Star and Champion Toro – Rip It like Vinny

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Champion Toro

Co-developed by Innova disc designer Dave Dunipace and Star Team member Calvin Heimburg, the Toro is a small-diameter, beadless, overstable Mid-range that fills a gap in the Innova lineup. Perfect for long range forehand approach shots, mid-range S-curves, slow-panning anhyzers, and a range of utility shots, the Toro is our most overstable, least gliding Mid-range at its speed. At Flight Numbers 4·2·1·3,  it can be thrown flat at full power with no concern that the disc will flip over. With so little glide, the Toro is extremely reliable for upshots. Its overstability gives the disc a predictable finish, but its slow speed allows it to check up nicely on greens where a faster disc might skip away. With a flat-top and low profile, the Toro is similar to a Rat, but even more overstable.

The Toro is Calvin Heimburg’s new Signature Series Disc. We were thrilled to announce last week that Calvin and Innova have signed a five-year contract extension. Since adding the Toro to his bag at the start of this season, Calvin has won two Disc Golf Pro Tour Elite Series events, podiumed at three others, and podiumed at two PDGA Majors.

“Calvin Heimburg was the inspiration behind the Toro. He wanted a flat-top, overstable, approach disc that he could have confidence in—something that could handle his level of forehand torque. After several variations, the Toro was created and named by Calvin.” —Dave Dunipace.

The Toro is available in First-run Star with our new Proto stamp, Signature-Series Star with a snorting bull stamp, and Signature-Series Champion with Calvin’s Signature. Pick up a Toro yourself and go rip it like Vinny! 

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First-run Star, Signature Star, and Signature Champion Toros will be available for dealer orders after 5pm Monday, October 17, 2022.