Play Winthrop Gold? USDGC Doubles Is Your Ticket!

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Another Season, Another Shot at the USDGC Doubles!

USDGC Doubles is the kick-off event to the prestigious Championship week in Rock Hill, SC. It gives amateur disc golfers everywhere the chance to play at the famed Winthrop Gold Course —home of the United States Disc Golf Championship. This year, the doubles event lasts three days, with one round per day, from September 27-29, 2019. One round is hosted at Winthrop Gold Course and two at Canaan Riverbend Gold Course.

How Do You Get There?

First, you have to qualify!!  You and your partner must compete in a USDGC Doubles Qualifier (keep an eye out for qualifiers in your area at Disc Golf United). Depending on the size of qualifier, there may be opportunity for up to the top 3 doubles teams to qualify.


In order to be eligible to participate, ALL players MUST be classified as amateurs. Any player with pro status is not eligible.


For more information, refer to the USDGC website or call them at 800-476-3968.