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New to Disc Golf?
If you're new to disc golf and don't understand many of the terms used in descriptions, you've come to the right place. Here you can easily find descriptions of many of the abbreviations and terms we use. If you can't find what your looking for, try out the search feature at the top of each page, or write an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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  • Right Hand Backhand Throw - All INNOVA flight descriptions are based on players throwing right-handed with a back hand style.


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  • Left Hand Forehand Throw – Same flight characteristics as a RHBH throw.DESCRIBING FLIGHT

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  • The tendency of a disc to remain straight through most of the flight.


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  • The tendency of a disc to turn to the right during the high speed portion of the flight for a RHBH thrower.


  • The tendency of a disc to turn to the left at high or low speeds for a RHBH thrower.


  • Is an angle of release where the outside edge or left edge of the disc is tilted downward for a RHBH thrower.


  • Is an angle of release where the outside edge or left edge of the disc is tilted upward for a RHBH thrower.


View a visual list of grips here.

Backhand Grip

  • A grip with the thumb on the flight plate and the fingers curled under the disc with one or more finger pads pressed against the rim. Palm is in the handshaking position. There are many variations.

Two Finger/Sidearm/Forehand Grip

  • A grip where the palm is up and the thumb is on the flight plate while the index and middle fingers are underneath the disc with one or both fingers pressed against the rim. There are many variations.

Hook Thumb Grip

  • A grip in which the thumb pad is hooked on the inside of the rim and the rim is squeezed between the thumb pad and the crook of the index finger. The index knuckle is on the top of the outside rim. Hand position resembles using a disposable lighter.

Thumber Grip

  • A grip in which the entire thumb, from base to thumb pad, is on the inside rim and all four fingers are on top of the disc. Used primarily for Thumber Rollers.


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Escape Shot

  • A shot used to get out of a poor lie or tough situation. Usually these shots are verticals or rollers because it is extremely difficult to throw a normal backhand or sidearm shot.

Touch/Finesse Shot

  • These are floating shots used for accuracy in tricky situations.

Power Shots

  • These are shots where high speed is employed to go over, around or through obstacles.

Go For Shot

  • A risky shot usually thrown from the fairway to land in the basket rather than next to it.

Approach/Lay up Shot

  • A safe shot thrown to land next to the basket rather than into it.

Fairway Shot

  • A drive or very long approach shot from the fairway designed to advance closer to the target or land next to the target from a distance.


  • A throw where most of the distance comes from rolling the disc on the ground rather than flying through the air. Can be done with a backhand grip, sidearm/forehand grip, thumber grip, hook thumb grip or scooby grip. Different grips produce different rolling patterns for different situations.

Cut Roller

  • A roller shot that never turns on its back as most rollers do.

Overhead Shot

  • Any shot thrown vertically or with an overhead baseball throwing motion.

Tomahawk Shot

  • A vertical/overhead shot resembling the chop of a tomahawk. Discs are usually held with a two finger grip or hook thumb grips.

Scooby Shot

  • Using a backhand grip, hold the underside of the disc vertically next to your right ear and throw for a RHBH thrower.

Spike Hyzer

  • A shot thrown high with an extreme hyzer angle to land vertically.

Flex Shot

  • The Flex Shot is preformed by throwing and overstable disc with an anhyzer angle of release down the left side of the fairway (for RHBH thrower). The disc travels from left to right then the natural overstability of the disc and gravity turn the disc back to the left. It is a very reliable shot that pros use.

Hyzer Flip

  • The Hyzer Flip is very similar to an S-shot but follows a straighter line. An understable disc is thrown very fast with a hyzer angle of release. The disc will naturally turn or “flip” and bring its nose down in the process. This allows for a long straight glide.


  • This shot is thrown using an understable disc to the left side of the fairway. The natural turn of the disc causes the disc to turn over and fly to the right side of the fairway. As the disc slows down it will fade back to the left.


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150 Class

  • A class of discs weighing up to 150 grams. These discs usually weigh from 145 grams up to 150 grams but may be much lighter. These are the only class of discs approved for play in Japan.


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  • Any throw from within 10 meters or less, as measured from the rear of the marker disc to the base of the hole is considered a putt. A player may not advance beyond the marker disc until disc is at rest and player has successfully demonstrated full control of balance.

Holing Out

  • This is a successful putt/shot that comes to rest suspended in the chains or at rest in the basket tray.

Straddle Putt

  • A putting position where the player and both feet are facing forward. The feet are generally spread shoulder width apart or farther and equidistant to the target.

Jump Putt

  • A putt where the player pushes off the ground with the lead foot at the time of release. Generally performed when a player is more than 10 meters from the basket so they can move forward of the marker disc after release and not be penalized for making a “falling putt”.

Falling Putt

  • A follow though after a putt, within 10 meters of the target, where the player advances forward of the rear edge of the marker disc. If the player doesn’t demonstrate full control of balance before advancing toward the hole it will result in a stance violation. Players receive a warning for the first violation and all subsequent violations in the same round will incur a one stroke penalty, plus the player must re-throw from the lie.

