David Wiggins Jr. is the Am World Champion

2017 0

David Wiggins Jr. has played his last amateur event. This should be a relief for those he has played against lately, as he’s been all but unstoppable in his last three big amateur events. David’s advanced win at the Amateur World Championships in Marion, OH caps off an amazing amateur career that includes, if I am counting correctly, twelve amateur and junior world titles. David won by 29 strokes against a solid field from around the world.

David has been unbeatable in amateur play this year. He played five amateur tournaments, including the “Am Trifecta” of Bowling Green Ams, USADGC, and Am Worlds. He is the first to achieve such a feat. David’s win comes at the age of 15, and while he won’t be seen at amateur events again, pros will have to contend with his skills on the course. He’s already won five pro events, and with a long resume of world titles, he’s already got plenty of experience battling for major titles. Good luck Big Wig!

  • 2010 Amateur World Champion
  • 2010 US Amateur Champion
  • 2010 Amateur World Doubles Champion (with Andrew Coggin)
  • Five-time Junior World Champion
  • Five-time Amateur or Junior Doubles World Champion
  • Two-Time Amateur US Doubles Champion
  • Current World Record holder for under 13 years old at 735 feet
  • David has the 6th longest recorded throw in history
  • David is an A student