest events on tour. Having only a few days of experience with the disc, Calvin Heimburg was confident enough in the flight of the Juggernaut to use it during his tournament rounds at Wildhorse. Calvin went on to win the 2023 LVC, Juggernaut in hand. 

Photo by DGPT

Because of its extreme overstability, the Juggernaut is not recommended for complete beginners. That said, it is not just for the pros either. Anyone who regularly plays in the wind will love the Juggernaut. Anyone who needs a consistently overstable disc for utility shots will love the Juggernaut. If you are looking for the speed of the Destroyer with the profile and stability of the Firebird, you need the Juggernaut.