University of Oregon: National Champions

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University of Oregon wins Collegiate Disc Golf Championship
The Oregon Ducks are victorious in an epic battle among 36 college teams from across the US. UO won the NCDGC (National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship) over last year’s champions, Augusta State by just 2 strokes over 15 rounds of play (12 singles rounds and 3 doubles rounds).

The Oregon team has been under the tutelage of coach and mentor, Dave Feldberg, Innova Star Team member and highest rated player in the world. David was there for support as play got underway and gave all the players a demo and pep talk with fellow teammates twelve-time world champion, Ken Climo and distance champion Garrett Gurthie.

The Oregon team comprised of five players: Innova Team Scout Chris Becker, Derek Penfield, Nate Bush, Noah Politzer, and Jacob Rogers. Chris Becker was one of two 1000 rated players who have held off going pro to play in the tournament. While the team was behind after the first two rounds of doubles, their solid team performance in singles pulled them to just a single stroke of last year’s champs with the final round of doubles to decide the champion. Oregon beat Augusta State by three strokes in that final round to win by just a single stroke.

Oregon Coach David Feldberg: World’s Highest Rated Player

While Oregon celebrates their win, Dave Feldberg celebrates his ascent to the highest ranked player ever. His PDGA player rating of 1046 puts him at the top of the list of players worldwide. Fellow Star Teammate, Ken Climo, held the spot of highest rating ever until David’s most recent rating eclipsed it. David is a world traveler, and took second place at the Asia Open this spring, as well as second place at the recent Texas National Tour event. He’ll be back in Augusta at the end of April for the Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic after attending the PDGA’s Spring Summit.

National Collegiate Disc Golf Championship

In its sixth year, the NCDGC has grown from an idea to an event that has inspired travel from across the nation. Pete May has refined this tournament to offer colleges a way to battle for a national title in the sport. Each year, the level of play and preparation increases, as does the spectacle that Pete May puts on. Along with the 36 teams competing for the National Championships, there were 34 additional teams competing in the First Flight Championships held concurently. The event included live coverage on that showcased the the player talent and improvements to the course since the 2006 Pro World Championships. The Hippodrome course lends itself to broadcast coverage disc golf with plenty of holes that feature challenge and visible danger. If that wasn’t enough, Mother Nature added to the mix with fierce winds for several of the days of competition. We look forward to the future of this event. Pete May continues to make this an exciting event that is worth the trip for any college lucky enough to compete.