St. Patricks Lucky for Billings

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Derek O’Billings took home a pot ‘o gold for his win this weekend at the St. Patrick’s Classic. Also winning in Cali were Patrick “Paddy” Brown and Anni “Irish Kreme” Kreml. Paul “the real deal” McBeth finished fourth and Josh “Dublin down” Anthon also took home some green. Jim O’ates finished fourth in the Grandmasters division.

At the Texas State Championships at Tom Bass Park, Valarie O’Jenkins and Joel “Green as” Kelly won in Open Women and Grandmasters respectively. Des “O’Ray” Reading took second in the women’s division in her home state. The NonStopDiscGolf crew were also in Texas and took home 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, with Will “Limerick” Schusterick taking second place and his traveling compadres, Dave McFeldberg and Nikk O’Locastro tying for third in the Open division.

Hope you got to get out there and throw a few discs on the green this St. Patty’s Day weekend safely. Don’t go throwing your drivers into a tornado in hopes of finding the other end of the rainbow…
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Enjoy this great Spring weather and above all, be safe!