Källström Wins Stockholm

2572 0


Markus Källström is easily the best player in Europe these days, and he showed it at The Stockholm Disc Golf Open. Few bogeys is what Markus says kept him at the top. Finishing second is new man on campus, Oscar Stenfelt, Sweden’s young phenom. Marco Lehhouse takes second in Masters.
Brian Schweberger adds to his impressive playoff ratio with a win at the Tarheel. Justin Jernigan finishes third, Mike Hofmann fourth, David Wiggins Jr. fifth.

David Feldberg heads north to win the Alaska State Championships. Meanwhile, Devan Owens wins down South in Arkansas. Jeff Layland gets another win this week in Kentucky. Lavone Wolfe schools the field in Alabama. Mike Moser is king of Iron Hill in Delaware. Jim Myers would have won Open, but played Masters.