The Mamba was designed to give maximum distance for minimal effort. A great choice for anhyzer tailwind drives.


    Diameter: 21.1 cm

    Rim Width: 2.1 cm

    Available Plastics:
  1. Star: 160-175g
  2. GStar: 165-175g
  3. StarLite: 139-159g
  4. EchoStar: 165-175g
  5. Champion: 150-175g
  6. Metal Flake: 150-175g
  7. Best Choice for: Tailwind shots, Turnover shots, Out of the box roller

    Date of Approval: 01/22/12


    Mamba Flight Path


    The Mamba has more high speed turn than any of our long range drivers, so throwing into a headwind is not recommended. For those with less driving speed, it will add distance. For the medium armed crowd, it will shape long lines for turnovers and straight shots, as well as hyzer flips and even big rolls.


    Alan Beaver

    The Mamba is a long range turnover disc that is great for those with lower arm speeds. It turns up and over, then fades slightly at the end for my arm speed.

    Hannah Leatherman

    The Mamba is super fast and understable. It doesn't require any beating in. It's a perfect hyzer flip disc for long distances.