What’s New: The Week of November 6th, 2022

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DX Mako3

Since its release, the Mako3 has become one of Innova’s most popular Mid-ranges among Pros and Ams alike. Its super-straight flight and minimal fade make fairways feel wider. 

The DX Mako3 is a great new addition to our lineup. Though sometimes thought to be more for beginners, baseline plastic can be a huge asset to anyone looking for a little extra grip and glide or players who want to break in their new discs faster. Many professionals throw DX Mid-ranges and Putters because they prefer the feel of DX plastic for finesse shots. 

With a lower price point, DX discs are an affordable way to get a stack of five or ten of the same mold to practice in the field. Master the DX Mako3 in the field, then head to the course with the confidence and ability to pure any line that you are faced with. At lighter weights, the DX Mako3 makes an excellent choice for a new player’s first disc. 

R-Pro Xero

Now available in R-Pro plastic, the Innova Xero is fast-becoming many players’ go-to Putter from Circle Two and in. The Xero is a beaded Putter with a deeper, wider rim than our standard Aviar. It is a straight-flyer, even at very low speeds. It can even be released on a slight hyzer and will still fly straight.

R-Pro is softer than traditional pro blends and is the grippiest of all of the Innova plastics. That added grip will help your R-Pro Xero grab the chains on long putts and prevent it from skipping too far on approach shots. Because it is softer, R-Pro plastic is an excellent option when putting in the wet and cold. 

Ask Dave

We received loads of great questions for Innova Co-founder Dave Dunipace from fans like you! Hear Dave talk about some of his disc recommendations for younger players, reveal his own personal favorites from the Innova lineup, and talk about what he could have done differently at the inception of the sport in the Instagram reel at the top of the page.

New Flight Charts

Innova has just released an updated Flight Chart with all our in-production molds arranged by speed and stability. For the first time this year, we have also released a Plastics Chart to help our customers understand how different plastic types vary from each other in terms of grip and durability. Both charts are available for download at innovadiscs.com.

Team Season Recap

Team Innova had an amazing year in 2022, with 44 podium finishes and seven wins at DGPT Silver Series, Elite Series, and PDGA Major events. We took home 16 age-protected Major titles, won both MPO and FPO in the inaugural DGPT Match Play Championship, took first place in MPO at the Jarva Open on the European Pro Tour, and won countless A-tier tournaments across the country and world. Read all about our incredible season in our latest article – 2022 DISC GOLF PRO TOUR AND PDGA MAJORS – SEASON RECAP

Photo by DGPT