Tita Ugalde & Joe Mela Enter Disc Golf Hall of Fame

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Photo: Disc Golf Hall of Fame

In 1993, Lavone Wolfe established the official Disc Golf Hall of Fame . Lavone’s vision was to create an award to be given annually, that would honor disc golf’s most influential players and promoters. Since then a wealth of deserving candidates has emerged from the ever-growing disc golf community. Hall of Fame inductees are judged to fit the following standards:

  • Favorable standing and an honorable reputation within the disc golf community
  • Made significant contributions to the sport of disc golf through development, promotion, leadership, and/or sportsmanship-that merit our recognition, remembrance and respect
  • Gave back to the sport with a passion that transcends personal gain
  • Dedicated at least 15 years of service to the disc golf community

Tita Ugalde and Joe Mela have exceeded this criteria many times over. It brought us great joy to see their years of dedication and service recognized by inductions into the Disc Golf Hall of Fame at this year’s PDGA World Championships. With that induction also comes a promotion to Innova’s most distinguished sponsorship tier, the Innova Hall of Fame Team. The following descriptions appear on their Hall of Fame plaques, forever honoring their contributions:

Tita Ugalde

Tita Ugalde

Since the pre-basket era, California pioneer Tita Ugalde has been an educator of all flying disc sports and one to elevate the games of others in disc golf. Tita owns countless disc golf championship wins that span the globe. Tita has launched and represented numerous disc programs and organizations locally and on the international level. She is a WFDF committee member and always an ambassador of fair play, goodwill, and competitive spirit. Tita’s friends and pupils will forever recount her patient instruction, quiet heroism, and loving personality.


Joe Mela

Joe “The Technician” Mela has made his mark in disc golf from the Mid-Atlantic region with his analytical approach and energetic performance. For his consummate professionalism Joe received the 1997 Bob West Memorial Sportsmanship Award. Mela’s hard work has led to World Championship wins as a Pro Master and Pro Grand Master. Joe shares game fundamentals with local kids at his highly rated Tyler State Disc Golf Course. Joe’s open enthusiasm for disc golf is precisely what attracts others to our sport.

Innova Hall of Fame Team members are listed below by the year of their induction. The impact that these men and women have had on disc golf is beyond measure. We are grateful for their service and to have them in the Innova family.

2016: Tita Ugalde and Joe Mela
2015: Anni Kreml
2014: Jim Oates
2013: Barry Schultz
2009: Crazy John Brooks
2008: Juliana Korver
2007: Fred Salaz
2002: Alan Beaver
2001: Johnny Sias and Stan McDaniel
1999: Steve Wisecup, Tim Selinske, and Sam Ferrans
1998: Gregg Hosfeld and Carlton Howard
1995: Rick Voakes and Ken Climo
1994: Lavone Wolfe and Harold Duvall
1993: Dave Dunipace

Please take a moment to view the entire list of DG Hall of Fame members . Without them, disc golf would certainly not be where it is today.