Pathfinder Guides: Hand-Selected Disc Lineups for Your Journey

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Which Disc Golfer are You?

Part of what makes disc golf so engaging is how many different ways there are to play a course. We’ve each got our own style, skillset, and unique bag of discs. So what type of disc golfer are you? The Experimenter, throwing a tomahawk with your Alien? The Woodsman, lining up another jump putt through the trees? Check out all the player personas and see which ones identify with your game.




The Frolfer

Frisbee golf is where disc golf has its roots. Grab some friends and a few catch discs and go make up your own course. When you’re ready to go further in your disc golf journey, get a full introduction into basic discs and throwing tips from Innova team captain Nate Sexton.

DX Polecat: The DX Polecat makes a smooth transition for players used to throwing catch discs. This Frolfer is on their way to becoming a full-fledged disc golfer. 

Pulsar: The Pulsar is Innova’s 175 gram Ultimate, Freestyle, and Catch disc. With the right huck, you’ll be surprised how far these discs can fly. 



The Beginner

Disc golf is fun from the first rounds you play and only gets better as you hone your skills. We all start out as the Beginner! Consider disc weight if you’re a beginner with limited power. Get lighter weight discs, between 140-160g, when starting out. Replace them with heavier weights in the same models or add new models as your game improves. 

DX Aviar: Many players who start out putting with DX Aviars continue using the disc for their entire career. It is the original putter, released in 1984, and remains best in class through today.

DX Shark: The lightweight Shark from the Innova Starter Pack is the Beginners favorite disc. Keep it in the center and play for Par.

DX Leopard: We all want to get full flights out of our discs, even when we’re just starting out. The DX Leopard will make beautiful S-curves when released at the right angle.



The Pitcher

A natural athlete, the Pitcher hasn’t been playing for long, but they already have a rocket of a forehand. With some more experience and better decision making, this player has real potential. If you’re The Pitcher, here’s some tips from Nate Sexton to refine your grip and footwork. 

DX Invader: Short tee shots, approaches, and putts – The DX Invader is versatile on forehand and backhand lines from close range.

R-Pro Pig: Torque-resistance without the big skip landing, the Pig is the Pitcher’s go-to for approaches into tricky greens. 

Champion Hawkeye: Change the angle of release to pull off nearly any shot-shape with the Champion Hawkeye

Star Firebird: The Pitcher throws his Firebird more than any other disc in his bag. Look to this disc for reliability off the tee and a world of scrambling options from the woods

Star Destroyer : Innova’s quintessential Distance Driver – of course the Pitcher is a Star Destroyer.



The Rising Star

You’re getting good, kid! The Rising Star improves nearly every time they play a round. They mimic the form of their favorite pros. Learn these tips regarding course etiquette from Nate Sexton; some important rules of the game are unwritten. 

DX Colt: When it comes to running long putts, the Colt has the Glide to stay in the air until it finds chains… and the Rising Star is running it! 

GStar Shark: The DX Shark from the Rising Star’s Starter Set was getting too flippy, but they liked the mold. The GStar Shark filled the gap perfectly and has the durability to stay in the bag for years to come.

DX Leopard: The DX Leopard from the Starter Set is just too good to take out of the bag. The Rising Star uses it for big S-curves and flip up lines. 

Champion Eagle: The Champion Eagle is overstable for the Rising Star, but they are learning how to handle it. 



The Ace Place Guru

If the Ace Place Guru is within 200 feet, the basket should be scared. Discs come in chain high with a real chance of going in but stay within 20 feet if the disc misses – now that’s touch. Here’s a lesson from Ohn Scoggins on how to make that 20 footer every time.  

Halo Polecat: For go-for-it shots from 150 feet and in, the Polecat’s slow speed helps it stay close to the pin if it misses the target.

XT Nova: Even the Ace Place Guru can’t ace every time. The XT Nova is in the bag for when it’s time to make the 25 foot comeback putt.

DX Aviar X3: The Aviar is the Ace Place Guru’s choice for a one-disc round. Released flat, this disc carries dead straight with hardly any turn and a gentle fade. 

DX Roc: For those longer holes on the Ace Place course, it’s good to have the DX Roc handy. 



The Experimenter

Creative lines, unexpected disc selection, willing to throw something they’ve never tried before even if it’s risky – we can all learn a thing or two from the Experimenter. Ready to get Experimental? Watch this short with Dave Dunipace on the Bonapane grip, The Experimenter’s favorite way to  keep the nose down. 

DX Sonic: The Experimenter saw a video of Garrett Gurthie floating a 100-footer into the heart of the chains with his Sonic and has been putting with one ever since. 

DX Alien: Sonic top with the rim of a Mid-Range? The Alien is right up the Experimenter’s alley. 

Star Rollo: Some say “Why throw a roller on a wide open 250 foot hole?” The Experimenter says, “Because the Rollo is fun to throw!”

GStar IT: One of Dave Dunipace’s recent successful experiments, the IT offers easy, straight distance in a Fairway Driver. 

Halo Mystere: The mysterious name may have drawn in the Experimenter, but the Mystere disc has remained in the bag for one reason – bomber distance with only moderate power. 



The High Roller

There’s more than one way to get to the target. Let the big arms take the wide hyzer or the low rip – This player gets just as close with a finesse roller. Get the angle right, snap, and roll. 

KC Aviar: When they circle the pin with a roller, the High Roller likes to tap out with the disc they threw off the tee. For all other putts, the KC Aviar is their answer. 

