Serenity Madison

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Memorable Win:

2021 Amateur Disc Golf World Championships FA40 winner. Wire to wire win by 11 strokes in my first year back from a 15 year Disc golf hiatus. I had just won the 2021 US Women's Disc Golf Championships so it was incredible and memorable to win back to back Majors on each coast of the country!


Take your time. Executing great shots requires confidence. Whether you're putting or driving through the woods, do it with confidence and you'll be better likely to succeed. Great sportsmanship goes a long way. Be respectful and lead with a good heart, it'll spread and we'll all have a great time!


Short term goals are to continue providing a space for women and youth to spread their disc golf wings and grow in this beautiful sport. Long term goals competition-wise are to continue honing my form and learning how to maximize the use of my discs. Always have a goal of building community and connection. I love this sport and enjoy sharing that love with all.