BSF Champ Christian Dietrich

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Christian Dietrich topped the field at the Beaver State Fling to capture his first NT win. Patrick Brown won in Masters, giving him back-to-back victories in the last two weeks. Jay Reading was right on Patrick’s heels, finishing just 1 stroke back in second. Also in the running were Matt Orum (5th), Josh Anthon (7th), Avery Jenkins (8th), and Dave Feldberg (8th).

In Des Moines, Chris Sprague won the First Class Challenge, followed closely by team mates Kevin Babbit (5th) and Ken Franks (6th). And in Toledo, Ziggy Bierekoven won the Stateline Classic.

Strong performances at The Grange Open included Mike Moser’s 2nd Place Open finish, Al Schack’s 2nd in Masters, and Jim Myers’ victory in the Grandmasters division.