DX Dart: The Dart comes out for upshots, long runs, and the occasional short-distance scramble roller to get out of trouble. 

Star Rollo: This disc has made the High Roller’s strategy much easier. They used to need to beat up a disc until it rolled; the Rollo is ready to go right out of the box. 

Champion TL3: Forehand rollers with the TL3 get surprising distance.  

Star Sidewinder: The Sidewinder disc is for max distance airshots and occasionally the power backhand roller. 



The Master

Experience is an asset in the game of disc golf. Good decision making, expert shot shaping, strong putting – the Master has still got what it takes to score. Get some inspiration from Barry Shultz, a textbook example of a Master who still brings the heat. 

DX Aero 

An old school mold for an old school player. The Master’s putting with the Aero still as good as it was 30 years ago.

Star Mako3: When you don’t have the same distance as you used to, your approaches need to be that much more dialed. The Star Mako3 is designed for accuracy. 

Star Eagle: A nicely seasoned Eagle is an ideal workhorse driver. Release it flat and watch it ride.

Star Tern: Even if you don’t have a big arm, the Star Tern will make it look like you do.



The Minimalist

Don’t judge a book by its cover – the Minimalist can do more with three discs than most can do with a full bag. It’s all about knowing the discs you’re throwing and committing to your shots. Thinking about adding a fourth disc? Try the Star AviarX3.

DX Aviar: Keep it simple. If the DX Aviar is good enough to win more World Championship Titles than any other putter then it’s good enough for the Minimalist. 

Champion Leopard3: Change the angle and speed of release, and the Leopard3 can be shaped to most fairways. No hard decisions to make about what disc to throw when you’ve only got three.

Star Wraith: Versatility is the name of the game for the Minimalist and that is just what the Wraith provides. 



The Forehand Slinger

Wind up, quick shuffle step, and let it rip! The Forehand Slinger is parking holes most players have to play for Par. Innova’s Nate Sexton went 15 straight years without missing cash at an event, throwing mostly forehands. 

XT Whale: The Forehand Slinger likes the grip and rigidity of XT plastic for their putters. The Whale is great for forehand approaches.

Star Caiman: The Caiman is Forehand Slinger’s go-to for upshots that require a strong, consistent fade, especially into headwinds.

Champion Teebird: When the Forehand Slinger throws backhands, they tend to use their TeeBird. It also comes out for flex forehands on holes under 350 feet. 

Halo Firebird: No forehand player’s bag would be complete without a Firebird. It is the favorite driver of many top Innova pros, including Nate Sexton and Brian Schweberger. 

Star XCaliber: When the Firebird just isn’t enough disc, the XCaliber is on reserve. 



The Woodsman

Lace the gap, make a 40 footer through the woods, repeat. And when things don’t go to plan, you better believe the Woodsman has the scramble shot to answer. Follow nine holes with Ohn Scoggins, the best putter in the FPO and an incredible scrambler as well. 

DX Xero: If a big part of your game relies on making C2 putts, the DX Xero is our best putter for you.

Star Wombat3: This is the disc for conquering the woods. The Wombat3 has the straight finish and the glide to make it far up a tight fairway.

GStar IT: Once you master the hyzer flip with the IT, wooded holes that once seemed unreachable become attackable.

Champion Thunderbird: Both for scrambles and tee shots, the Champion Thunderbird fills a crucial slot of overstable, control driver. 

GStar Beast: The Beast is one of Innova’s most underrated molds. It offers accurate distance to moderate arm speeds. 



The Crusher

Distance isn’t everything, but it sure is nice! The Crusher makes short work of open Par 4s and 5s. Hear from the World Record Distance holder, David Wiggins Jr.

DX Invader: When playing on windy courses, the DX Invader has the added stability to boost your confidence on the putting green. 

Star Lion: The convex rim, small bead, and flat flight plate give the Lion a comfortable grip and create a neutral flight.

Star Caiman: The Star Caiman comes out when the Lion is a touch too slow and understable. This disc can be thrown full power into the wind without worrying about it burning into the ground. 

GStar Invictus: The GStar Invictus has a gentle turn and significant fade, making it the perfect go-to driver for a power player. 

Star Charger: The Star Charger is the Crusher’s true max distance disc. Thrown hard, flat, and nose down, this disc will fly exceptionally far.



The Touring Pro

The Disc Golf Pro Tour tests a variety of skills on a range of courses. The Touring Pro is ready to handle wind, water, sloped greens, tight gaps, and whatever else the course designers have in store. Let’s chat with World Champion Gregg Barsby, one of the longest-touring players in disc golf. 

Nexus Aviar: Nexus plastic is very grippy and more durable than DX, making it many players favorite choice in a putter from C2 and in. The Aviar mold is the winningest putter in history, so of course the Touring Pro is using one. 

Champion Toro: A slow, overstable disc has become a must-have for athletes on tour. The 2023 Player of the Year, Calvin Heimburg, helped design the Toro to fill this slot in players’ bags. 

Champion Mako3: Depending on the course, the Mako3 could be the Touring Pros most leaned on disc in a given round. Especially with pro level speed and spin, this disc goes dead straight and glides. 

Star Teebird3: The TeeBird3 is faster and has less glide than the original Teebird. That lesser glide is preferred by most pros to help stop the disc by the basket. 

Star Destroyer: Almost every touring Innova athlete carries at least one, if not multiple, Destroyers in their bag. It can handle power and the wind for accurate distance in all conditions.