Feldberg Dominates

2004 0


David Feldberg is poised to defend his World Title in next week’s World Championships. His last two wins have been at National Tour events. With Worlds just around the corner, Dave has to be feeling good. Dave won by 5 strokes in Iowa, growing his lead in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds, and then continuing his dominance until the last putt fell. Valarie Jenkins gets her 5th NT win of the year, with Des Reading taking second… Val and Des have been swapping 1st and 2nd all year long!

Also playing well this week:
First Class Challenge NT: Ken Climo – 4th, Ken Franks – 6th, Avery Jenkins – 7th, Matt Orum – 10th
Womens: Carrie Berlogar – 3rd, Angela Tschiggfrie – 4th
Grandmasters: Rick Voakes

Jersey Jam: Joe Mela – 1st, Steve Brinster – 2nd, Craig Cutler and Mike Moser – 3rd
Masters: Matt LaCourte – 1st

Raleigh DGC: Brian Schweberger – 1st, Justin Jernigan – 3rd, David Wiggins Jr. – 4th

Fahrenheit Fling: J.D. Ramirez – 1st, Nolan Grider – 2nd

More 1sts… Nathan Sexton (OR), Coda Hatfield (OK), Bobby Musick (CA)