10 Overlooked Discs

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Everyone’s disc golf game is different. With Innova’s extensive disc catalog, you might be missing out on some discs that could fit nicely into your game. We’ve filtered through the catalog, talked to pros, and picked out 10 discs you should try—if you haven’t already. Go ahead. Your game might thank you for it.

Putt & Approach

R-Pro Pig


The Pig is the go-to sidearm approach disc for 2X World Champion, Ricky Wysocki. The overstability and feel in the hand make this disc accurate and reliable for forehand or backhands. As Ricky does, you can trust that the pig will do its job, even in windy conditions.

Star Stud


Some may have dismissed the Stud without seeing what this workhorse can do. The Stud can hold its own on breezy, open shots without the extreme fade of more overstable approach discs. Look for sharp, cutting finishes to the green.

GStar Colt


Out of the box, the Colt flies straight with a modest fade at the end. When seasoned in, you’ll find effortless hyzer-flips and finesse upshots. Watch out. This disc could sneak its way into your starting lineup.


Hyzer, straight, anhyzer. Whichever way you throw this round-rimmed putter it’s gonna hold the line at a nice gradual pace. Not only does the Whale feel natural in your hands when you square up for a putt, but you’ll feel the same comfort for approaches and putter drives. 


DX Wombat3


With so many quality Innova mid-ranges out there, this one may have gotten lost in the mix. Thrown on hyzer, this understable disc will flip up to flat and hold a long straight flight before gently fading down. For those without a reliable forehand, this disc can hold a long consistent turnover line. 


Execute on straight lines with the large diameter cousin of the Nova. The two-piece overmold design gives a tacky, grippy rim with your choice of a XT, Champion, or Star flight plate. It’s neutral flight characteristics mean you’ll be able to perform every throw, especially after it’s beat-in. 

Fairway Driver



What’s the best way to learn a forehand? Some pros say it’s by learning with an understable driver like the Sidewinder. When you master forehand hyzers and touch turnovers with this disc your game can take on any fairway.



Every player needs a neutral, straight-flying driver like the TL3. For those holes when you need a straight 300-plus flight without putting everything you have into a midrange, call upon the TL3.

Distance Driver


A relative newcomer to the Innova lineup, the Mystere offers sneaky-long distance. Long, with ample glide, the Mystere doesn’t require monster arm speed for long throws.

GStar Mamba


Struggling to find a consistent turnover driver? Look no further than the Mamba. Why force a more stable disc to anhyzer when the Mamba will do the work for you?

Got a Favorite of your own? Let us know in the comments!