Dennis Augustsson

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Rating: 1000

Career Wins: 13


Memorable Win:

European Championships 2023


Remember to have fun and enjoy the time in nature first and foremost. When starting with disc golf I would suggest to begin with learning to throw and control putters and midranges before heading to drivers. It will benefit your game tremendously. There are countless of videos on form techniques on YouTube that could be worth to check out. Never underestimate the importance of mental strength and putting practice. Once you learn to master your mind game, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Best of luck!


Short term: I will strive to improve my social media game and develop the habit of posting frequently. Quantity over quality in this case. Long term: I aspire to become the best version of myself on and off the course. I believe I can make an incredible impact on the disc golf community once I authentically find myself and feel seen and valued in my own presence.

Additional Comments:

No one is and never will be fully taughted as an individual human being. There will always be room for improvement.