Zach Deputy To Host Disc Jam 2011

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Professional Musician Zach Deputy, named Innova Celebrity Disc Golf Ambassador.
Armed with Sidewinder, acoustic guitar and “Island-infused, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul”, Zach Deputy is psyched to help expand the game by turning new people on to Disc Golf. Zach has just signed on to host Disc Jam 2011 Championship.

Recognizing that the synergy between the sport and the music already existed, promoter Tony Scavone sought to carve a niche for his event in the busy Northeastern festival season circuit by including the sport as a focal point of the festivities. Getting Deputy and the PDGA recognition that came with him has raised the bar for Disc Jam 2011, and will likely attract a number of people who are coming for the sport, not just the music.

Deputy, for his part, is there for both. He will be performing a long set of music on Sunday after the tourney, and says

I am really psyched to play music, of course, but for me this as more of a disc golf event. I look forward to hosting another tournament, turning others on to the sport, and using disc golf to enhance the concert goer’s experience.

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