Spit Out

  • Also known as a Bounce Back or Kick Out– When a putt hits the chains solidly on target and the putt bounces out of the target instead of staying in the chains or dropping into the basket.

Blow-Through (Also known as a Cut-Through)

  • Where a putt hits the chain assembly and proceeds to slip through all the chains and out the other side of the target and onto the ground.

Sweet Spot

  • That area of the target where a player can aim with confidence knowing the putt will stay in the chains or drop nicely into the basket. The Sweet Spot is different for different players and different putting styles.

Turbo Putt (Also known as a Push Putt)

  • A grip/throwing style where the disc is held with the fingers on the rim of the disc and “pushed” with enough spin to carry to the target. The disc is held above the player’s shoulders and is thrown much like a football. Most generally used for short shots and putting when there are tall objects between the lie and the target.

Go For

  • When a player purposefully tries to get an approach shot or long putt into the basket. This shot must be high enough and travel far enough to actually make it to the basket. Missing this shot often requires a “Come Back Putt.” See below

Come Back Putt

  • This is when an approach or missed putt has gone beyond the basket and the player has to make long putt or second putt to complete the hole.

Lay up

  • When a player chooses to purposely not go in the target but instead right under or next to the target in an effort not to jeopardize going too far and having to make a come back putt. This shot generally ensures the next shot will go in with little effort.

Hyzer Putt

  • A backhand putt (when performed by a right handed player) that travels from right to left towards the target. Can also refer to the angle of the release where the putter is tilted with the right side of the disc raised at an angle above the left side.


  • A putting style where the putter is thrown with the nose up or at an increased altitude to float into the chains.

Bullet or Jam

  • A putt which uses speed to make the disc go straight. If this putt misses the basket it can cause a long come back putt. This type of putt is prone to blow-throughs and spit backs.

DROT (Acronym meaning Disc Resting On Top)

  • This is where a disc comes to rest on top of the basket. This does not count as “holing out” and the player must mark the lie and take another shot to complete the hole.


  • When the disc drops into the basket tray and proceeds to sweep through or bounce up and over the rim and onto the ground.

Tournament Roll

  • During a tournament round putts seemingly take on different characteristics. Discs will tend to spit back, blow through or hit part of the target and roll much farther away than the original lie.


  • The horrible sound a disc makes when it crashes into the side of the basket before falling to the ground.


  • A weak putt that has no chance to go in the basket, not to be confused with a lay up.


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  • World Flying Disc Federation is a worldwide organization providing rules, record keeping as well as continuity to the nine major flying disc events.


  • Professional Disc Golf Association is the worldwide official governing body of the sport of disc golf overseeing the official rules of play and sanctioning guidelines for tournaments.


  • Like dodge ball, but with flying discs. 5 players stand side by side facing 5 players throwing one disc as hard as possible. Points are earned by throwing an uncaught shot or when the other team throws a bad shot. The team that first to score 21 points wins.


  • Played with two teams of seven players each and with one flying disc on a 110 meter playing field including two end zones. Points are scored when a team catches a disc thrown into the opposing team's end zone.

Overall Events

  • Are comprised of a mix of seven separate events. Players may participate in one or all of the events: Disc Golf, Discathon, Self Caught Flight, Distance, Double Disc Court, Accuracy and Freestyle.

DDC (Double Disc Court)

  • Played by two teams of two players each and two discs. There are two courts, 13m x 13m and 17m apart. Two discs are thrown back and forth by the teams. Teams score by landing a disc in the opponent's court, failing to throw a disc in the opponent's court or causing opponents to touch both discs simultaneously. Games are generally played to 15 points and usually in matches of best three to five games.

SCF (Self Caught Flight)

  • Self Caught Flight is an overall event combines MTA and TRC. In each round, a single SCF score is determined by multiplying the player's MTA score by a factor of 5.5 and adding it to the players TRC score in meters. Sometimes MTA and TRC are held as separate events. The current combined world record is166.19 (14.63 s/ 85.72 m).

MTA (Maximum Time Aloft)

  • This is one of the SCF events. MTA measures the time a player's throw is in the air prior to it being caught cleanly with one hand. The current world record is 16.72 seconds.

TRC (Throw Run Catch)

  • The second of the SCF events in an overall competition. TRC measures the distance in meters that a player can throw a disc and successfully catch it with one hand. The object is to cover the greatest distance. The current world record is 94 meters.


  • A race in which players alternately throw two discs through a 200 to 1000 meter course, using the prior throw as the mark for the next throw. The discs thrown by the players must traverse the entire course through obstacles and mandatories. The object is to have the discs complete the course in the shortest time possible.


  • Players attempt to pass a disc through a target frame that is 1.5 by 1.5 meters and is 1 meter off the ground. Players attempt four throws at the target from seven different stations. A perfect score of 28 of 28 has not yet been achieved. The current world record is 25 of 28.


  • Players throw as far as possible from behind a line. Distance is measured from the line to where the disc touches the ground. The current world record is 250 meters.


  • Freestyle is simply throwing and catching in creative ways. It is also an Overall Event where teams of two to three players perform a catch and throw routine lasting from three to five minutes with one or more discs. Routines are judged on: difficulty (10), artistic impression (10) and execution (10).




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