Stronger Than Ever: Madison Walker’s Return

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The Fork in the Road

From touring athlete to disc golf entrepreneur and back again, Madison Walker has done it all. She’s a well known figure in the FPO field, but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. While running to a teepad during an early 2017 tournament Madison fell, hurting her wrist derailing her tour plan, “I really had to make a decision at that point, whether I was gonna keep going or go home and get a job” said Madison.

Madison’s tenacious personality, love for the game, and support from the disc golf community kept her disc golf tour moving. From hosting clinics, to part-time photographer, commentator, and more, Madison stayed active in the disc golf scene all while focusing on her recovery and adapting to a new style of play.

Madison’s reputation as a forehand dominant player had to change if she hoped to make a return to the competitive side of disc golf. Her wrist injury worsened with forehand throws, turning attention to her backhand game, “I decided to work on my putter shots, I decided to work on my mid-range shots and that’s what I have spent my off season working on more than anything…now every course is different when I step up to a teepad.” Now fully recovered and armed with confident forehands and backhands, Madison is ready to play the 2019 tour to her fullest potential.

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